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Top 5 Biggest Break-Up Mistakes

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You are just not that into each other anymore.

You are just not that into each other anymore.

The First Few Weeks Are the Hardest After a Break Up

Breaking up is never fun or easy even if it was your choice. When you are involved in a relationship with someone for awhile, there are feelings invested and "couples" habits formed. It's crazy what we will do when we are feeling the emotions of a break up. The first few weeks are usually when we will make one or all of these 5 break up mistakes. Of course there are many more but these 5 tend to be the most common and in many cases, the most toxic to recovery.

1. Contacting Your Ex


The "Getting-in-the-Last-Word" Mistake

This includes texting, calling, tagging them in your media posts, private messaging. You will either get into yet another argument or get ignored by your ex completely. More than likely, you will say or post something that you regret later on because you are feeling hurt, mad, sad or all 3. This also includes the getting in the last word syndrome. I'm not saying never talk to your ex again, I'm just saying that until you have had some time to get over what I call "the break up hangover" it's within your best interest to abstain from initiating any contact.

2. Fancy Seeing You Here


The Most Toxic Mistake of All

Popping into places that you know your ex could be at. Probably the most toxic of all. You really never know what you might be setting yourself up for. They could be with a new person and let's face it, who wants to witness that when you still haven't moved on yourself. Or your ex might be with friends and just pretend that they don't even notice you there. That hurts too. I consider this unnecessary stress. It's best to just stay away from places that you are in a position to run into your ex. Find a new spot to hang out for a little while. You never know, you could end up liking the new spot even more.

3. Rebound One Night Stand

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The Vulnerable Mistake

This is one of the biggest mistakes. It is so easy to fall into this mistake because after a break up from a long relationship we are feeling lonely and maybe not very attractive for the moment. We think that if we can just sleep with someone we will feel better and get over the ex. Not true. You will end up feeling worse because usually it's with someone that you will regret sleeping with. Give yourself some time to heal and not be so vulnerable before you embark on your next sexual encounter.

4. One Last Time


The Emotional Suicide Mistake

This mistake is emotional suicide. Especially if you still have strong feelings for your ex. If they do not feel the same way then you are just setting yourself up for more heart ache. Sleeping with your ex right after a break up is more than likely not going to bring the two of you back together. If you are meant to be together, then the universe will find a way to make that happen when it is right.

5. Stalking


The Self-Torturing Mistake

Stalking is anything from driving by your ex's house to see who is there to cyber stalking. Not only could you get yourself arrested but you might find out information that you really didn't want to know. Browsing your ex's social media is not a healthy past time for you. Even if you don't find anything juicy you are torturing yourself by constantly reminding yourself of them. Out of sight, out of mind.

Your Break Up Mistakes

Cute and Funny Video About the Stages of a Break Up

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