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Traditional Love Vs. Modern Love in the Age of the Internet

What are the differences between traditional love and modern love in the age of the Internet? Is social media ruining your relationships? We will reveal you the truth about it.

Modern love

Modern love

Traditional Love

Traditional love was romantic. It lasted longer than modern love. Here is a story which describes traditional love.

It was once upon a time. Two teenagers fell in love. Their friends helped them to meet each other. He was trying to attract her attention, so he sent her gifts, especially the red roses. He was writing letters to her, too. Finally, she fell in love with him. They knew to appreciate their love. Good relationship takes hard work, but they didn't want to give up. They had to overcome every obstacle. Their love became stronger and stronger. They got old together. They lived happily ever after.

"Live happily ever after is not a fairy-tale. It's a choice."

— Fawn Weaver

Modern Love in the Age of the Internet

Modern love is not as romantic as traditional one. In the age of the Internet romance has disappeared. Young people are experiencing their first relationship on their mobile phones. Nowadays, virtual relationships are popular. Today's relationships are in the chasm between virtual and actual reality. We share our thoughts, feelings, and everyday experiences by texting.

It is easier to text someone than going out. Why? We can be whoever we want. We are wearing masks we don't want to take off. The virtual world is great. Why we need to meet in person? Is virtual life better than real life?

It is easier to meet someone on the Internet than in real life. But do you ask yourself are you happy in your virtual world? Do you feel alone even though you have virtual love?

This story describes today's modern love that doesn't last long.

A girl wanted to find Mr. Right, and she wanted him immediately. She realized that a dating site is an ideal solution. It is easy to find someone. Many pretty guys was texting her. One of them was a man of her dreams.

They finally met each other. As she saw him, she realized that he is not so cute. His voice didn’t sound good. There was no chemistry between them. However, it wasn’t a question if they should have sex. They both wanted sexual pleasure. After that night, they lived happily ever after, but separated.

Parent's Views on Modern Love

Our parents can’t understand virtual love because they are traditional. They are sarcastic when talking about virtual relationships. The story describes our parent's views on modern love.

Daughter, “Mum, I met my dream guy. He sent me a friend request. I believe he is a good guy. He sent me a lot of kisses and liked many photos. He is funny, kind and cute.”

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Mother, “I can’t understand modern love. You fall in love before meeting someone.”

Daughter, “We are not in a hurry. We will meet.”

Mother, “It is unnecessary to meet him. You should chat with him on Facebook. You can watch each other on Skype. Meet his friends on Facebook! If you want to break up, you can delete your relationship status. It is so easy. You don't need to meet him in person. You needn't walk with him holding hands. Romance doesn’t exist anymore. I can’t understand modern love.”

Love in the age of the Internet

Love in the age of the Internet

Traditional Love vs. Modern Love

In earlier times dating was different. Finding a date required more effort and energy than in the age of the Internet. Our friends would meet us with their friends, or we would ask someone to dance. We would meet someone at school, or at the cinema. It was hard to make somebody likes you. Nowadays we are sitting at home and swiping through our mobile phone. Before the age of the Internet, we would appreciate the person we found, instead of treating him or her like our latest online purchase.

Nowadays only strong relationships can survive. If your partner likes Facebook photo of another girl, it may lead to fights that are breakup worthy. We become detectives on Facebook. Almost everyone will be found guilty. Social media can ruin our relationship. We become very jealous because of Facebook.

A modern relationship is difficult to maintain. It is also hard to find true love and a long-term relationship. Many people are afraid of love. Love is scary so one night stand is better. We are robots now, aren’t we?

We are afraid of emotions and intimacy that's why we prefer virtual love. It is difficult to love someone who you see in prison rarely. Modern love won't hurt us as traditional love.

Traditional love was true love. True love can bring us sadness and pain and we don't want it.


Traditional love was romantic and sincere. We tried hard to keep our partner. Modern love differs totally from traditional love. The Internet has ruined our love life. What a pity.

In modern world people are afraid to love each other, so they like each other on Facebook.

— Prabakaran Thirumalai


OLUSEGUN from NIGERIA on March 09, 2019:

Uhmn! A changing world.

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