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The Life of a a Single Father

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A single Dad helping his daughter with homework

A single Dad helping his daughter with homework

Single fathers go through alot. I understand single mothers have also their equal share of challenges but as we all know; most women have talent to multitask so they have no much problem as single dads. You see, single fathers are not wired to multitask the same way as single mothers.

Indeed, this makes the life of a single dad a complicated one. A side from your normal responsibility to fend for your kids which you opted to remain with or the mother left them with you after that separation, you also have an obligation of ensuring that their personal well-being is catered for. I mean after work, you don’t just relax on the coach and wait for someone to bring you some kind of refreshment as you go through the dailies or catch news on the TV. Instead, you go straight to house chores, wash utensils, do the cooking, prepare children for the following days schooling.

You also don’t have the luxuries of a bachelor like coming with a female visitor to your house. Otherwise you could be a bad role model to your children.

You may have found yourself in this situation either out of your own volitions or by circumstances. However, your kids come first and you have no otherwise but to practice a jerk of all trades profession. In any way, you find it better that way than live with that quarrelling, lazy, nagging and troubles wife who used to give you no peace in your own house.

Besides, you are proud of your children, they are the people who make sense in your life anyway and you can do everything just to ensure they are leading a good life.

You have to sacrifice for them, including being at home earlier than usual most of the days. As much as you may have some errands or activities including job extensions, you have to cancel them for the sake of your kids.

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As much as you have to prepare supper for them and prepare them for the following days activities including washing and ironing their uniforms, you are also needed to take them through their home-works. This is made worse by the competency based curriculum which requires parents to work hand in hand with their children on matters related to homework.

But this is life and you have to press on with it, your circumstances not withstanding…

You may need to bring in another mama to make life easier for you but where are women nowadays? A lot of women are not keen on marriage nowadays. It is even more cumbersome for you to get someone who will accept you plus your kids.

Whenever they hear you mentioning about being a single father, their imagination is that you must be a wife batterer or you could be having a big weakness, otherwise, your wife couldn’t have left you.

There are very few who can understand otherwise, that you could have separated or even divorced due to irreconcilable differences or that the reason leading to that separation could of her own making.

The women who get interested in you are only after your money and two days after knowing each other, you hear sentiments like “babe I haven’t paid my rent” . The scrip appears to be the same for subsequent women out there. If it is not saloon money, it is some kind of emergency.

After losing a colossal amount of money on women whose only business is “eating fare” you decide to concentrate on your kids.

You decide to focus on God and wait for him to give you the right partner. One who will not only accept you but also your kids on equal measure. One who will be different than the baby mama.

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