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The five love languages,which one speaks to you?

Love is you and me.


Gifts are great.



When you think of a person who likes gifts, we automatically think they may be materialistic However, gifts don't have to cost a lot of money, they can also be home made. It's the thought and care that goes into a gift that the person values. If your a person who loves little tokens of appreciation or gifts from your loved one,then you may fit into this category A gift is something that is tangible and it can also hold sentimental value. It's not about the amount of money spent on the gift but the thought behind the gift. The act of someone taking the time out to actually think of you and pay attention to what you like and present you with it. Small tokens of appreciation are always accepted from someone whose love language translates to gifts.

Lend a hand


Acts of service

Some people would like and act of service in the form of you to taking out the trash cooking them a meal, or washing the car. Any type of service that will take a load off their everyday lives. If your mate is always asking for favors big or small then they may fit into this category. Listen carefully to their conversation, are they asking you to cook them their favorite home cooked meal? Or maybe for you to run errands for them, pick up their dry cleaning or anything else they may need. This could be the way they perceive love and the way they need love shown to them to feel it. Make their bed for them in the morning so they don't have to, is a great way to show this kind of person you care.

A touch can heal


Physical Touch

If your significant other speaks this language of love,they may often want to be shown love by actual affection. Hugs, kisses,and cuddles are often on the agenda for a person who loves physical touch. Also,a back rub or foot rub can be greatly appreciated as well. Hugs are therapeutic so it's something to be said for a person who wants physical touch over anything else. They say when babies are born, they need to be held so they can connect or they will have failure to thrive.Touch is important,and it's also one of our five senses,so maybe a person who speaks this love language feels best when their being touched. Give your significant other a hug or a touch of the hand to show them that you care.

Say it.

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Words of Affirmation

Words of affirmation are positive things we say to our loved one to let them know we care. You could be holding some information in but your loved one needs to hear that they have done a good job, or they are loved. Words mean so much to this person and they want to hear them constantly. Tell your significant other how nice they look, compliments can go a long way if this is their love language. It's important to speak to your loved one in a calm tone and to make sure they are listening so they can receive the affirmation. Affirmations can be given for any reason,but sometimes we may forget to say positive things to our mate. Try to be mindful that your words mean the world to your sweetie.

Time well spent.


Quality time

This kind of person wants your undivided attention. They want to spend as much time with you as possible.and they want to know your thinking of them. Give this person your time and make sure that when you are with them, the time is spent focusing on them. They appreciate that the most.Plan something nice to do for the person this will show them they were thought of.Also, make sure the day is about connecting with them and making them feel special. Make sure during conversations your listening to the person and not making it about you. Give them a listening ear and time to vent if need be. A long intimate walk, just shooting the breeze and sharing life experiences can go a long way with a person that speaks the love language of quality time.


Love languages combined.

All of these aspects combined are important when your with someone you care about. However, depending on the person there will be languages that speak to them more than the others. Find out what your love language is for yourself so that you can educate your partner on what you like and dislike. It's important to know yourself first and then incorporate your partners wants and needs next. Leading by example can always help a relationship to flourish. You can work on all these things a little throughout your relationship and also paying a little more attention to what speaks to you as well as your partner.

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