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The Truth About Affairs the Real Reason Why They Cheat!

Ssssshhh! She's got a Secret!

Love Marriage Infidelity

Love Marriage Infidelity

So much advice on the Internet. Why he cheats, why she has a one night stand and can they ever get over it? There are too many so called experts out there who decide that in their wisdom they are trying to help you.

Marriage guidance? Yes that's a great idea, sit down and chat for an hour with a complete stranger, after a few sessions you can work it out, and go onto have a wonderful marriage. What a crock!

I have even seen articles that state, 'My marriage is so much better now he has had an affair'!

Are you sure? Who is kidding who? Are you telling me that you can look at your husband, or wife, and categorically say that yes all is forgiven?

You want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but?

Read on!

Let's Get One Thing Out of the Way First Shall We?

Women have affairs for different reasons to men!

Now let's debunk this stupid idea for a start. Who came up with that idea? A man? Yes, I thought so.

And I can tell you why. Men want to believe that their women could not possibly have an affair purely for the physical side of the relationship.

According to guys women have to be loved, cherished and totally number one in their eyes and if that falls flat then the woman will turn to comfort from someone else.

Why do they believe this? It's because men think they are the physical embodiment of sexual Adonis Syndrome. Only they can love unconditionally and still cheat. They believe that they can separate the two feelings and keep them apart.

Love the wife. Have an affair. Simple as that.

Well let me tell you, that's not purely a man's domain.

Let's break that myth now. Throw it down the pan. Yes. Women can feel the same way too!

Sorry to burst your bubble guys!

Why did you think any different? Pride? Oh dear!

An innocent night out? Maybe.

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Okay There Are Many Reasons For Affairs But..

At the end of the day whatever the reason, they have still cheated. To be fair, if someone is in a relationship that is slowly unraveling then an affair can be a cry for help. But this counts for the guys as well as the girls.

If your partner doesn't get near you, goes out all the time with their friends and treats you badly of course you will want to find comfort somewhere else. That much is obvious. We would all do it wouldn't we? If we had the chance and the confidence we would be out that door trying to find someone who would tell us we are still attractive, make us feel like a real woman. Or man.

But this isn't about those circumstances. We are talking about a strong marriage, a happy family life with two kids, a dog, and a cat that always curls up on your lap in the evening while the TV is on and the dinner is cooking.

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