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The Old Saturn Vue


The Old Saturn Vue

Back in 2005 is where many of my favorite memories and old stories come from. I was thirteen then and I spent most of my time with my best friends Miranda and Megan. It was common for us to stay the night at each other’s houses but one particular night has always stuck out in my mind.

As I sat in the study at my home, doing school work with Megan and Miranda. my mind often wandered. As I was half heartily of reading my English homework I suddenly got this wonderful idea. After we finish our school work we should each ask our mom's if tonight we can have a sleepover. Megan agreed and said that Miranda's house was the best place to sleepover because they had the best food. With our eyes intently upon Miranda she jumped up and exclaimed she would go and ask my mom right then. Miranda’s mom wasn’t far away either, every Thursday our mom's and their sister's came over to my house to play and do school while our mothers visited in the sitting room. With Miranda in the other room talking to her mom, Megan and I waited anxiously in the study for what seemed like an eternity. Megan reminded me that if Miranda's mom agreed then Megan's sisters would have to stay the night too. Their mom's won't let them have friends over unless their sister can have friends over too. I tried to encourage Megan by telling her that the sisters were usually good to keep to themselves when we all stayed over. A few moments later Miranda opened the library door and behind her were all three of our mothers. Dayna, Miranda’s mom, told us we could stay but Megan’s sisters would be coming as well and since my mom had to pick up my dad that night and Megan’s mom had to work soon we would all have to cram into Dayna's.

After our school work was finished and I had packed the things I needed and loaned a few things to Megan, since this was a last minuet sleepover, it was now time to get us all into the Saturn Vue. Miranda’s parents drove a red Saturn Vue with rainbow flames on both sides. It could seat five but today it was going to have to seat eight. With our stuff in the trunk and Dayna and Megan’s sister Lauren in the front seats it was time for me, Miranda and her sister Meredith, Megan and her other sister Melanie to all fit in three seats in the back. We left the trunk reserved for their dad who we would be picking up on our way. After much debating, and whining from Melanie, we decided to have Megan, Miranda, and Meredith sit in the actual seats and since Melanie was the smallest she would squeeze in between two of them. I, however, took the task of sitting in the floorboard. It was easy for me to get into the floorboard but Miranda had a hard time trying to put her feet around me without stepping on me. She eventually managed to get situated and we were finally off to pick up her dad and then head to Miranda’s house. The ride was fairly eventful because every time Miranda’s mom even thought she saw a cop she shouted at me to duck my head and for Melanie to lean back into the chair; she was always nervous like that.

It wasn’t long before Miranda and Meredith were at each others throats, as many sisters do. There was rarely a car ride with them that didn’t involve some sort of biting, scratching, and screaming. Their mom began shouting at them to settle down but the only thing that settles them down is was when somebody wins the fight. Meredith as usual won, this time by giving Miranda a blood drawing claw to the arm. Megan and I highly regretted putting them next to each other when determining the seating arrangements. Me more than her since I was at Miranda’s feet during the battle. The rest of the ride went fairly smooth after the fight but I was becoming quite restless. Miranda lived half an hour from my house plus picking up her dad and my feet were going numb. At last, with dad in the trunk, the car finally came to a stop and it was time to escape the cage the Saturn had become. After Miranda managed to safely climb over me I realized I couldn’t stand up. They all began to laugh as I leaned back and rolled head first onto the drive way. I was so tired I just stood up laughing. That was one of many rides we all had in that old Saturn and someday that car would become Meredith’s and then she would be the one driving Miranda and I. Shortly after that night Megan moved away but I think that has made these memories all the more dear to our hearts.

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