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Thinking Out Loud to the Future

I am lover of poetry and this is my passion. I am a librarian by profession as well.


My Dream in the Past

Past is a dream

of passion and glorious scream

of happiness and bloodline scheme

flamboyant of mystery in the future on seen.

When I was young,

As young as today.

I dreamt to become a journalist

As a military journalist someday.

I love capturing videos

with my imaginary video camera

using my two hands

photographing one angle to another.

Some in a point,

I am acting as a reporter

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interviewing a well known importer

to my unbelievable paper recorder.

Living in the past

is one of the best

to look at out in the cheese

soaring sugarcoat at ease.

Blasting in the past

is truly I love outcast

to balance the nature dust

in the world of atlas.

Am I ready for tomorrow

to surpass the outlaw

of governance sparrow

and look forward to grow.

Beat the heat of madness

check the anger of coolness

to balance between coldness

as well as my old darkness.


Present of the Presence

Present, I am present!

Who's absent from the present?

Say present if you're absent!

What? That's a vigorously can't be sent.

Here I am the future of the past,

soaring in the trembles of the last,

beating thy dream in the outcast

of madness and coolness in the dust.

Dwelling from pen to drive

of passion in love to dive

the glory of creating on sight

the mindfulness on the fight.

How can I open the presence

of the ancient of glance

to make me happy in the France

of glorious deliverance.

Go, go, go and go

is the only way to outgrow

from your solemn past on below

hack in the middle of the sparrow.

Driving my keyboard

on the great warrior on board

seeking assistance with the board

of trustees in the cupboard.

Drumming the love in the present

while memorizing the ancient

of craft of thy patience

in the glorious war of presence.

Here I am,

Hear me from

the promise of today

to surpass the prize to pay.

How can I pay the past

to prepare the glorious last

in the presence to pass

the mandatory future cast?

Presenting the PowerPoint

in a multiple slides at no point

can speed up and appoint

the glory of the present in the midpoint.

Chasing the cat by the rat

is one of the unbelievable stories to sat

because the rat is bigger than the cat

to fight and whoever is fat.

This is the present of thunder

of love and ponder

the read the glory of finder

of presenting the great canter.

Whoever lead the race?

Is the one who can win the place

to make the prize of the case

in the middle of wilderness of phase.


Future of the Past

Who am I in the future

to be happy as a tenure

cast of the love to cure

with pride and joy endure?

Who am I in this boat

from the tremble of past endo

driving into present with loat

of grass with future without bow.

The arrow without a bow

is nothing like an outgrow

to save something in the cow

to balance the light in glow.

As a retiree in the future past

will help me to think fast

of holding thy hands enthusiast

to live thy happiness at long last.

Row in the paddle of the boat

while raining and we coat

with full of love on the booth

while waiting the end of the quote.

This is the future

of the promise endure

with dance and love in cure

from sickness and death for sure.

Playing my bass guitar

is my future at far

while melodies is in scar

of passion in the midst of the car.

Do I need to remember the past

from the future of the present cast?


In the Beginning

Why the beginning is in the end?

The end of mystery in bend

to give love of strength to send

thy happiness of beginning to tend.

I'll be going back

from the Creator of heaven and earth

with no turning back

because that's the destiny of all men on earth.

In the heaven,

there's full of happiness and no uneven.

In the heaven,

there's no hatred but full of love in a scene.

In the heaven,

there's no darkness but with delightful scheme.

In the heaven,

there's plenty of love and passion in seen.


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Luis G Asuncion


Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on May 25, 2021:

Beautifully expressed poems, very well crafted and thoughtful.

Thank you for sharing!

Luis G Asuncion (author) from City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, Philippines on May 24, 2021:

Yes I did, Bill. Thanks for considering. Someday I'll post more.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on May 24, 2021:

Have you tried non-rhyming poetry? I think you would be good at it. Just a thought to consider.

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