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10 Things I Love About My Wife

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If you ever meet my wife, you’ll love her. I have no doubt in my mind as I make that claim. Her charming nature is enough to keep you completely enthralled.

Without wasting much of your time, let me tell you the ten things I love so much about my wife. You can compare notes afterwards, and tell me why my wife is not better than yours.

My wife is better than yours!

My wife is better than yours!

Mind you, it’s not like these are the only things I love about my wife.

Of course, there are so many other things. But… these ones are written so that you may be able to realistically compare notes with me afterwards to see why I am so happy about my wife.

So let’s get right into it.

Number one…

My wife doesn’t nag

She knows how to get her opinion, her views, and her complaints across to me without becoming a pain in the arse to me in any way. My wife doesn't engage in any form of unnecessary argument with me. And I love her so much because of that.

Number two…

My Wife doesn’t worry unnecessarily

In all the years that I have known her, I have never seen my wife being fazed by anything that I may describe as not being really all that serious. Be it financial, be it health, be it personal relationship with family, friends and neighbors. Nothing at all. She always tells me that worrying doesn’t solve anything. And I believe her.

Number three…

My wife trusts me completely

I have never seen a woman—a human—so trusting as my wife. Her trusting nature gives me so much peace of mind because I don’t have to prove myself to her. Some of my friends are always complaining about how suspicious their wives are, how their wives always stalk them or snoop around their phones. I can’t help it but laugh at their problems because I know I will never have such problems.

Lucky me?! O yes, you can say that again!

Nah.. I don't have to fear something like this with her!

Nah.. I don't have to fear something like this with her!

Number four…

My wife understands that I look at other women at times

Why some of my friends are so bothered with being ‘caught’ staring at other women, or talking to them, which might constitute cheating in the eyes of their wives, my own wife has given me the carte blanche to look at and talk to other women.

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Well, I must confess that at first I thought she will be troubled if I did something like that but I only came to discover that she has her own reason for not bothering about such things.

But then again, what else do you expect from someone whose favorite song is Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey? Of course, she tells me—in both words and action—that I will always be her baby no matter what. And I believe her.

Her confidence in such matters gives me a lot of confidence.

Number five…

My wife doesn’t depend on me financially…

…Because she has her own business. Because she’s an independent woman. Because she’s a very talented, very intelligent and highly skilled woman, I must add. Sometimes, I find myself offering money to her just to fulfil all righteousness as a man “who is supposed to be the provider”.

And guess what my wife does at such times, when she collects it? She tells me that she’s only collecting the money from me simply because she doesn’t want to ruin my ego as a man. No more; no less. Can you imagine that! She’s really my world!

Number six…

My wife doesn’t cling

From the onset, I made myself clear that my freedom is the utmost need for me. And my wife gets it exactly. She has other things that will occupy her time rather than trying to tag along with me…. All the time! She perfectly understands that a man needs his alone time. She perfectly understands that she doesn’t have to bore me with unnecessary cum nonsense stories.

Number seven…

My wife loves sex

She understands how to satisfy my soul with cool sex. She’s always ready for it. Always ready to get down. Anytime! Anywhere! She’s always ready to try something new with me. Nothing is off limits with her when it comes to sex. Whenever I look at my wife in the bedroom, I see nothing but a bundle of sexual pleasure and joy. Oh la la!

What a Beaut!

What a Beaut!

Number eight…

My wife cares for me

Of course, she sees caring for me as her sole duty on the planet. She goes beyond herself to show how much she cares for me. She’s always showering me with nice presents. Sometimes, I find myself wondering what on earth I did to deserve all the love and care she sends my way on a constant basis.

Number nine…

My wife loves the things I love

Of course… that’s why we are still together after all these years. The mutual interest we share in so many aspects of our lives creates this wonderful magic of a sync that is a wonder to behold if you are watching us from the outside. We play together. We go on adventures together. We prank each other. And it's all fun!

Sorry, but you won’t understand what I’m really trying to say if you haven’t experienced it.

Number ten…

My wife is not a Drama Queen

Of course, she’s smart enough to have figured out that I really detest drama queens. And so with my wife, there’s nothing like drama. Not at all. She knows how to communicate her need for my attention without necessarily throwing tantrums or being dramatic about it. I know you’re envying me now but what else can a man ask for…

And the last, but definitely not the least…

My wife doesn’t exist

Go figure.

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