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Top 5 Reasons Why Remaining Single Allows You to Live a Happier Life

Relationships are such an important part of our lives as people. No matter your age, gender or sexual orientation, your relationship status will either directly or indirectly impact the quality of your life. There was once a time where being single at a certain age would change the way that you were viewed by your friends, family and society in general.

Nowadays, being single is a lifestyle choice that many of us are opting for. But is it truly better than being in a relationship? Although being in a romantic relationship can have a lot of positive benefits to it, so does the single life. As a matter of fact, it can be argued that choosing to be single allows you to live an overall happier life.

Now I know what you’re thinking, being single means that you will be lonely, no, this is a total misconception. Many people have confused loneliness for being alone, but these are two completely different things. The truth is, you could be in a romantic relationship or surrounded by friends or family and still feel lonely.

Loneliness is oftentimes triggered by internal factors such as low self esteem, social anxiety, depression or shyness. Many times when an individual is struggling with loneliness, being in a relationship can cause that individual to view that relationship as their source of joy which always proves to be extremely harmful.

It’s important that every individual cultivates a life that is happy and fulfilled on their own prior to even considering a relationship. But honestly, once you’ve learnt to live your life happy and independent, you realize just how difficult relationships truly are. There are countless reasons why people choose to remain single but I’m about to outline for you the top five reasons why remaining single truly does allow you to live a happier life.


More Time to Grow as An Individual

Think about the person that you are today, are you the same as you were ten years ago? Absolutely not! We are all constantly growing and changing as time goes on. Our life experiences, the people we meet, the books we read and videos we watch all impact the way we interact with the world around us. When you are single, you can dedicate as much time as you want to growing and becoming the person that you want to be.

None of us are perfect, and very few of us are where we want to be in life whether emotionally, financially or otherwise. While you are single is the best time to work on yourself as an individual, to deal with your past traumas, to break those bad habits, and mold yourself into the best version of you.

When you are in a relationship, any changes that take place in your mindset, body, beliefs or values directly impacts your partner. Growing apart from your partner is a real cause for concern and has been identified as the main cause of breakups. As we grow as individuals the things we once loved about our person could become the very reason for a split, and vice versa.

It has been proven that once a person turns thirty the likelihood of entering into a long lasting relationship increases. The reason for this is simple: despite being considered an adult from the age of 18, your brain doesn’t achieve full maturity until about the age of 25. In other words, although you’re considered an adult, you’re still growing, changing and finding out who you are as a person and the best way to do so is on your own.

You Have Richer Friendships

Friends are your chosen family and for many people, they might be the only family they have. Romantic relationships come and go but true friendship has a way of standing the tests of time. Like any other relationship in our lives, in order to form a rich, lifelong, lasting friendship you have to nurture that connection.

So many times we hear people talk about their friends disappearing when they enter into a romantic relationship. As sad as it sounds, this is true, a lot of us prioritize new or budding romance over the friendships we already have. We spend less time with friends, spend more time on the phone with our partner than our friends, and even miss important moments in their lives in order to be with our partner instead.

Relationships require a balancing act. If you spend too much time with your partner your friends feel neglected and if you spend too much time with your friends your partner feels neglected. If you are single, however, you would have more time to cultivate deep platonic bonds with those around you.


You Perform Better at Your Job

There are so many factors that affect your overall performance at your job and unsurprisingly your relationship status is one of them. It has been noted that employees who are single are more likely to work harder at their jobs than their coworkers who are in a romantic relationship.

When you are single, you have more time to cultivate beneficial work relationships. You are able to spend more time with and build stronger connections with your coworkers, as well as have a closer relationship with your supervisor or boss.

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As a single person, you are also free to work harder in order to achieve the promotion you desire. It has been noted that people who are single have been given favor over those who are in a relationship because they are more likely to work overtime or come in earlier should it be required.

For many individuals, it can be extremely difficult finding ways to balance their work and social life while in a relationship. This is a factor that can cause a lot of contention in a relationship. Being single, especially when working in a demanding job, can completely eliminate this burden.

You're Able to Focus on Your Passions and Hobbies

A major part of being in a relationship is learning how to compromise and unfortunately, your passions and hobbies might be something that needs to be compromised on. As unfair as it may sound, not every passion is conducive for a person in a romantic relationship.

Regardless of how much your partner may love and support you, passions and hobbies are things that are extremely personal to each individual. When you choose to enter into a relationship, there will be things that you want to learn, ideas you want to explore, places you want to visit that you would have to give up in order to prioritize that relationship.

There have been so many cases of people throughout time who have given up their passion, pushed aside their dreams and forgotten their hobbies to ensure the success of their relationship. Many of these people after years have passed come to regret that decision.

While you are single, you are able to embrace the opportunity to follow your dreams without having to worry about how it affects someone else. You are able to throw yourself into your hobby whenever you want and not be concerned that your partner feels neglected. Being single gives you that rare and precious chance to explore the things that make your heart happy, what could be better than that?


You're Less Stressed

I cannot say this enough, relationships are hard work. Many people think that finding someone is the difficult part but it really isn’t, the hard part starts once the relationship begins and you realize just how much effort is required to maintain it.

Love quite literally stresses you out. Studies have shown that during the first six months of a relationship your body increases the amount of cortisol being released. This hormone is commonly known as the stress hormone. This spike can last up to 12-24 months into a relationship.

In a romantic relationship, you are required to constantly consider someone else’s thoughts, feelings and how every one of your actions will affect them. As a single person, the only one you have to look out for is yourself.

No matter how well matched you are, no matter how happy the relationship may seem to be, there will always be disagreements. Petty fights, false accusations and misunderstandings are completely unavoidable when in a relationship.

Each of us are going through our own experiences in this life. When you enter a relationship you are essentially telling someone that you are willing to be there with them throughout anything that life throws their way. You are now required to not only process your own emotions and struggles, but also help your partner to shoulder theirs.

It is so important to ensure that you as well as your partner are both whole and happy individuals before a relationship. Having to constantly think of the feelings of another individual before you say or do anything within your own home can be exhausting especially if your partner is not on the same level of emotional maturity as you are.


In conclusion, relationships can be great and they are truly a major part of human existence, however, there are many valid reasons why you should remain single. To allow yourself more time to grow as an individual, to cultivate richer friendships, to perform better at work, to focus on your passions and to reduce your stress levels are just a few of the main reasons why being single can be beneficial to your overall quality of life.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2022 Sherelle Timothy

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