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The Value of Appreciation in a Romantic Relationship

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Have you ever thought about the value of appreciation in a relationship? Saying "thank you" to your lover is important in maintaining your relationship.

Appreciation is the recognition of good attributes, strengths, and actions. How cherished do you feel when you are around your partner? Do they take notice of you? Do you feel like you have to work hard to get their attention? Do they notice the sacrifices you make for them?

When I am appreciated, I tend to have more enthusiasm for doing more things for the sake of our relationship. In fact, when I am angry about something and my partner starts by appreciating me for something I did or said, I find great comfort in that.

I used to take him for granted because of being busy with work or enjoying my movies. He respectfully pointed this out to me and I realized my mistake. I wrote down everything I was grateful for about him. I had so much to thank and appreciate him for. So, even if he holds the door for me, I have to reward him with a smile and a thank you. We are enjoying more peace and less negativity in our relationship as a result.

The Importance of Appreciation

I have noticed couples who have strong, lasting relationships appreciate each other a lot. They even make public declarations of their appreciation.

Relationships fulfill your innate need for attention, and showing appreciation is one way to pay attention to your partner.

Also, since relationships often involve sacrificing some of your dreams, preferences, or friendships, appreciation involves showing your partner gratitude for all they have done for your sake.

Relationships should be a safe place where someone feels appreciated and loved.

However, some people have certain expectations in relationships whereby they think they deserve to be given certain things or be treated in a particular way.

Thus, they don't appreciate it because they expect it. But, no human being owes you anything, so it is good to appreciate your partner despite the expectations.

How cherished do you feel when you are around your partner? How cherished does your partner feel when you are around you?

Also, be with someone who returns your appreciation in the same measure. You will not know happiness if you spend your life with someone who is always tearing you down, whether in private or in public. If your partner doesn't seem to appreciate your presence and you have tried to communicate this yet they do not change, they are not worth it.

You are worthy, and the person you consider your partner should be the first person to ascertain this. It's peaceful to be with someone who celebrates your presence instead of merely tolerating it.

Consequences of Lack of Appreciation

Lack of appreciation can be depicted when; they don't spend time with you, they do not say thank you, they only seem to notice you when they need sex or money, and they are so good at seeing your weaknesses but seem blind to your goodness.

In short, your partner doesn't seem to notice the sacrifices you make for them. Or don't notice what they have done for you.

Relationships can be heaven or hell depending on how you treat each other. If one partner is taken for granted, it will be a miserable relationship.

Relationshipsps where one partner feels unappreciated, do not last. They create a loophole because the unappreciated partner will look for appreciation elsewhere. Or they might crumble at the slightest appreciation they get from someone else.

Taking your partner for granted is an easy habit to slip into. It leads to arguments, resentment, and loss of interest in the relationship.

Do you feel lonely in your relationship? A lack of appreciation is the reason you feel lonely in your relationship. If you have already made it a life long commitment and said some vows, the effect can be worse. But if you haven't yet, it's not too late. If they don't appreciate you now, get prepared to be taken for granted for the rest of your lives together.

Someone who appreciates you will spend time with you, show concern for you when you are going through a rough patch emotionally or physically. they appreciate your presence in their life by being with you despite their busy schedule. You feel confident, safe, trusted, and loved in the relationship.

How to Show Appreciation for Your Lover

Do they defend you or join the others when you are being mocked by his family or friends? Do they show through actions or words that they are grateful for what you have done for them? Do you appreciate your partner?

You can do so in many ways depending on your interests and personalities. See the following examples of how to appreciate your partner.

Declare your love and thankfulness daily.

Start and end every day with a declaration of appreciation and love. Take a few minutes a day to express your appreciation for what they did today. It’s best to do this very early in the morning so that you are the first person to appreciate your partner before someone else does. Even being grateful for small kindnesses like when they serve you a plate of food is important.

Give thoughtful gifts you know they'll like.

Surprise your partner with a gift such as a card, flower, their favorite book, a date, or something you know your partner likes. It is the thought behind the gift that will make your partner feel appreciated. Even if it’s a simple thing like giving your partner a hand in the kitchen or turning off the phone to give them undivided attention.

Spend time together.

Giving your partner undivided attention is a gift because you cannot be with them all the time at the expense of meeting other responsibilities. Therefore, always make time for your partner. If you have a job or children, show your partner appreciation by spending quality time with them. Also, avoid being too demanding of your partner’s time and understand or share responsibilities so that you can be together alone.

Compliment your partner frequently.

Be someone who makes your partner feel good about himself. Don't just notice the wrong things they do, also compliment them when they show you love in their own way, or they do something nice for you. Also, compliment how they look, smell, or when they accomplish their goals.

Be sensitive to your partner's thoughts and feelings.

When you and your partner have a conflict perhaps in the lifestyle choice, spending, or friendships, never leave the differences between you two unresolved. Find a solution, and be respectful of your partner. Be sensitive to one another and find an amicable solution. Your partner is likely to trust you more after being honest with them through a tough disagreement instead of holding resentment. Don’t make your differences an excuse for not seeing their benefit in your life. Celebrate with them when they win, and always be there when they need support.

If you haven't been showing your partner appreciation, start now and see improve the quality of your relationship. Is there anything you can thank your partner for? There has to be. Start by thanking them for being with you. They could have chosen not to.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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