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The signs of a cheating boyfriend exposed by real men

Signs of a cheating boyfriend are sometimes right there but you choose not to see it

The signs of a cheating boyfriend is sometimes under your nose

The signs of a cheating boyfriend is sometimes under your nose

Five signs of a cheating boyfriend

The signs of a cheating boyfriend are usually the easiest to spot among the other types. The other types comprise of the girlfriend, wife or the husband. How well someone hides the fact varies from person to person of course but generally it is the boyfriend who sticks out more. The two main reasons for this are the level of commitment in the relationship and the fact he is a male. In a relationship like a marriage the husband will still have a large commitment to his wife and family. A husband will cheat but he will less likely want to break up the home so he will really try to hide things as best he could. This is unlike a boyfriend whom typically does not have such a commitment to the relationship as a husband or a wife would. Therefore he tends to be sloppier in terms of hiding things and will be bolder as well. Since he is a male he usually lacks the high emotional intelligence which is seen in females and as a result will tend to overcompensate when he is cheating (buy you gifts etc, hide things).

In this article we try to tackle the 5 top things to look for when dealing with a potential cheater. There are a whole a lot more but these five usually occurs during infidelity. Typically if you find he is hiding anything then that is your first sign he might be cheating. This is what set males and females apart because females don't usually hide things unless they are under pressure. Guys are edgy and will start doing stuff like putting a code on their phones etc. Do you see why it is so easy to pick up on the signs of a cheating boyfriend?

Below are the top 5 signs of a cheating boyfriend in order of rankings:

  1. He displays odd phone behaviour: This is one of the major signs of a cheating boyfriend and a huge red flag of a player. Is your boyfriend always hiding his phone or keeping it out of your reach? If he says it is nothing or says he likes his privacy. Don't be fooled he has something to hide, the question is what. He may allow you to look at the phone after he has gone through it and delete everything. Why is that? Cell phones should be something that you should not have to fight to see. If this is the case then there is something he is hiding ( affair) or not being totally upfront with you about.

    Another odd behavior which you may notice is that he will increasingly not answer his phone especially on his outings. His excuses may be he forgot it home; left it in the car or battery was low. Sometimes these excuses maybe true but an increase in these things is questionable. When this occurs the cheating boyfriend usually wants uninterrupted time with his love interest. The object of his affection may not even know he has a girlfriend so he needs to hide that. He would also be reluctant to take certain calls in your presence. So keep an eye out for these signs of a cheating boyfriend.
  2. Change in his daily routine: The both of you get into a routine in meeting and spending time with each other. Now he is breaking this routine to do other things such as hang with his friends or some other new activity in which you are not involved. He will also have things he needs to take care of urgently but leaves little or no details. These are the times when he will meet with the other person he is having an affair with. A simple thing you can do is to pop up at the location where he is supposed to be. Please do not make it look like you are spying on him. Take a friend along and make it look like you casually passed by.
  3. He is caught in lies repeatedly: A cheating boyfriend usually fumbles when it comes to their whereabouts during an affair. He would tend to use a friend or friends for alibis but still there will be times of conflicting stories. In other words ask him the same question this week and next week and get two different answers. If you do not have a great memory then you need to write down the suspicious event and his answers. Look for consistency or lack thereof. Sometimes to catch the signs of a cheater you have to do some work.
  4. He will start creating arguments: If your cheating boyfriend does not have the liberty to go out as he would like or if he is afraid of being questioned. Look out for an argument and a guilt trip. Sometimes he will create an argument which doesn't make sense and walk away from you. When you call him he will say he needs space or will not answer the phone. When you ask him where he went he will say by himself to think or he was with a friend. Does this sound familiar? This is one of the oldest signs of a cheating boyfriend.
  5. High internet usage or an increase in usage: This usually is in the form of an online affair or affairs. It is very easy to talk to many ladies on the internet and try to become involved with all of them. Suppose you as a boyfriend made an attempt on 10 girls and one is a success then that is better than none. However trying at all these people take time and effort and this is why you may see your boyfriend spend increase time on the internet. The new craze now is creating multiple profiles online (living a double life). Therefore your cheating boyfriend will have one profile with you on it and his status committed and the other profile he is single and ready to mingle. Do not take his interests in the net likely because this is the new ground for all sort of stuff. Be mindful what happens out there and keep your eyes and ears open.

This just scratches the surface when dealing with the signs of a cheating boyfriend. If you see two or more of these signs being displayed then you need to investigate further. For more information of signs of a cheating boyfriend you can visit This website contains a wealth of resources dealing with cheating and infidelity as a whole.


