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Top 10 Ways Men Get Scammed by Russian and Ukrainian Women (and Other Foreign Women Too)

John has been through a search for a Russian bride, is married to a Russian, & learned through experience how to avoid Russian Bride Scams.

Why Do Many Men Get Scammed Out of Hundreds and Thousands of Dollars by Russian and Ukrainian Women?

So, you're thinking about a Russian or Ukrainian bride? Before you get into the process, you need to know what things to watch out for so you don't lose your shirt in the deal. There are many Russian and Ukrainian women who are ready, willing, and able to "steal your heart" at the same time they are stealing your wallet. I have been to Russia, and I have been married to a Russian woman for 10 years. I have seen first hand mistakes other guys have made, and the right things guys (including myself) have done to have a successful relationship with a FSU woman.

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#2 Reason Men Get Scammed by Russian and Ukrainian Women

Don't use a dating agency that doesn't actually bring their girls into their office and interview them EXTENSIVELY in person. Dating agencies are in business to make money, and many of them have no scruples, and have no interest in finding you a bride, they are only interested in emptying your wallet.

You can find other guys experiences with various agencies on the Internet via YouTube, blogs and vlogs they have posted, Facebook Pages, and by word of mouth. If you know someone who has a Russian or Ukrainian wife, perhaps she has a friend or a relative that can lead you in the right direction, and avoid the dating agencies altogether. If you so have to go through a dating agency, get the girls private email address and phone number as soon as possible. Get a prepaid international phone card, or Skype ID and call her as soon as possible. If you don't have a friend or relative that can speak Russian, hire a translator to help you with your initial conversation. If you call her on Skype, tell her that you have to see HER on the other side of the video, not some picture, and tell her to make sure that there is sufficient lighting so that you can actually see her.

Some Russian women on dating sites, are not even women at all, so the sooner you make absolutely certain that you are communicating with a real woman, the better. In your discussion, with her establish her marital status, her occupation, does she have children, what city is she in (get her address if possible), what are her interests and hobbies, can she drive a car, does she live in an apartment or does she own a house/property, are her parents/grandparents living. Ask her if she has ever been to America before. There's always the possibility that she's come to America and gotten married to an American man with whom she had a bad relationship, and she returned to Russian without getting a divorce. This situation could cause you a great deal of unnecessary headaches.

#4 Reason Men Get Scammed by Russian and Ukrainian Women

Don't expect to find a Russian or Ukrainian bride unless you have the financial resources to visit Russia, Ukraine, or a suitable alternate country that she can travel to, where you can meet. Keep in mind, that many FSU countries require most foreigners to acquire a Visa before entering their country. Generally, do get a Visa you need to have an invitation letter, and address where you will be staying, a valid passport from you country that is good for at least 6 months after your planned exit from the country, and two passport sized photos, to go along with your Visa application. I used http://www.gotorussia.com for all my necessary Visa documentation. If you are going to Russia, when you arrive at your final destination, you will have to register at either a police station or post office. You will need to provide them with ID and the address where you are staying, at the very least. Also, have copies of your passport (all pages), that you can keep in a safe place where you are staying. All people in Russia are required to have their passport with them at all times, and you can be stopped at any time for any reason and asked to present your passport. Additionally, if you stay in a hotel, you may have to leave your passport with the hotel, at all times that you are on the hotel property.

If she doesn't speak your language, arrange to hire an interpreter for the times your are actually together. The first time you meet, is best to arrange some informal place, such as a coffee shop, where you can just meet over some coffee/tea and take some time to get to know each other. On your first meeting, bring her some flowers (make sure it is an odd number 1,3, 5, 7, 9, etc). Even numbers of flowers are for funerals, and if you bring an even number, she will think you want her to die.

The longer you can stay in Russia/Ukraine the better, because if you can meet multiple women, it will increase your odds of finding one that you are genuinely compatible with, and one that isn't only interested in taking your money. If your first date goes, well, then you can arrange for another meeting.

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#6 Reason Men Get Scammed by Russian and Ukrainian Women

The Russian are Ukrainian woman is actually EMPLOYED by the dating agency to pose as a woman seeking a foreign husband. This is a common practice among unscrupulous dating agencies. Look at everything you can find on the Internet about the dating site you are using if you must use one. Check reviews, and try to verify that the men writing the reviews are real me writing about real experiences. It isn't that hard to create a fake profile on blog sites, Google, or even Facebook Messenger, although, it is getting more difficult now that some sites are using two-step verification, which means you must have a real phone number tied to your account.

In order to make it seem less blatantly obvious, some dating agencies will employ a mix of legitimate women seeking husbands, mixed in with girls that are employed to write letters to some of the lovelorn men.

When you go to meet your Russian or Ukrainian lovely, make sure that the dating agency she is using is located in the same city where she lives and not in some remote area of the country that is nearly impossible to get to without incurring a great deal of expense.

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#7 Reason Men Get Scammed by Russian and Ukrainian Women

You didn't come to a prearranged agreement about how much financial support you can provide for her travel back to her country to visit her family and friends. Most Russian or Ukrainian women, if coming to a foreign country to marry a man, are leaving everything behind. You will find out quickly, that they are going to be homesick at times. If they don't already speak English, and you don't already live in a community with a large Russian population, it is going to be difficult for her to assimilate.

Even if she had a lucrative career in Russia, it is probably going to be difficult for her to find work in your country, because most likely any higher education she has received will either be totally or partially unacceptable in your country. This also means, if she has left children behind, you will need to foot the bill for gifts at birthdays, Christmas, and perhaps some other holidays.

