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The Reasons to Fall in Love

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An Old Concept Running For Decades

We often hear the phrase " opposites attract" in the discussions about love and relationship. However, this is a myth that is being said randomly. Humans naturally get attracted to those who are different from them in some cases. But, that doesn't necessarily mean that they need to be the opposite. Research says people are attracted to those who have the same views and values as themselves. The attraction between heart forms because of common choices.

Touching hands shows the affection

Touching hands shows the affection

Do Opposites Attract Each Other In Relationship Cases?

The concept of " opposites attract " functions for magnets, not for the human mind. Yes, the opposite body or gender gets attracted to each other because of physical needs. But, different mindset, distracts each other and can't stay together. If choices differ, lifestyle differs, culture mismatches, vision towards life becomes different, then people either leave each other or start to compromise to hold the relationship outside that is already dead inside. Nobody likes to sacrifice their own needs or choices after a certain time. In a compromised relationship, when one person dominates, another one becomes a victim. If you ask them "are you happy together "? The reply will be "NO". Because they struggle to be together day and night. On the other side, if things are more common between two people, they can easily interact on common subjects, hold their old habits and liking without any effort. In short, there remains no space for compromising or adjustments as both are part of the same boat automatically.

The Initial Signs Of Attraction

Love is the oldest emotion of creatures that led to reproduction. When we meet someone attractive and charming according to our love map, our body starts showing its signs. We get excited, our heartbeats become a little faster, our body starts producing some hormones that make us feel warm, happy for an unknown cause. These bodily signs occur automatically at an initial level when we start liking someone or get attracted to a person romantically.

The Stages Of Romantic Love

Love is a heavenly feeling and that is pure when people first experience it in their adolescents period. The taste of romantic love begins then. Experts are still trying to find out more prominent causes behind romantic attraction. This powerful emotion is of a few types, we can say. These are infatuation, intimacy, and engagement. Due to hormonal changes in the body in the adolescence period, teenagers start to develop the ability to feel romantic attraction. Being attracted to someone is all about physical or even sexual interest. We call it often infatuation. It triggers, the desire to touch, hold or kiss the person we are infatuated with. This strange attraction even makes people feel nervous and excited at the same time when they are near to the person they like romantically. The next phase is intimacy. This special bond forms when two people develop high trust and faith between them. They share their feelings, thoughts, daily lifestyle details or secret things of life that they can't share with anybody else. It often happens in a boyfriend or girlfriend relationship, when they feel secure, understood spending time with each other. After that, the last phase comes in the picture, which is engagement. This happens when the two people decide to stay together in all phases of their life. However, this type of love usually happens at an early age. Because young minds always develop pure feelings. But in later days, when we grow up and become more matured experiencing a lot of ups and downs of life, the time makes us more cautious and skeptical to start any new romantic relationship.

Love requires spending time together

Love requires spending time together

The Game Of Mind And Brain

Our actions are restricted by the physical objects around us. What we are able to see or touch, we can make changes into them. However, all of our activities are controlled by our thoughts. Unless it's a reflex action, we first think, create a plan of action before beginning any task. Many things we do just from our need or for situational pressure. But, we don't like them to perform. Besides, there are also a couple of cases, that we refuse to accept in our life, just because of circumstantial need, even when those cases we like most to do. Here comes the game that always directs our thought process to make the decision that could be beneficial for our future. Still, our mind wants to stay attached or connected with some people, hobbies, etc in search of mental peace. We feel good from inside when we come close to some people or interact with them. Likewise, we become happy when we get involved with the old hobbies that we often sacrifice in the name of being practical. This game between our brain and mind is complex though.

Emotion Control In Love

Over emotion can also damage life. The human being is an emotional creature. They can suddenly take a lot of important decisions instantly, just getting emotion-driven. Is that correct? NO of course. Because, under the influence of emotion, people forget logic and run by their sentiment. Under various situations, we lose our basic sense and drastically take a decision. This is not right always. After getting back to the normal state of mind, we realize our mistakes facing the consequences of our doing. So, we should not allow our emotions to control our motion of life, always. Even if we do, we need to rethink twice before going ahead with our decision. So, we should also need to be cautious before jumping into a love relationship.

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Final Statement

This is so wrong to think, that just because of being the opposite gender, anybody can attract anyone from a different gender. There are a lot of other factors like mental attachment, behavioral style or compatibility, that influence this attraction. Mental attachment happens due to a similar mindset or the same views towards life. So the society that still holds this old belief, should stop mixing up humans with the magnet. Love affection is a very spontaneous thing of human life and still mistic by its nature.

What Do You Think About Pure Love?

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