Jennifer grice on June 24, 2015:

I think he is cheating cause he's always starting arguments with me for no reason and saying he hates my family all the time everything I do for him is never good enough)

kimdiscovery on June 01, 2015:

Do you think your boyfriend or husband is cheating on you? Let the country's best female PIs help you get to the bottom of it. We are shooting a new pilot for and are looking to help. Please email for further details.

LethimGo on December 21, 2014:

Julie, You should never stay with a man out of spite. You will hurt yourself far worse than him. Its easy to want to keep the man around so the other woman won't win and so you can keep him miserable. But remember he will leave when he's ready. Maybe he's using you for security (of not being lonely), sex, help with the bills, whatever. All your making his miserable is doing is endearing him to the other woman he is cheating with. Once she puts in years with him and decides she wants him all to himself now and gives him an ultimatum, he is going to leave you. Think about it you will be giving him hell and she will be there supporting him the whole time. It's easy for her to support him bc she has the BEST of him while you get the scraps that are left, so he is going to weigh her over you.

Then you're going to feel used and abandoned. When you get the upper hand and find out that he IS cheating and you know you don't take him seriously and don't want to fix it, then you should use it to your advantage and cut it off BEFORE he develops certain feelings for his other woman. Chances are when you let go and he goes to her she is going to see ALL of him and they wont be as compatible as they THINK they are. But if you HOLD ONTO HIM for any reason and she is STILL IN THE PICTURE, he is falling more and more in love with her.

Whether you plan to make him miserable or not will not matter. NOTHING YOU DO WILL BE RIGHT because he has his eyes set on her. You're just a safety cushion for him until he realizes he can't live without her.

Why give him that gift? Dump his butt and let him take his miserable butt to her so she can put up with his nasty moods and insults, and he can see that she isn't all she's cracked up to be.

Let him compare the two of you BEFORE you destroy your image in his eyes.

Good luck.

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Jamey Dalton on August 29, 2014:

I know something is up with my bf of ten years he's always saying he hates me now and can't stand me then goes to his room and get on the computer for hours and hours always just a game he's playing he says and he is always accusing me of cheating calls me whore all the time then the next day loves me I sleep on couch and he has a bedroom to himself so how do I get over this and move on I gave ten years away to this jerk Dave Koan (aka) Hyte :(

megh on August 10, 2014:

want to real boyf rfiend

leonte Lewis on July 26, 2014:

I would. Like to no about. My husband. Leonte Lewis

miakitty on April 27, 2014:

ladies, come on now. Don't act dumb. You know what you know. If your gut says it might be happening and you're normally a pretty logical, in tune person. Then guess what? BINGO! You're gut is your best friend too in this situation as well. If you have issues and don't trust men as far as you can throw them due to previous bad relationships with cheating guys. If it is a pattern you picking same type men. well....probably you need time off from relationships til you fix your jaded heart and pick better guys. Not doing this is walking yourself into a war zone you could have avoided but you think your ok. No need to rest up and assess things honestly before moving onto the next guy who will end up doing same thing. Your radar is up going in. You probably deep down feel this is all you deserve from men. And maybe it is. Sometimes we control the path the relationship will take. It's weird how it happens and sometimes we never see that we actually steered our relationship right into the betrayal/heartbreak zone yet AGAIN. Then there's those guys who once a cheater always a cheater usually. They will swoop you off your feet quickly. Totally be to you "the one". And once hooked then he will show true colors. You can be the nicest person. You can have sex with your man daily. If he IS A CHEATER then HE IS A CHEATER. Some men JUST ARE! Not your fault It's not cuz your buttsbigger than last year.

nobody on January 26, 2014:

My boyfriend is 5 for 5 on this one. I'm waiting for our relationship to implode

everyman on June 01, 2013:

i'm sorry but the first one is ridiculous i have nothing to hide never have actually always been a loyal man but my phone is my phone why should a partner need to look through it i split with my first long term girlfriend because she kept going through my surprise surprise there was nothing but looking through a blokes phone suggests you dont trust him and that isn't right

ashleigh on April 30, 2013:

I'm starting to wander if everything my husband is telling me is lie I have no one to talk to about it

lynn on April 13, 2013:

my boyfriend was working constantly out of state declaring his love but cheating with anything that moved him

sylvia stark on February 03, 2013:

my boyfreind pete dodge of sandiego ca is a repeated liar and cheater he fits the profile to a tee watch out girls hes a bad liar

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