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Things That Men Want in a Relationship Desperately - Relationship Advice


Are physical appeal and intimacy the only qualities men want in women?

Don't think so!

You've come to the right place if you've been searching and wondering what characteristics most men look for in a woman when considering her as a potential girlfriend or wife. We hope to shed some light on what men desire in a partner.

You have to read the full article to step inside the mind of a man and discover what he really wants in a woman.

As we all know, women are more outspoken about their needs and wants, while men's preferences in relationships are frequently a mystery. Men and women think and act differently, and they even have distinct relationship goals. Men show less, while women try to communicate more. As a result, women find it challenging to please their husbands because they are unsure of their preferences.

Out there you'll find many texts and videos that discuss the qualities that men seek in a women. We got you covered to obtain a better understanding of what's going on in men's head and to know more about them for better dating experiences..


No matter what the internet says about what men wants, honesty is the most desirable thing that men wants the most in women. Mens seeks to be in a committed relationships and they want to trust their partner completely. Vice versa, they also expect the same. Men always wants to know the truth so inorder to be in a healthy relationship, don't hide everything and start trusting eachother.


I know, not every woman goes for big fat wallet. But its hard to find a woman who loves him truly for who he is. Like the old saying " Money cannot buy love". A true love indeed!

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Accept him for what he have or who is is. Encourage him in every manner. Grow together and get rich together!... And that will lead your relationship to marriage.


Firstly, respect yourself, your partner as well the other people.

Humans are rational being and not every man is born stone hearted. Men wants affection in a relationship. Men loves when her partner holds her hands in public. And a warm hugs when everything is not going well with him.


I can assure that no man want to be used as a pawn or control by his partner. Women may think to dominate his partner, but in order to build a strong, interdependent relationship, it's necessary to offer him the freedom to spend time with his friends and pursue his interests.

Some women are like, " He'll listen and do what i say". But that's not going to work out everytime.

Such kind of behaviour and attitude will only drives your men away.


Being beautiful on the outside make you beautiful and attractive and will get you more men but being beautiful inside is the gift that not every women posses. Know the difference!

But that doesn't mean that you'll stop making your self beautiful. Take care of your body and your soul aswell. Pray to God and pray for your partner aswell.

Sometimes its funny that men want both beautiful face and a beautiful heart at the same time. But beautiful heart ❤️ are made in heaven.

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