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How to Build Relationship in Your Married Life

Deborah is an enthusiastic fellow when it comes to marriage and relationship and like to help young couples get it right in their love life.


How to build relationship in your married life

“Therefore, will a man leave his father and mother and shall cleave to his wife and the two shall become one flesh”

Marriage was designed and ordained by God. ‘it is not good that a man should be alone, therefore, I will make him a help meet.’ God knew that there are certain basic needs in the life of a man that he cannot meet by himself, so God put the woman there to satisfy that need; and there are certain basic needs in the life of a woman, so God made the man to be available to satisfy that need.

Many marriages now have turned to mortal combat because the couple never took the time to learn about marriage.

One thing we must understand as Intending couples, couples or even singles is that relationship is the concreate to any successful pairing. If you say that you will learn about marriage when you get married, you may be making a big mistake.

Most singles have the, ’when I get to the bridge, I will cross it,’ syndrome which is dangerous for your marital journey.

Most people also think that relationship, dates, words of affirmation, giving and giving a rose is only meant for dating and courtship stage and such doesn’t matter again when they are married, but it is, and guess what? that thought is mostly common with the men. (women inclusive, but men more)

There are many ways to keep your married life fire burning and it mustn’t be done in expensive ways but heartfelt.

How to build relationship in your married life

Gift from the Heart

Gift from the Heart

Little things matter: You do not really need money to make your spouse happy. When was the last time you bought her a flower? Or when was the last time you got him a ball pen? If you are thinking it is little then let me tell you how big such gifts are.

For men: She gets home by 4pm and you know that she will surely go to the kitchen to prepare a meal for the family. Then chose one of these days and do the preparation. Set out two plates on the dining table and inside her plate place a rose and a note that says, you are as beautiful as a rose, and draw a little heart by the message. When she sees it, she will smile and your love point in her heart has increased by 5%. She will just be smiling and adoring you for the rest of that week.

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For women: You know that shoe he likes most and wears often? Place a pen inside it and stick a note around the pen with wordings like, I know you will find this pen just like you found me. Then drawn a love by the side of the words. You will see the wonders that’s works after. He will buy you things you didn’t ask for and call you often and above all, love you.

How expensive the gift is isn’t important, it is the thoughts behind it that matters.


Say it: The word I love you have been so communized that it is now a thing to appease quarrel. And on the other hand, the word ‘I love you’ is not commonly spoken between couples. Everyone is just on their own. And if some are asked when they last told their spouse that they love them, I guess they would say, ‘I love her and she knows it,’ or ‘I love him and he can see it.’ No, it is not proper. Your spouse needs to hear it from you. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh.

Don’t wait until he or she buys you a gift. Try to tell you spouse ‘I love you,’ occasionally and how much you love them.

Respect boundaries: Men are specially known to be logical beings and as such, they are always thinking. Their way to process is when they have space as most times, they feel chocked up around friends and families and need to escape to have their time of their own.

Giving a man space is one of the best things that you could do for him. And once he is out of his cave, he will come looking for you.

Asides from giving a man space, there are limits to go with your partner. Each person has boundaries that ought to be respected. Ignoring such boundaries could lead to queries and mis-understanding.

Keep the trust strong

Keep the trust strong

Keep the trust strong: Trust is one of the most important but yet the few elements that couples have. How well do you trust your partner? Can your partner trust you? It is important to keep that trust towards your partner strong. Trust gives your partner the feeling of security and the willingness not to betray or hurt you. If he or she does things they weren’t doing before, you could talk to him or her about it, not building malice, or insecurities and assuming fantasies.


Play: There is power in this action. Play is not meant for children alone. There is a fire of relationship that rekindles when you play together. As couples, when you forget your title and play together, there is attraction flowing. Couples are actually meant to play occasionally. Playing with each other takes away stressful times, clears tension, and most importantly, make you feel and know that you are with a friend.

Marriage is a journey and couples must work to get to its happy destination. Having relationship in marriage helps to attain a happy home.

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