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10 Things Men Do Better Than Women

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I guess you must have heard that popular statement that “what a man can do, a woman can always do better”, huh? Well, after giving that thought some serious thoughts, I felt somewhat challenged and I starting having these strong thoughts that maybe I should just try to disprove that opinion.

I knew there must be some things men will always do better than women, no matter what so I set out to think about those things. Gradually, those things started to evolve and manifest in my thinking process. I tell you it was so interesting and funny with some of the things that crept into my mind. This hub which you are about to devour is actually a result of that interesting discussion I had with myself on this interesting topic.

I know you might want to argue with me by saying I am wrong or not exactly correct or even accuse me of generalizing but then always remember that the thoughts I am echoing here are nothing but just personal opinion and observations, convictions plus my own personal exaggerations too.

So if you are already thinking along this line of things that men do better than women with me, come close let’s crosscheck and you if your list corresponds with mine.

Alright? Are you set? Now, let’s go there!

Making friends

Yes. Men make friends easier and faster than women. I can’t actually say why this is so but I think one reason why this might be so is because being outspoken, bold and more direct is often regarded as a manly trait. Maybe it also has something to do with guys not being overtly insecure since men are not so conscious of how they (must) appear in the public and hence are not so judgmental of one another.

Let us not forget that men do have very simple minds and they also do not have the capacity to bear grudges for a very long time excepting when his ego is seriously bruised and settling disputes between men is often quick and direct with little or no drama.

Also since friendship can also be built on non-malicious gossips, men find it easier to make friends because they do not gossip about anything else other than sex – and women! And you know sex happens to be the most interesting and unifying topic to discuss! And such discussion even becomes better and more stimulating and equally refreshing when it is done while drinking alcohol which happens to be another unifying factor among men.

Another thing going for men in this aspect of being better than women in making friends is the fact that men are more capable in handling issues of possessiveness and territoriality. I recall that when I used to live in a hostel during my college years, there was a time when we were even up to ten to twelve guys sharing our one not- so-spacious room but I have heard about so many instances where just two or three or four women were not able to stay in one room as a result of one problem or the other but which boils down to having something to do with protecting one’s territory, or should I say "corner" in our ordinary school lingo?

You may think I am making an exaggerated assumption but wait a minute…As a woman, think about it now. Do you have more male friends or female friends? If only you will admit it, you may surprisingly find out that you have more men friends than women. Am I right or wrong? You see whamsayin?

Even though I have overheard so many women saying something like that and I normally considered such statements a generalized cliché, I came face to face with reality through one of my female friends who bitterly confessed to me that she prefers having male friends than female friends because according to her, men friends will share a lot of beneficial information and knowledge with their friends. She said men don’t engage in backbiting or gossiping but I didn't make any attempt to disprove her on that one. I wonder how she will feel if I told her that men do gossip and sometimes tell stories and share the colorful and juicy details of their sexual escapades with their numerous women with their guys.

She said that she also preferred men friends because men tend to be more trustworthy and they don’t have any reason to secretly gloat over the misfortunes of their fellow friends like some of her female friends had done to her. She also said men are not prone to snatch the girlfriends of their friends quite unlike most of her friends who will even make passes at her boyfriend or send him their "come-and-get-me" availability notice right there in her presence.

As I listened to her talk, I felt that maybe one of the reasons why men get along fine with each other much easier than women is simply because guys have somehow mastered how to contain their jealousy more than women.


Do you think men make better drivers than women? Of course, I do. There is always this inexplicable belief that men make better drivers than women.

Call it concentration. Call it being more coordinated. Call it being brave and fearlessness. Call it whatever you want, the fact remains that men are better drivers than women.

I can’t count on many occasions where the driver in front of me on the road makes you irk due to some terrible driving mistake like not turning the indicators on time or stopping suddenly on the middle of the road, not swerving smoothly to avoid potholes and help you avoid them too, moving too slow and so on thus making the you or the people in your own vehicle to immediately curse under their breath and conclude immediately that the erring driver in front must be a woman.

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And when you finally manage to overtake the driver, lo and behold, it turns out to be a woman!


Some people say the real change we need is not that one Barack Obama “hoodwinked” us into believing and singing along with him. The one we really need is to put as many women as possible into positions of power all over the world!

They say women will make better leaders because they are more in tune with nature and they will be the ones with better listening ears who will surely listen to the cries and plights of their people who they will naturally see as their children and no one wants or like to see their children suffering!

