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The Wish List Challenge Follow Up

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how do I actually do the wish list challenge?

Same wish list time. Same wish list channel. If you remember the old 1960 Batman television show, you'll remember those old shoes. I want to follow up publication I made about three weeks ago, the WishList challenge. A friend of mine had her husband give her a blank piece of paper with the words wish list on it. She asked, how many wishes do you think I should do? And he said 1000 2000. So she started coming up with requests for the grandchildren with her husband, and they came up with the idea of making a wish list. She mentioned it to me, and I thought well that is interesting, so I took a blank piece of paper and handed it to my wife. I talked about all of that in the blog shared here called the WishList challenge.

You'll find a link to that at the end of the article. But I want to follow up with what happened next to the number of people have emailed me and said, hey, how do I do the wish list challenge? Now there are many ways the first way is the way my friend and her family did. You have a family meeting you get together to share ideas about 1000 thousand or 2000 wish list items. That comprises the wish list. You then simply start crossing items off that list. The other way is that way my wife and I did, which is we turned our Saturday night date night into the wish list night. We sat down and had a nice dinner relaxing comfortable and took her to let us compare. The thing that was interesting for me was the number of items we had in common. We agreed that the items in common were just "accepted." were accepted. The other items we had that were not the same, we discussed. We took those and said all right. We want to make short-term and long-term goals. The short term goals we want to start working on right away. Then while working on the short-term goals, we want to talk about how we were going to accomplish the long-term goal. Some of our long-term goals included things like a hot air balloon ride that was mine. I wanted to do that since I was a little kid, and my wife said well if you've tried to do it that long we should certainly do it now. My wife's biggest dream is to go traveling internationally. I traveled for many years for work and travel to many different countries, but life is only to five countries, so she wants to see a few more.

In our initial conversation, we came up with some short-term goals and some long term goals. The intent was to work on the short term goals all week and talk about the longer-term gals while we were working on the short term goals.

Short Term and Long Term Goals

Short Term

  • Do yoga together
  • Cook more meals together
  • Join the data challenge program

Long Term

  • Travel internationally
  • Travel more around the US
  • Ride in a hot air balloon

I shortened the two lists a little as some of the longer-term items take a bit more explanation than I have space and time to cover. The first one, do yoga together, is something we have talked about doing for years. We just never, as my father always used to say got, "a Round Tuit." He had circular cardboard cut out that said Tuit in the middle. He had a Round, Tuit!

The other two are ones that were new but old. Cooking together is something we've done in the past, but never as a consistent part of our time. We made Hummus and Moussaka for date night a few nights ago. The last thing was something my wife found, a fun set of a couple of activities that we could do together.

As we did our first yoga exercises, we started talking about the longer-term goals. That was our agreement that we would talk about the long term while doing the short term. We also talked about longer-term goals while we were making dinner for date night.

My wife asked my daughter, who is interested in Calligraphy, if she would take our list and make a wish list book. (she did, see the picture). That way, you can always reference which wishes you have done, and which ones you haven't. Plus, it just looks cool!

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To end today, I wanted to talk about time. It took us about 40 minutes to generate our lists, and then sit down and combine them. So the investment in time was not a lot. My daughter and wife spent more time creating the pretty new Wish List Book than we did making our lists in the first place.

Remember, you don't have to do this with your spouse. The challenge can work with sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, or friends. Anyone with whom you wish to spend quality time.

Plus, I call it a shampoo challenge, once you are done just like shampoo rinse and repeat!

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Wish list book closed and ready to add more wishes!


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