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The Real Public Enemy No. 1

Many of my hubs originate from my teenage years and those past twenty. Some pieces were funny. Some were sad,.Some were down right scary.

Satan is behind such irritants.

Satan is behind such irritants.

Drip . . . .drip . . .drip. . . . .

People like this: Al Capone, John Dillinger, Dutch Schlutz, Bonnie and Clyde, Jesse and Frank James, and Billy, the kid, have been designated as criminals, lawbreakers, and outlaws. Some overly-righteous writers refer to them as "the scourge of society." And some experts who study people refer to these folks as having inflated ego's and bullying. I am not going to go that far by agreeing with the overly-righteous line, because if you understand the term, 'absolute,' which means the outlaws were not one-hundred-percent evil or were they completely good. We can get ourselves in hot water by throwing the absolute term around.

Some of these lawbreakers did in fact, help some folks during their crime sprees. But the invested novelists shy away from elaborating on this thought. I do know that according to history, Bonnie and Clyde as well as Jesse and Frank James did rob their share of banks, but didn't bother the people who just happened to be in the bank they were fleecing. The Bad Depression did strange things to different people.

I would have included Jack,,The Ripper, but this criminal was way too gory to fit my style. Today in 2022, some conspiracy-mongers believe that Ripper was never arrested. I do not like arguing, but I can say that Scotland Yard is still in search of this evil individual.

Now to give you a surprise that will shock you. Even bring you to laughter. Not that many tears though. I am apprehensive in telling you the source inside my headline, who is the real Public Enemy No. 1. I hope that you can relate. I am talking about that awful, annoying dripping faucet. There's probably more of these irritants than you would believe. Why do I write about this? Because I can relate because my wife and I had a dripping faucet when we first married.

At first, as we dozed-off to sleep, we would smile and hold hands when we would hear the dripping. It was almost fitting to being the beat to some of our popular music Ieven tapped my right hand on my right knee to play along. What untold fun that belongs to newlyweds.

But as time went by and we grew into our marriage which accompanied the heavy responsibilities of working at jobs, paying bills, cleaning our home and just adjusting to each other and our different nuances, which by the way, is work. Some times hard work. To you single folks who are even dating, can never realize what a nuance is unless you tie the knot.

Drip . . . . .drip . . . .drip. . .

the sound that took us to being playful and not cursing the dripping, began to grind on the nerves. Not at much, but little by little. The dripping many times put me in mind of the awful Chinese Water Torture. And the more dripping, the more unease would visit us in bed every night. Needless to share, this was very trying.

In another comparison, when a couple has a new baby, a dripping faucet can cause the most-understanding, patient suddenly changes to a bellowing entity that causes fear to surface in the live of the other marriage partner. Don't laugh. Some of you have dealt with this aggravating dripping of that faucet that the Devil had planted in your home while you were at work.

I cannot think of another source of causing a person the trouble of this depth. When weeks rolled into months, even our lovie dovie conversations and pet names suddenly disappeared. Took the train We soon learned that something needed fixing. Then there comes another test: which married partner should fix the dripping faucet?

"Why don't you just replace that little rubber washer in the faucet?" My wife would ask. Then severely beg.

"Ohhh, now. Just go to sleep and we will get used to it," I would try hoping to discourage me from proving to her that I am in no way, mechanically-inclined.

Before too many days, both of us would go to sleep arguing and get up arguing. Meals were very quiet. Very seldom did we give each other a kiss before heading to work. And yes, I have been sleepy at my work that I dreamed of going to the men's room and catch a needed-nap. But with the fact that if I were caught meant being fired, kept me as alert and kept working the very best that I could muster.

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Leaky faucets can hurt most married couples.

Leaky faucets can hurt most married couples.

Then came the evening when I rolled into our home and when I opened our front door, I just frozen. Something was definitely wrong. My wife was in the kitchen preparing our evening meal and I spied that I could see a smile on her pretty face. I almost cried because I was so happy to see a non-angry wife and no dripping faucet.

"Uhhh, hun. How much did we have to pay the handyman to fix that leaky faucet?" I said very smugly.

My wife stopped working on our meal and just glared.
"Fifteen-cents! That was the cost of the rubber washer that goes in the flow area of the faucet," she said very expertly.

"No drip . . .drip . . .drip . . .?" I asked slowly.

"No drip . . .drip . . . .drip!" she said very softly.

My wife fixed the faucet. Remember that I said that I wasn't mechanically-inclined.

But what were we to do when both of us just lay in our bed and stared at the ceiling because we had grown use to falling asleep to the dripping faucet.

So to you married folks (the husbands) who have or now facing the trouble of a dripping faucet, just let me say: . . .shut your mouth and hand your genius-of-a-wife Fifteen Cents.

You will avoid a whole lot of unneeded trouble.

Don't you just "love" this?

Don't you just "love" this?

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