Nice argument but why then is it not happening? Even in America – the land of freedom, justice and equal rights for all?

You might be tempted to say it’s because we are yet to live in an ideal world. If you ask me, I will say it is simply because men are better equipped with leadership qualities such as being charismatic and visionary, strong and capable to withstand stress, ability to command respect and authority, not being overly emotional and above all, better in quick decision making.

And I think even women know this. In our respective families and homes, religious circles and even in the offices and working places, men have always been the preferred leaders. This must not be unconnected with the fact that so many men – and even more women do not feel so comfortable having a female boss. I recall that my friend once told me that in his own opinion, the only reason why the Democratic Party chose Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton in 2008 was simply because of his sex!


Since men are physically stronger than women, it follows that they have to be better in sports than women. What with their stamina and endurance which is superior to that of the female.

Get me right. I am not saying there are no super women out there who could easily win (some) men in (some) sports but the fact remains that there are no known competitive sporting activity (as of 2012) where the overall female super champion will beat the overall male champion!

It’s a challenge. If you can name one, just mention it and I will give you any prize you want.

Oh! But my mischievous mind is already playing with me. Do you know what it is already telling me? Of course, It is already telling me not to be too sure of that because there will a competitive sport where women will always beat men. And I think I have to mention it here first before you come up with it and put me in a difficult spot.

Can you guess the sporting activity where women will always do better than men? Of course, women will always be better than men in sex! Women have the ability to last longer and their stamina in that regard will always be superior and superb to that of men.

The only problem in there is that there is not yet any award for that type of game. Besides, there is no known sports event where men and women compete together as opponents. Maybe Olympics 2016 will be a good starting point and I will be ready to stream the live show and nobody will call it watching p0rn on the internet…Who knows, I might even consider becoming an Olympic medal contestant only that I am yet to find the point of that sort of competition.

But I digress…

Separate sex from love

This whole lot talk about sex has got me to this point of thinking about sex now. Of course men are better in separating sex from love.

A man can have sex with someone he does not love or someone he is meeting for the very first time but a woman will always like to do it with someone she feels something for. It is the feminine justification for engaging in such pleasurable activity but men don’t have to deal with that type of affection.

Sometimes women accuse their men of cheating and they don’t understand why he is doing such a terrible thing to them. But the thing is that such women view these things from their own feminine point of view. They already know that as women, they must have some form of feelings for the man before they can jump into the bed and slide under the sheets with him and this invariably means that their men must also be feeling something “special” for these other women and this type of thought could be quite disturbing and uncomfortable for them.

Well, I am not making any case for men who cheat on their partners but the simple fact is that men have a way of separating love from sex. I can have sex with so many women just for the fun of it or just to satisfy my quest for variety plus curiosity but I already know in my mind that there will always be that one very special lady that I will always want to go back to and make sweet passionate love to her because she is the one I am in love with.

But are you trying to say that women cannot separate love from sex?

Nah! That’s not what I am trying to say! I am not saying women cannot do it, after all that is exactly what female prostitutes do. All I am saying that men will always do it better.

Figuring out how things work

Men are better in figuring out how things work and in fixing them if the need to do that arises. I cannot count the number of times some women will call my attention just for me to do simple tasks like changing their blown out light bulbs for them or even help them in fixing some faulty electrical appliance or wiring or even unscrewing a very tight knob.

I don’t think it is entirely because of they know I am an engineer, I think it has something more to do with the fact that they are completely at sea when it comes to figuring out how some things work. You cannot also forget the fact that women tend up give up easily once confusion starts to set in.

This could be the reason why men are mostly engineers, mechanics, plumbers, electricians, watch repairers, computer programmers and website designers, politicians, entrepreneurs and even doctors and so many male dominated professions I may not be able to recall at the moment.

Men have the capacity to sit down, cool down and take their time to put in the brain work necessary in figuring out how things works with a view to providing the solutions but women tend to lose concentration in such things much easier than guys.


In line with the fact that men are better in figuring out how things work, I especially singled out academics as one area where men will do better than women. I am not saying women don’t excel in academics rather I am just concerned with the numbers.

