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Cute and Romantic Love Letter Examples for Your Girlfriend

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Love Letter Example Number One:


I've been waiting to say all this to you—and even more—for a long time. It might surprise you that I am writing to you; but sometimes when there is too much to say, it's better to write than to speak.

We have a very special relationship. We both know—without ever needing to say so—how in love we are. We’ve accepted it, without feeling the need to express anything poetically or melodramatically.

But now I want to try: Like a sparkling crystal vase, you are delicate, fragile and precious to me. I get lost in your dark, deep eyes that look so beautiful against your fair skin. I love to be close to you and I want you to feel the same about me.

I remember the first time I met you. It was one of the best moments of my life, and I thank God for giving me such a moment. When I saw you, you seemed like a tiny angel, but also a quiet woman. You seemed to be having the same difficulties in life that I was having then. Something out of this world, some force of attraction, gave me the courage to approach you. I couldn't understand it then, but I am glad that I took the chance and spoke to you.

I couldn't understand why you were so special to me. But the time we spent together was so enchanting that each moment without you felt like a small forever. It was so hard to focus on my work, to keep myself from dropping it all and rushing to you. Sometimes when I couldn't bear your absence, I would call you up, half-afraid that you would be angry with me for disturbing you.

And there was something else about you: even though you weren’t one of those naturally sociable people, you told me everything about yourself: your home, your family, your feelings and your work. I was your emotional support, and I seemed to occupy a unique and special place in your heart. When you told me your griefs and sorrows and cried into my chest, it seemed I could make you feel safe and secure by being close to you. I felt so happy and proud to give you this support and comfort.

And somewhere along the way, I myself opened up without even realizing it, and soon when anything made me happy or sad, I couldn't wait to share it with you. We slowly developed a deep love, and eventually we both knew it. It was so enchanting, and it completely pulled us in.

I am madly in love with you, my petite, delicate darling. I get lost in you, and I am happy. I love every moment I spend with you: our long walks under the sunshine and the moonlight, under the clouds of my world, and the soothing gaze of the stars.

I love the most special lady in the world...

Sweetheart, I love you.

Write Your Own Love Letter

You can write your own letter and make it even better than this. It will be cuter and more romantic because it will be about two special people: her and you.

  • Write it in your own words on nice plain heavy paper (like cardstock).
  • Talk like yourself. Don't talk like anyone else. Use simple language, even just: "You make me happy. Thinking about you makes me smile. Seeing you is the best part of the day."
  • Say something sincere. If you don't know what words to use, you can just say, "I wanted to tell you what you mean to me, but I didn't have any words for it. I love you more than I can say."
  • Talk about the times when you think about her, even just: "I think about you when I leave for work on the morning. I think about you on the train. I think about you when I check my email."
  • Tell her what you hope the two of you can do in the future. Even just: "I want to walk with you by the lake and look at the ducks. I want to take you to the circus."
  • Tell her something that is special about her. Does she have any quirks, like sitting a certain way, eating certain foods, or singing? Even the boring things are good to say, because they are about her and you.
  • Remind her of something she did for you, a time you had together, a strength she has, or a strength you found in yourself because of the relationship.
  • Longer isn't better. Once you've said what you need to say, you can stop.
  • Tell her you love her.
  • Copy it over and take out any mistakes, because she may read this letter over and over, and keep it a long time--maybe forever.

Still need more examples? Here they are: short, sweet, and poetic; long and dreamy; or just short and sweet. Take what you need and start writing.

Love Letter Example Number Two:

You are more beautiful than sunshine, more precious than gold. You are sweeter than candy and more lovely than the moon. You are exquisite and delightful, special and unique. And what’s most astounding of all, you want to be with me.

I love you.

Love Letter Example Number Three:

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I wanted to write you a love letter. I know it’s a little silly but I thought I’d try anyway. It’s just that I feel so much when I’m with you that I wanted to straighten it all out, to try to put it in words, just so you know how I feel about you. You do know how I feel about you, don’t you? I hope you do.

Well, I was trying to write this love letter, and it kept on coming out all wrong. I wasn’t saying what I really wanted to say and it seemed like the words were all empty.

So this is all I have. I hope it’s enough, because it was the best I could do, and I know you deserve more than it because you deserve every good thing and if I could give you everything then I would. I would give you the moon. I’d give you a river. I’d give you sunlight. I’d give you starlight. If I knew it would make you happy, I would roam the earth endlessly searching for the most perfect gift to give you. You know I’d do anything to make you happy, don’t you? I hope you do.

I can't see you right now but I can picture how you are. I see your hair and the way it falls on your shoulders, the way you smile and how you look right before you laugh. I can hear your laugh. I can almost remember everything, and if I try hard enough I can almost recreate you right here on this page, but it isn't enough. It's never enough. I want to be next to you right now. I want to look at our hands against each other. I want you to tell me everything about everything. I don’t want you to hold anything back. I know it's dangerous to talk like this, but I mean it.

I think I could spend a thousand years trying to write down how much you mean to me, and I still wouldn't get close. I'd still be so far away from everything that you are. I still remember a time when we were sitting next to each other and I was afraid to look into your eyes for too long, because I'd forget what I was saying and get distracted by how beautiful you are. I would lose myself.

I can feel you close to me even though you're far away. Please believe me when I say I love you. I love you I love you I love you.

Love Letter Example Number 4:

You are everything that is good in my life. I don’t know where I’d be without you, and I don’t want to know. Sarah, I love you.

I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close.

— Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets


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shanaya on May 03, 2016:

These letters are really romantic and give a common template which can be used by anyone. Similarly a person can use the same letter to copy to the girls in his life without swapping the details. We come across this type of males everyday in our life who loves truely, deeply and madly to several girls at the same time.

Noah on February 24, 2016:

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I love you 내가 더 제일 사랑해♡

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jouffer on December 25, 2012:

this is a very romantic letter.....(((((;

jouffer on December 25, 2012:

this is a very romantic letter.....(((((;

Amoary Medy on November 20, 2012:

I couldn't understand why you were so special to me. But the time we spent together was so enchanting that each moment without you is like epoch. I only know how difficult it was for me to restrain myself from rushing to you and to concentrate on my work. In fact, whenever this tension had reached the crescendo, I called you up half-afraid that you would be angry over my disturbing you during work.

There was something else about you, though you were not readily sociable types. Yet you seemed to tell me everything about you, your home, family, your feelings and work. I was your emotional support and seemed to occupy a unique and special place in your heart. When you cried out your griefs and sorrows into my bosom, the feeling of my being close to you, engulfing you in my arms seemed to make you feel safe and secure. I felt extremely happy and proud to give you this support and comfort.

And somewhere along the way, I opened up without even realizing so and anything that made me happy or sad, I couldn't wait to share it with you. We both knew it when we slowly developed this deep and intellectual love. It was so enchanting and it completely pulled us into this whirling center.

It gives me a great pride to show the world how madly I am in love with you my petite delicate darling. I am immensely satisfied that I love a girl who makes me lose myself in her. My cherished moments are our long walks under the sunshine and the moonlit, under the clouds of my world with you and the soothing gaze of the stars. I'm madly in love with a girl who completely amalgamates herself with me. I love the way she sparkles at my achievements, and the sheer delight that creeps through her when she is swept of her feet. I love that most special lady in the world... Oh! I love you, my sweet heart.

Mohammed on October 20, 2012:

You will be happy that you read this all the way through!

Amir on October 11, 2012:

really very nice letter of love but how can feel and have true love in his heart, hope success for every two lovers :), thanks

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