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Ladies Maintaining a Relationship


From the Beginning

In the beginning more like the infatuation stage. When he meets you he wants to and will do whatever it takes to get you. He’s charming he says everything that you can think a man would say to make you laugh or put a smile on your face. If your a mother with children he loves children even if he doesn’t have any children or even if he may have only one child. I mean he could have an army of children. But he’s so concerned and curious about you and yours. Heck he even wants to buy them a puppy!

Pass the Infatuation Stage

By now you’re out of the infatuation stage. Your dating and things are good. He’s still has you #1 on his radar. And your his Queen! You have to take that at heart and know how to love him. Sometime your not always interested in sex or going out especially if you have children and work. You still have to find time to show him love and make him feel that’s he’s your King. And always remember what you won’t do another women will real quick. And you can do your all and sometimes men don’t see that and feel that he’s not getting some attention. He’s like a young children he wants his attention to or he’s going to have a fit! Yeap I said it men pitch fits too. Why are we arguing what are you mad about? Then you have to love your man and find time for him. But at the same time he has to know and understand that your not ignoring him. And give him some opportunities to help with the children. See what’s going on let him know if your on your period. And hope he understands. And if somethings not working for you tell him. He’s let his self go or doesn’t take a bath. Are he’s not doing what he use to do. Even if there’s some ED going on and your giving it your all for him and your not getting anything out of it. And he expect you to jump on board. Honesty is hard but I’m some cases its a must.
Hopefully this helps someone faced with issues they are embarrassed to express to their partner.

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