Being someone who cherishes intelligence in people, more so, intelligence in women, I tend to find out that there are a greater number of men who excel in academics than the ladies. I am always thrilled when I spot intelligence in any woman who might be able to stimulate and challenge me mentally but as the days go by, I am finding these thrilling moments not so easy to come by as more and more of our girls concentrate more on developing their sexy bodies with all their appreciatory and (most times costly) and ( of course, the glaringly competitive) efforts in trying to look trendy or fashionable in their attempt to keep the guys attracted 24/7 while concentrating less and less in developing their minds.

And they do all these while almost forgetting that the complete human is that human who is complete in both mind and body. And that condition is not mutually exclusive and for you as a woman to attract a man and keep him interested in you for a longer time, you need to attract him on both grounds - with your body and your mind. No wonder, more and more women are finding it hard to attract and keep their men.

But that’s another story and I digress again…

I have also noticed that most girls don’t fancy reading so much excepting if the reading material has something to do with fashion and romance, “watching weight” or if and only if they are preparing for one exam or another.

Anyway, when I tried to discuss this trend with some girls by confronting them with this very observation of mine, they confirmed it for me by not denying it by saying that as girls they think about “a lot of things”. I didn't bother to ask her what those things are. Among so many things that could be occupying their minds, I instinctively know already that one of those things they are thinking about is men – and marriage - and seeking for our attention which they even sometimes describe as distractions!

Women could be funny sometimes, you know…? You make out time to look so beautiful and attractive and when such activity starts bringing in the expected result, you term it distraction!

Football fanaticism

Football is the one unifying habit of most guys and football fanaticism is a form of religion amongst many men – and women too! Seeing so many men adorn the colors and jerseys of their respective favorite soccer teams is a common sight nowadays.

Men love their football so much that they might not mind relegating their women, their children, their food or anything else as a matter of fact, to the second position at least momentarily while the European Champions League is going on or while any of their favorite team they are ‘fanning’ is playing.

During such periods, nothing seem to matter again as friends become foes and foes become friends as they come together to cheer and express their undying support for their respective teams. They also carry these discussions over to their work places and even in clubs and bars as they sip some cold beer.

'Crazy' Arsenal fans in thanksgiving celebration inside a church. I wonder what they are "thanking" God for...

'Crazy' Arsenal fans in thanksgiving celebration inside a church. I wonder what they are "thanking" God for...

Some ‘sensible’ women like these ones pictured here have also joined the bandwagon to become football fans too so as to share in the fun rather than being condemned with the sinking feeling of being neglected.

All these attention and energy given to men’s soccer has unfortunately rubbed off badly on women’s soccer in the sense that women’s soccer is not all that attractive to so many people as men’s soccer hence it does not have the same level of attractiveness or sponsors and of course, followers or fans!

You don’t have to blame anyone for this situation because speaking in the world wide web lingo; female soccer does not pull huge traffic.

In Protection

Of course the task of protecting one’s territory is often left to the men and bravery is a man’s thing. When it comes to protection, just give to the man. In fact, one way of easily identifying yourself as a man is by showing bravery most especially in front of any form of adversity.

I recall that day when a snake crept into our compound and as the only senior guy around, I was left to the dangerous task of demolishing the serpent. I did kill it but those who saw the bravery I demonstrated on the outside would certainly ‘laugh their ass off’ if they saw or even feel how terribly bad and loud my heart was beating on the inside as I contemplated on the best way to cut the small but very poisonous snake into two with my improvised wooden stick of a weapon which I didn't so much trust will help me do the job.

But that’s just one of the obvious dangers of being a man. There is so much expectation from you when it comes to protecting and defending others. I once heard from somewhere that men are supposed to walk beside women on the road with him being closer to the moving vehicles so that he will be the first to be hit in the case of any eventuality.

Men do make better jobs as soldiers because of the “hard-man” psyching inculcated into him right from the moment he started understanding the difference between himself and his sisters and he is made to realize the important role of being that reliable protector for his family and all his interests.

In warfare or in any adversity, men are supposed to accept to die first while protecting women and children. This is the basis of men becoming better protectors than women.

Telling white lies

So many women have said so many times that men are liars. Now, get ready let me tell you the ugly truth about that very statement. I won’t lie to you but it is true! Guys lie a lot. But that’s not all. For some inexplicable reasons, it seems like women do love those lies and that’s the ugly truth!

Now, does that sound confusing? It shouldn't be because the type of lies I am actually talking about here are called white lies. I don’t see why you should be surprised when someone who you expect to lie actually turns out to be a liar. Sometimes, it’s like our women purposely set out to put guys in very difficult or dicey spots.

