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Tips: Things To Do When Your Partner Is Acting Up.

Kwanele Mandisa Gina Is a Verified writer with 766 Articles on Opera News Hub and four Articles with Hub pages Network.

Love IS Like A Burning Candle

Love Is Not Easy To Handle

Love Is Not Easy To Handle

Broken Heart Broken Vows

Broken Heart Broken Vows

Who Is Kwanele Gina

Kwanele Mandisa Gina is a South African passionate Articles writer with articles writing experience of 2 full years. His break out article was from Opera News Hub in 2020.

Born: 06 March 2002 (20 years), Hluhluwe, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Full Name: Kwanele Mandisa Gina

Height: 1.82 m

Children: None

Spouse: None

Siblings: Sduduzo Gina, Mfundo Gina, Ngomusa Gina

Parents( Alive): S.R Gina

Occupation: Student, Articles writer, Application agent (Planet X World Academics)

Education: Advent Hope Christian School - Witwatersrand University (Active) - Bsc Mining Engineering

Leadership: International Officer (Mining Engineering Students Council), Event Organizer (Wits Zulu Students Cultural Society).

"I believe that the only time when success comes before work is in the dictionary", besides that you will never get such condition. Kwanele Gina is doesn't come from a developed family but believes that one day he will make it rain. "Believe Me Success Is In Your Mind, therefore always keep your mind successful" - Kwanele Gina

Kwanele Gina

kwanele Mandisa

kwanele Mandisa

Kwanele In high School

Kwanele In high School

After A Fantastic Radio Show - Kwanele Gina X Ledi

After A Fantastic Radio Show - Kwanele Gina X Ledi

Kwanele Gina - Event Organizer

Kwanele Gina - Event Organizer

students In mining Engineering Council 2022 - Kwanele Gina

students In mining Engineering Council 2022 - Kwanele Gina

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What Causes Your Partner To Act Up?

According to Carroll Byrant love is a a two way street constantly under construction. But what if there is no progress in any of the streets under construction, Then this is where a heart break comes in. I believe that for a relationship to be a success and have a bright future then everyone in a relationship have to dedicate as much as they can.

Most people blame their partners when their relationship fails but then they tend to forget to check themselves, how they acted in that relationship. Remember that nowadays it is easier to just slide out of the relationship and people have a lot of options hence you as an individual you should always perform.

Below Are Some Things Which Can Cause Your Partner To Lose Feelings:

  • Lack Of Confidence
  • Lack Of Communication - imagine of a relationship where you only talk once a day with your partner. The talks you are having are (Hey, Hi how are you, How was your day, Goodnight). Can you personally stay in that relationship? Another part of communication people are always referring to is by chatting "NO" always make time for your partner where the two go beyond knowing the current situation e.g school, work,, but future, dreams, family, adventure, weakness,, until someone is open enough to trust you with their personal issues.
  • Bad Timing And Caring Too Much - This one can go hand in hand. There are people who over love at a wrong time. Mind it that some people are not having the dreams that are similar to you. Know your partner and know when is the right time for you to over care. Know when to do this to make your partner happy not just anytime.
  • Failure To Maintain - Don't be hot today and cold tomorrow. If you started hot always stay hot.
  • Pushing Your Partner - Understand your partners schedule, don't make her feel overwhelmed, their personal life and you on the side.
  • Not Making Time For Your Relationship
  • Controlling
  • Not Listening To Your Partner
  • Always About You
  • Cheating
  • Lying And Faking Life
  • Dreaming Low- This usually makes your partner not to see the future with you.

There are lot other things especially concerning you just before you blame the society.

Your Partner Acting Up

Relationship Failure

For each question, choose the best answer for you.

  1. What caused your relationship failure?
    • Cheating, Don't know how to love
    • Bad personality, lying, failure to maintain
    • Not giving you time, Not giving you love and care
    • Attending Friends More than Me
    • Lack Of Confidence, Lack Of Communication


Use the scoring guide below to add up your total points based on your answers.

  1. What caused your relationship failure?
    • Cheating, Don't know how to love: +5 points
    • Bad personality, lying, failure to maintain: +4 points
    • Not giving you time, Not giving you love and care: +3 points
    • Attending Friends More than Me: +2 points
    • Lack Of Confidence, Lack Of Communication: +0 points

Interpreting Your Score

A score between 0 and 1 means: Moderate

A score between 2 and 3 means: Good

A score of 4 means: Better

A score of 5 means: Outstanding

How To Attract Super Love

Things To Do When He/ She Is Acting Up

There is a purpose to every failed relationship and that purpose is not to encourage you to lower your expectations but to raise your standards. Fruitful relationship always have a goal of being together till eternity but that is only sustainable when all the sides of a relationship are supportive.

We will touch into both sides of the failing relationships. Some failing relationship require the couple to fix them but some failing relationships require you to leave them. This is based on causes of that failure.

This is what to do when there is love from both sides in the relationship but it is failing:

  • Acknowledge your mistakes and take full responsibility of your fault - As much as you know that it is your fault then take responsibility. Don't be a price where it is not necessary.
  • Make Enough Time For Your Partner - Do this by setting aside the online dating, WhatsApp love, phone calls but just go there yourself and be there for your partner. That amplifies love.
  • Compromise Where applicable
  • Do Not Lie About Your Feelings Trying To Lure Your Partner But Speak Out Of Your Heart.
  • Make Your Partner To Gain Your Trust.
  • Create Time To Have Fun Together With Your Partner Just The Two Of You
  • Constantly Remind Your Partner About Dreams You Planned And Have Together - But on this one mind your timing before approaching your partner.
  • Learn To Appreciate - Even if it is small things you won't die by not appreciating the love and effort from your partner. You are not a fool by appreciating.
  • Affection And Intimacy - Did you know that this can be a biggest turnout for some people. Then learn to maintain this part of the relationship.

But when things don't work out is it worth it to fight for someone who completely doesn't have feeling for you?

In This Case:

  • Always Remember that you have people who love you outside your relationship, you have friends and you have family. Then never settle for someone who doesn't deserve you.
  • Try to always weight your personality requirements from your dream partner. You definitely see that you don't deserve someone who doesn't deserve you.
  • Do things you enjoy to forget about them
  • Go to the relationship specialist for counselling
  • Delete their pictures, chats, messages and videos and hence you won't have anything which is the reminder of your love.


I Tried - Know Your Value In A Relationship

know your value

know your value


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