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Top 4 Signs that He is Cheating

Everlyne is a customer service person by practice with a Bsc. of Science. She is, however, a copy editor by profession.

What are the clear signs that your lover is cheating on you? Things could be flowing so well until they hit rock bottom. The once gleaming eyes become full of despair and sadness and full of confusion as they stare into oblivion.

Women will most of the time refuse to see beyond the person they fell in love with. They are blinded by love and keep hoping that somehow things will change or that the cheating is only for a short while.

However, they fail to acknowledge that by ignoring the signs before them, they are burrowing into their downhearted life. Sometimes, the only mistake you made is loved him while he was busy having a life besides you.

Before you dive into a dyke of depression, better watch out about the signs that he might be cheating on you. Remember that people do not change, but they get better at hiding their wrong miens. These are the top 4 signs that he is cheating.


Sometimes, the only mistake you made is loved him while he was busy having a life besides you.

1. The Phone And Calls Become More Private.

You must be wondering why lately his phone is always silent, or on flight mode, or even never picks when specific calls come through? Well, this is one of the signs that your darling husband or boyfriend is having a good time with someone else out there.

More often than not, when he receives these calls, he will move away and purport to be looking for “network” where there has been little or no network problem in your area for the past few years you have been staying together. This is one of the likely signs that something is cooking, and you need to cease the fire before whatever is cooking is fully cooked.

Additionally, while talking, his heart becomes shaky, and words become less clear, or he becomes non-responsive and assures the caller that they will converse tomorrow (when you are not around). You will hear terms like, yes, sure, it's ok, fine, without the person having to utter a single complete sentence. For the sake of your sanity, find out more about these strange calls.

Another interesting bit about the phone is that the partner's phone has passwords from contacts, messages, Whatsapp, calls, and if he is not deleting the suspicious calls and messages, he is busy chatting and smiling, but when you pass by, he quickly flips the phone. Beware of such comportments to avoid more shocking stories to come.

2. Small Talks Turn into Arguments.

The talks you used to have silently and reach an agreement have now turned into major arguments. You no longer agree on once simple things like what food you want to eat or what movie you want to watch.

To him, everything you say becomes a nuisance. Food becomes salty, tea becomes tasteless, or with too much sugar in it. You become too people impractically with nothing in common, unlike the previous times. You are now like two strangers living together with no common goal whatsoever.

Be keen on how his tone has changed and how different his behavior has become during an argument. This could be a sign that he is indeed deceitful.

3. He No Longer Has Time For You.

Remember when he could find time out of his busy schedule to call or text you to know how your day was fairing? Or even take you to those late-night dinners? Well, once he starts having affairs out there, everything he used to do for you becomes expensive.

Your time together becomes affluent, you no longer go for those dinner nights, and he comes home late or never shows up and does not see the need to tell you why he cannot make it. You feel lonelier while he is busy having a life out with his newfound life.

Remember, all the time and sacrifices he had for you have shifted to his new kid on the block. It is a clear indication that your man must be eating his cake elsewhere.

4. Intimacy Becomes Ancient

There was a time the two of you could enjoy intimacy and wish you could engage in it every single hour of the day. Well, this is no longer the fun bit. Once your partner suspects that you are having an affair, your feelings for them go to the subconscious mind. They no longer have the urge to want you, feel you, or even sleep with you.

On the other hand, the cheater does not feel the need to have it with his longtime partner since he is getting satisfaction elsewhere. If your affection lifestyle has changed, and he does not want to talk about the change, then this is a high probability that your man is cheating on you, and he does not care about your feelings.

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You can tell a lot by looking at a person, and especially the person you have known for a certain period. Check out the above signs of cheating and be the judge. When a person wants to leave, they will not care about your feelings, and they will not hide their real characters either. People don’t change, but they just become better at hiding their bad characteristics, but if these traits are now in the limelight, rest assured that they want you to know who their factual self is. It is the decision of a person on what action they take in case of a cheating partner. Remember that the mind might mostly remember the words and actions done to you, but your heart will forever remember how it all feels.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Eve Nandwa


Eve Nandwa (author) from Nairobi on May 15, 2021:

Thank you for your comment Oscar,

Yes, sure. If you no longer love them, then move out and move on. The bottom line is, one must be too tired to want a positive change, and once trust is lost, as you say, then there's no need to stay around hoping for positivity.

dashingscorpio from Chicago on May 14, 2021:

Ultimately if you believe he's cheating assume you're right!

Unless you have a history of being paranoid and insecure there is no reason why you should doubt your instincts.

If something doesn't feel right to you it's probably not right for you.

Even if you are "wrong" it's clear you no longer trust him!

Secondly if you're unhappy with the changes in his behavior bear in mind life is too short to be trying to change water into wine.

Most likely he was on good behavior to "win you over". Right now you're seeing his "authentic self".

Each of is entitled to have our own boundaries and "deal breakers".

Cheating and being untrustworthy are common "deal breakers".

Therefore it's probably best to move on.

It's a waste of time to "play detective" in order to satisfy your ego and prove to him you "caught him" if you're planning to dump him anyway. Your future lies ahead of you and not behind you.

"Never love anyone who treats you like you're ordinary.'

- Oscar Wilde

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