Don’t judge me. Just take a look at these common scenarios.

Do you still love me? Am I growing too fat for your liking? Was I good on the bed last night? Did you enjoy my cooking? My mother is visiting and she’s going to be staying with us for two months, are you OK with that? Who was that girl on the phone; is she your new secretary…or just one of your business colleagues at the office…or your sister? Do you admire my friend? I see the way you've been following her with your eyes throughout the evening. Does this color look great on me? Do you like my makeup? Do you like the size of my breasts or would you prefer they were bigger? Jeeze! And of course, will you marry me?


Any reasonable or matured guy will easily agree with me that in most of these scenarios, a white lie which involves telling the girl what you already know she really wants and loves to hear might just do the trick and satisfy everybody and deliver us men from the likely consequences or repercussions of trying to prove that honesty is the best policy all the time.

But the fact remains that a white lie is still a lie but who is complaining? The thing is that if you tell a guy a lie, even if it is a white lie, he knows you are liar and will be somewhat disappointed in you because guys don’t like being lied to but if you tell a woman a white lie, she will appreciate you for being sensible enough not to say the truth when it is not really needed!


But guys, isn't that great! Which is why I still maintain that guys are experts in telling white lies and will always do better than women in that area. And so many women know this.

Indulgence in p0rn

I know I said 10 things but the truth is that I won’t be happy with myself to leave this discussion as it is without mentioning this one terrible area where men also excel. In its simplest definition I could come up during this nice discussion I was having with myself, I can only say that p0rn is nothing but just a form of erotic entertainment strictly made by men for men!

Oh yes. Don’t quote me but it is the truth. So many men, even those you will swear don’t have time for such rubbish but who might surprise you with their excellent collection, look at adult entertainment as it serves as a very addictive and refreshing source of relief [from whatever] for them. Blame it on men being visual; blame it on men needing variety, blame it on men being polygamous by nature, the fact is that p0rn holds a very strong fascination for guys.

So many women are of the view that such indulgence in such a dirty habit is tantamount to cheating. Some even think that their men will always prefer the near perfect and wild girls with equally astonishing bodies completely free from stretch marks that are seen in such flicks to them and this can create some form of insecurities in such women which is why they are strongly against their men viewing such things.

But the fact is that men will always be men. Some men who may not be able to go for the raw form of that erotic entertainment might simple dilute it by putting pictures of almost nude women in their computers and mobile phones as wallpapers or something like that. This could be one explanation why so many guys have some form of nude female pictures which are sometimes safely hidden in certain locations on their mobiles and laptops.

Things men do!

So there you have it. Those are some of the areas I could think of at the moment where men will always do better than women. I also thought about including avoiding commitment (by any means possible) to that list but since it is so obvious, I thought I should just let that one go.

Something is telling me right now that you might now be tempted to ask me if I could come up with any area where women are better than men, right?

Don’t worry. I got your answers ready. You will be surprised when you see that there are so many areas where women will always do better than their male counterparts.

In fact, I am going to give it to you right now.

Next stop: 20 Things Women do better than Men!


Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on May 13, 2018:

Your article is interesting; but the factors are cultural, that's not an opinion, but fact.

If a woman is taught to be weak, then, she will respond accordingly. If a woman is taught to lead, she will. These are not opinions. Research holds it out.

Interesting article, nonetheless. I've incorporated some of those cultural factors you mentioned into a story about Nigeria.

Thanks again.


Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on May 12, 2018:

Tim, you're welcome.

You have your views. I have mine.

And that's just the way it is.

Thanks for stopping by and commentin'...

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on May 05, 2018:

I read your article and smiled. First, have you heard of the Williams sisters? In their prime they could beat any male competitor in tennis. Please, explain to me why the majority of school bus drivers are women? I’m glad the world’s oldest profession crossed your mind, because women don’t have to have feelings for a man to enjoy sex. Surely, you know about sex toys, and I doubt women have affection for them either.

Second, men are far from “simple minded,” and women are far more complex than some may believe. I know some lesbian women, actually they are good friends of mine, and they take people as they are. Next, research has suggested that men and women lie about equally. Women are actually better at it than men. However, you may be right that men lie a bit more on average.

It’s important to note that the factors you point out are cultural in nature. I must ask: Are you primarily talking about White women because nothing you wrote holds true with successful Black, Hispanic, Asian, or Native American women. Perhaps, men app[ear to do these things better because of society favoring them to do these things better – I doubt it is genetic. I also know society changes when people take an interest in making it better.

