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Stop Living in the Future and Embrace the Present!

What if I made the wrong decision?

This question consumes me every day. As a teenager, I was so sure of what I wanted. The man, the job, and the life. I had it all planned out. But life didn't go as planned. My path ended up with obstacles, walls, detours, and scary dark forests. All these life elements took a toll on my mind and my self-confidence. Where I once knew exactly where I was going, now the view ahead is foggy. Torn between my mind and my heart. Every decision I make is followed with self-doubt and what-ifs keeping me from committing to a single thing. The moment something blocks my progress or tests my drive, I pull back and stall. I get scared. What if this is not my path. What if I am supposed to be on a different path, doing something different? It's the same in dating and relationships. The moment I meet someone that could be good for me, I question my decision. What if there's someone better out there? What if this is not my soulmate and I never meet my soulmate because I am with the wrong person?

But, everything is as it should be. Sure we make our own decisions but in the end, we are always where we are meant to be. If there are blocks or walls stopping your progress, there is a reason. It could be because you're not supposed to be ahead just yet. Maybe there are a few more lessons to learn or specific people's lives you need to impact first. That person you are with now, maybe he is not your soulmate but maybe you are together to teach each other and help each other and hey maybe your soulmate is on his path and this is the universe's way of allowing you and your soulmate's paths to cross.

What if you made the wrong decision?

What if the wrong decisions are the bridges to bring you to the right decision?

It's okay to change your mind

Fear of missing out and not being able to commit to something stems from the mindset of not being able to change your mind down the road. Once you know that every decision you make can be changed or retracted, the anxiety about committing to something lessens. Commitment doesn't mean you're stuck with that thing forever. Committing to something means that as long as it brings positivity and peace to your life and your growth, you will commit to it. This action can be retracted as you see fit. Paths can be left and re-routed.

There will be casualties. Yes, you are right. There will always be other people that will be touched by every one of your decisions but the only person you need to be pleasing and worrying about is yourself and your own journey. The others have their own journeys to focus on. This is why I personally find it so important to try and make a positive impact in people's lives as much as you can that way when you do leave, you leave something good behind with which they can continue their journeys.

Your future is created by your present

You can think and worry about the future day and night but you need to remember that your future is created by your present. There is no way to know which is a "wrong" decision and which is not. If anything, your "wrong" decisions are the right decisions all along because you learn, you grow, you meet new people, you try new things, and move your journey forward.

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If you are spending all of your present worrying about the future, you will only prolong your destiny and your journey stuck in one spot. If you ARE going to stop and take a break from your journey, heal. Heal what you have been through, reconnect with yourself and who you are, this way you can make clear and informed decisions in the future that is true to you.

I think that the only time you could make a "wrong" decision is if you are making decisions that are meant for other people and not yourself. For example, when you doubt your choices and try to copy someone else. That's just a waste of time because you're trying to walk THEIR path, not yours.

The future does not exist

You cannot predict the future unless you're psychic I guess, but even then, the future can change based on today's actions. What you do today will shape your tomorrow. Instead of worrying about making the wrong decision, make sure every choice you make in the present fulfills a purpose true to you: personal happiness, growth, development, and healing. Shut off the noise of the world and go inward. The answers and the guidance you seek are inside of you. Only your soul knows what you truly need and seek. As long as your choices are based on the truth of your soul, it doesn't matter which way you are going because you will always be going the way you are meant to.

The future will never be set in stone. The only "time" that matters is right now as the future does not exist without this moment right now. Set your goals and make decisions that you believe will bring you closer to those goals.

There are no mistakes, only lessons and stepping stones.

Get out of your head and into your soul

© 2021 Michelle Brady

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