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The Psychology of Love

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what's the meaning of love

Philosophers consider the word love to be a word that is not related to something realistic or real. However, love since the time of the ancient Greeks has been a pillar of basic philosophy. Many philosophical theories have emerged that consider loving a physical phenomenon that expresses the animal's genetic desire for human behavior. Another assertion is that love is a spiritual substance that elevates human beings and raises them to the level of divinity, as the philosopher Aristotle described love as being two bodies and one soul.

Love can be defined idiomatically as the strong feeling of admiration that a person feels towards one of his friends or relatives or towards something, and the most common definition of love is the feeling of admiration for another adult and being romantically attracted to him.

All the historical facts that sought to justify and explain love are absolutely insufficient because all the characteristics of love can be explained and translated by science, but love itself cannot be explained, and some of the characteristics of love are not common and mutual between all lovers as the nature of personal love is different.


The psychology of love

Many studies have been conducted on love and how it occurs, including the study conducted by a research team led by scientist Helen Fisher in 2005 AD, where this team made images using functional magnetic resonance technology for the brains of a group of university students, as scientists allowed these students to see pictures of their colleagues at the university and photograph them using fMRI technology, and then re-imagining them again after seeing pictures of a person they love, and this process was performed on approximately 2,500 students, and it was noted in the pictures that when the student saw the person.

The one he loves, his brain becomes more active in areas rich in dopamine, which is also called the feel-good neurotransmitter, and two areas of the brain showed activity in fMRI scans, the caudate nucleus, a region associated with By discovering and predicting rewards and integrating sensory experiences with an individual's social behavior, the ventral tegmental area, an area associated with pleasure, focused attention, and reward stimuli.

It is worth noting that there are other chemicals that work during a person in love, namely oxytocin and vasopressin. Oxytocin is one of the feelings of attachment between couples. The hormone oxytocin is called the love hormone because it increases feelings of contentment, calmness, and security. As for the hormone vasopressin, it is associated with a long-term monogamous relationship. The difference in behavior when falling in love varies with hormones, and it is likely that these hormones will fade as the duration of the bond between the two individuals increases.

Dr. Needle, the coordinator of clinical trials at Southwest University, says: “Falling in love is associated with increased energy, decreased mental focus, sometimes sweaty palms, light-headedness, a racing heart, and many positive emotions. Dr. Daniel Amen says that the feeling of love is part of the reward system in the brain, and Dr. Elizabeth Keen agrees, who says that the brain supports this feeling and causes a physiological response when you are attracted to someone.

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Types of love

The concept of love has been defined in many forms and types throughout ancient philosophical history, where the types of love are distinguished from each other by different forms of desires and emotions that accompany each of these forms, and with the presence of different types of love, it is natural that some types of love are good for a person and his health, and others may be harmful to it, and it is worth noting that Western culture is based on four main types of love, which were taken from the ancient Greek culture and each type was named with a specific Greek word, and these types can be mentioned as follows:

Eros: The love of Eros is related to sexual, emotional, or temptations love, and this love is related to desires, as a person loves another person because of his sexual attractiveness and temptations, and this type of love can cause great joy in the form of joy in It leads to a person's heart being broken due to its incompleteness.

Philia: Philia's love is the love of friends and colleagues, and this type of love can also be generated in the event that lovers stay with each other for long periods, and this love can be called brotherly love, and Philia's love is useful for health, as it helps reduce stress. Also, people who have philia may have fewer medical visits and lasting positive feelings.

Storge: Storge is the love of parents for their children, as it is described as the most natural type of love, as it is unconditional emotional love, fathers do not look to their children to know whether they deserve love or not, for example, mothers continue to love their own children, no matter what bad behavior they may do that none of their friends or spouses will be able to forgive them for.

Agape: The love of Agape is the love of the human race in general, as the person tends to sympathize with all human beings and forgive them and forgive their transgressions, and it is a love that is beneficial to health as it reduces the anger of people, and increases the feeling of happiness and contentment.

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