When you mentioned girls reading fashion mags, again, I smiled. My sisters read books by Darwin and other heavy duty materials growing up. They went on to professional careers, which is again, why I question the cultural importance of what you wrote. Don’t you wonder what Oprah read? That outspoken mayor in Puerto Rico? Even that Israeli lady who starred in the recent Wonder Woman movie (she has training as a lawyer.)

Finally, as I read this article and the comments, and I saw you were from Nigeria and not America or a Western democracy, forget everything I just wrote. May your book be successful.



tt on April 21, 2018:

oh you have got to be bloody kidding me academics ever heard of marie curie but still yes women are stupid for going through labour to give birth to idiots like you

Iriene Oberlynn on June 02, 2017:

Stop being sexist. Anyone can be anything based on how they act.

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on May 27, 2014:

Hi, Weeping Doll, your comment almost got me weeping.

No, no, now that's a lie.

Men don't weep. Of course, weeping is definitely NOT one of the things men do better than women!

Anyway, thanks for reading this and my other hubs and also for making your own opinions on my own opinion known.

I'll consider what you said next time!

No, no, now that's a lie. There will be no next time!

Ha ha ha!

Weeping Doll on May 26, 2014:

In terms of leadership, corporations with more females on the board, have a higher financial return on stock performance and greater creativity in the organization. I just weep reading your opinions since they are a far cry from widely popularized research studies published in Forbes, WSJ, Psychology Today and other popular media.

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on May 22, 2013:

Thanks Second Anonymous. Keep your thoughts coming but please don't insult anyone because everyone is entitled to their opinions.

The debate on whether men are smarter than women or vice versa will always continue and I can assure you every gender will like to claim superiority but then I know more women than men who will always want to believe that men are actually smarter!

Thanks for stopping by.

anonymous on May 22, 2013:

No other Anonymous, you go suck a dick. The definition of feminism is literally the belief that men and women should have equal rights. Feminism is NOT the belief that women are better than men. Good god. And modern women are good for a lot more things than just sucking dicks. Quit being a sexist asshole.

On another note - I would agree that some of these things are controversial. I don't really think it is really possible to say whether men or women are better drivers. Both genders seem to argue without reason that their gender are the better drivers. I would also probably disagree with the statement that men are smarter than women. Other than those two controversial topics, nicely written article. :)

Anonymous on April 06, 2013:

Check out the person above me, obviously one of those selve proclaimed feminists that want their gender to outrule the other by taking away free speech, go suck a dick, that's all modern women are good for.

Me on March 02, 2013:

You are so sexist its ridiculous. And most of your "betters" are completely wrong. Look up some stats before you post things next time.

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on November 30, 2012:

Levertis, what else can I say? I am really flattered!

Wait until my book comes out and you will see how I am going to keep you highly amused with that very "kick" you mentioned!


Levertis Steele from Southern Clime on November 29, 2012:

When I said "That draws attention," I meant that as a positive writer's craft that should pull in readers to your hub.

"And that's because, I am so so weird!

And I hope that will now draw your full attention, huh?!"

I don't know about drawing full attention in the way that you mean, but you got my attention and interest and amused me highly. I am a people person, and I appreciate that unusual "kick" in your style that I cannot quite name. Because I had lots of men in my family, helped to raised two sons, and worked directly with many, many young men in my lifetime, I am not surprised at what they present to me in their writing or characters.

You are indeed bold, and I must add, a very crafty writer.

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on November 29, 2012:

Thanks dear for that nice comment you made about me but I must add that you made a very big mistake when you said I am a little weird...

And that's because, I am so so weird!

And I hope that will now draw your full attention, huh?!

Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

Levertis Steele from Southern Clime on November 28, 2012:

You are a very unusual type of male thinker, and a little weird (not crazy), but I see that you have a lot of wisdom about male and female natures. Most men would not admit some of the things I have seen in your hubs. That draws attention.

I agree that men are smarter than women in some academics (math, science, chemistry) but certainly not all. Men better readers! I do not see that in my part of the world.

Men are Not exactly the better drivers! They are more apt to engage in wreckless driving due to drug influences, road rage, drag racing, showing off. These often lead to accidents. And again, maybe men are better drivers skill-wise, but they are certainly more wreckless.

The others you have listed are spot on!

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