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Top 10 Things to Know About a Man

It is estimated that there are about 315 million men in the world, making up over 47% of the population. Men have contributed to many aspect

It is estimated that there are about 315 million men in the world, making up over 47% of the population. Men have contributed to many aspects of society and culture throughout human history. Today, men continue to be central figures in social and political life with careers in most fields being dominated by them. This post covers 10 things to know about a man.

1. Men have physical strength that can be up to 40 times as much as a woman and they can consistently produce more testosterone, the male sex hormone.

2. Men have a higher tolerance for pain than women. The reason is that their bodies produce more of the hormone called, endorphins, which are responsible for reducing pain and producing an analgesic effect on the body.

3. Men prefer women with varying body types including athletic ones; men also prefer women with good figures and a healthy weight.

4. Men can be in touch with their feelings. Despite the popular stereotype, not all men are emotionally illiterate. Just because you don't cry doesn't mean you're not feeling anything.

5. Men can be good listeners. This goes back to the stereotype that all men are just thinking about themselves and their own problems. It's true that we might not offer solutions, but in general we want you to feel heard and validated.

6. Men can do their own laundry. It's only natural for women to prioritize this task. But it hurts our feelings when we're always expected to do it because we're assumed incapable.

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7. Men can be reasonable. When you see a man acting like a child, it's often because he's being reasonable about the situation. We're not always logical or logical-minded, but we do have our limits and are perfectly capable of being reasonable.

8. Men can change their minds. This goes against the stereotype that men are stubborn or inflexible. Just because we don't change our minds quickly doesn't mean we're not thinking about it or considering different options.

9. Men can slip into a state of insensibility while sitting in a retail location seat hanging tight for you to emerge from the fitting room.

10. Men can show vulnerability. Men aren't from Mars and neither are you. So if you succeed in talking about your fears, your insecurities, or your problems, don't think that it's so rare that men would be unable to do the same. However, men are expected to be more emotionally closed off and less comfortable with talking about their feelings than women (though we are not immune to negative feelings).

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