Talk about how often you can afford to pay her expenses to return to her country, before you even start the Fiance' Visa process or you may find yourself in a financial position you don't want to be in, or even worse, she will want to divorce you because you aren't a good provider. If you she starts talking about doing that, send her back to her home country, before she has an opportunity to talk to a lawyer, and YOU file for a divorce and cancel her Green Card if she has one.

For plane reservations, I recommend http://www.skyscanner.com

#8 Reason Men Get Scammed by Russian and Ukrainian Women

A Russian or Ukrainian woman can not simply buy a plane ticket and come to America. She may tell you she wants to meet you in American, and tell you that if you send her the money for a plane ticket, she will repay you when she arrives in America (HINT: She is NEVER coming to America to see YOU).

The process for a Russian or Ukrainian woman to come to America is very lengthy and expensive. She MIGHT be able to get a tourist Visa, but not likely. She will probably need a Fiance' Visa. That means that you have to provide documentation that you have actually met, including pictures of the two of you together. You will have to provide financial affidavits that you are capable of supporting her. She will have to go to a US Embassy or Embassy of your country, in her country to have an interview. After that, she will either get approved or denied for a Fiance' Visa.

When she arrives in you country, she will probably have to be interviewed at an Embassy of your country. She will also, probably need to have a medical exam, and she will need to have all of her vaccination records. Once she has a Fiance' Visa, in America, you have only 90 days to get married, or you will have to send her back to her country. You need to be financially prepared for the possibility that she is NOT going to be compatible with you for the long-term.

Fiance and Marriage Visas

#9 Reason Men Get Scammed by Russian and Ukrainian Women

You posted your own profile on a dating site (even worse a Russian or Ukrainian dating site).

Posting your own profile on a dating site, is sitting yourself up to be targeted by "grifters." ....."an escalating flirtation between an unsuspecting man and a Russian grifter masquerading as a young woman."(quoted from https://www.nytimes.com/2004/11/03/world/europe/russian-gal-seeking-comrade-no-its-an-internet-scam.html). If you receive unsolicited mail, unsolicited Skype contact request, unsolicited Google Hangout request, or unsolicited friend requests from Russian or Ukrainian women that you do not know, nor have any mutual connections with be very wary about them.

There's a 99.9% chance that you are being targeted to be taken for a ride (and not in a good way).

IF you must set up a profile on a dating site, make it so only people YOU select can see it. And remember, a pretty picture of a female member, doesn't necessarily prove that she's pretty OR female.

#10 Reason Men Get Scammed by Russian and Ukrainian Women

You didn't take my advice in reasons #1 through #9.

Here are some important links to resources:



Keep in mind, the you MUST be able to prove to Customs and Immigration in your country that you have spent time with you potential Russian or Ukrainian bride, before you can get her a Fiance' Visa. There are a couple of countries that Russian/Ukrainian women can travel to fairly easily, if meeting in Russia or Ukraine isn't possible. Turkey and Egypt are fairly easy for these ladies to travel to, with a minimum amount of hassel. BUT, remember, if she asks you for money for a plane ticket, you are going to be taking a big risk that she will never show up, and you and your money will be forever parted. It would be best if you could meet her in her home city (preferably at her home), and travel to the airport together to one of these other countries.

Good Luck in Your Search, and Remember.............................

If it seems to good to be true, it probably is!!!

Would You Consider or Have You Ever Considered a Russian or Ukrainian Woman???

Some Last Minute Helpful Dating Hints to Avoid Russian and Ukrainian Dating Scams

There is NO SUCH Thing as a Russian or Ukrainian Mail-Order Bride. Many guys who have communicated with me seem to be under the misguided perception that they can pick a beautiful girl out of a catalog (like ordering a toaster from Amazon), send her a plane ticket, and have her come to their country. That's NOT how it works guys! YOU need to get a tourist Visa for yourself from a Russian Embassy in your own country if you are travelling to Russia. Ukraine has looser rules for tourists, so check with the Ukrainian Embassy in your country to see what the rules are for YOUR country, because the rules are not the same for every country (note: Belarus will give you a temporary tourist visa at the airport if you fly into Minsk Airport). After you take care of your Visa, YOU need to get a plane ticket, and get your ass to either Russia or Ukraine. You can find relatively inexpensive accommodations via http://www.airbnb.com

Again, I want to re-emphasize DO NOT EVER send money to someone you don't know.

Women in these countries want the man to be in control. DO NOT EVER let a Russian or Ukrainian women decide where you are going to eat or what club you are going to go to. If she decides, she is probably getting a commission from that establishment to bring men who are suckers to them, and you are likely to get overcharged and if you can't pay, you might have to deal with a big mean bouncer. If the woman insists on going to a restaurant of her choice, make it clear to her that SHE will be paying for both of you. That will put a stop to her trying to yank your chain in short order.

If a woman you are having dinner with, picks the most expensive item on the menu, take charge and tell her that she is NOT going to have that item. As a matter of fact, tell her that YOU will order for both of you. If she doesn't like that idea, tell her that you are leaving the restaurant, and the two of you can go to a park and get an ice cream cone.

Don't give women the kind of compliments that you THINK she wants to hear. DON'T tell her she's beautiful, or she has beautiful eyes, or a beautiful figure. DO tell her things like, "Well, you've got a cute face, but your ankles are fat, and I don't usually date girls with fat ankles." or you could say, "Do you know that your left eye is slightly larger than your right eye?" Girls who are beautiful, hear it all the time, and generally, they are just tired of hearing the same thing from guys who want to get into her panties.

As previously mentioned, I DO NOT recommend using dating sites; however, if you must, I suggest you check out http://www.russiandatingreviews.com, which will provide some guidance regarding the quality of profiles found on various dating sites.

For more advice on how to avoid getting ripped off by Russian and Ukrainian women, visit http://www.facebook.com/FindYourRussianGirl

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