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The Ladyboy


On the 12th August 2008 I wrote and published an article entitled 'The World of the Kathoey and Ladyboy'. It is quite a popular article and up to the middle of November 2010 it has recieved something in the order of 13,000 visitors. Why bother to write an article about a Ladyboy in the first place you might ask? I wrote it because some of my friends are Kathoey or Ladyboys and people just fail to understand just what it is all about.

Do a Google search for 'Ladyboy' and your first few pages, with one or two notable exceptions, are entries to do with smut and porn. I know that this does play a part, and often an unfortunate part, in the life of many Ladyboys but it is not the be all and end all.

My article 'The World of the Kathoey and Ladyboy' seeks to redress this wrong. To right the misconceptions, to explain what it is all about and yet my article is penalised because it includes that word... 'Ladyboy' (This article is penalised too for exactly the same reason...use of a word). What other words am I expected to use? Shemale perhaps? Don't do a Google search on that word. It may shock your socks off. Transexual may be a better choice but it is not the word that most people are familiar with and of those some further confusion creeps in. No, 'Ladyboy' it is. This is the correct and inoffensive word to use. Yet Hubpages tell me "Google has instructed us not to................ on Hubs with certain sensitive keywords, and "ladyboy" is one of them."

Read my article. Comment if you find anything that is insensitive, anything pornographic, anything that disgusts you. I have tried to explain the truth, to educate, to explain, to teach and not to shock or titillate. I have written because I owe it to my friends.

In Hubpages themselves you are initially given the opportunity to place your new hub into various categories before you write it. For this I chose 'Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender → Transgender Issues'. These were the Hubpage choice of categories, not mine, but appeared to be the best ones in which to place this Hub.



During my travels I have seen a number of transexuals but never really had anything to do with one till Manila in the Philippines.

I smiled as I passed this rather striking looking girl in Robinson's Shopping Mall. The smile was returned and ten seconds or so later she was on my arm. My hotel did not supply towels and so she helped locate one and negotiate purchase. Her name was Jane. It did not take me very long to realise that Jane was a Ladyboy. My defences went up and probably quite rightly too because Jane earned her living as a prostitute. We had a coffee together and talked at length. I learned a lot about her and her life. We became friends, not lovers, just friends.

Jane was in her early twenties and had previously had quite a steady job in a 7/11 type store. Even then she had supplemented her income through prostitution. The streets of Manila are a hard place to live. Jane found a small child abandoned in the street. Believe me they are not infrequent there. Jane took her home and cared for her. Fed her, dressed her. Jane loved her and Jane was doing what she wanted to do because Jane was a woman, a woman trapped inside a man's body. Jane later took in another two children, older ones, who she taught to beg, to duck and dive, to work the streets. Jane gave up her shop work for full time prostitution and she and the kids worked as a team. When Jane had no clients the kids fed her and she fed them when she did.

Jane and I ate together once every day and sometimes we took the youngest child out to eat and to the cinema. Jane did periodically make passes at me but was firmly put off. Jane fell in love with me and I loved her too but in a different sort of way. I know I missed her when I was not in Manila and sought her out when I returned. In the end I never saw her again. I don't know what happened. Life is cheap on the streets.

There were others too, in Manila, in Thailand and other parts of Asia. Once I got over the hang up of people staring at me with a Ladyboy on my arm, or on each arm, a process of understanding took place. It is this understanding I try to convey in my article. I want people to understand. These are people exactly the same as you and I but they are neither Man nor Woman. They are the Third Sex. The Ladyboy.



Peter Dickinson (author) from South East Asia on February 07, 2011:

johnnymission - Thank you for your comment. I am pleased you found it interesting.

johnnymission from Oakland, CA on February 07, 2011:

What an interesting hub!

Thanks for the info.

Peter Dickinson (author) from South East Asia on December 13, 2010:

dragonrainsd13 - Thank you.

dragonrainsd13 from missoula, MT on December 13, 2010:

Hmm frankly i have to agree with Jharasoriano. Cuz it is truly the truth. :P

jharasoriano from Philippines on December 10, 2010:

I totally agree with everything you said here, Peter. Not because I belong to the third society, but it's just the TRUTH. =)

Peter Dickinson (author) from South East Asia on December 01, 2010:

Hello, hello, - It is ridiculous to say it doesn't exist naturally. I half guess that the person has strong religious views and sadly that seems to interfere with logical perception of the obvious.

Hello, hello, from London, UK on December 01, 2010:

I wish one of the fellow hubbers would speak to you. That person swears blind it doesn't exist naturally but either by choice, habit or wanted too. Writes in the greatest disgust about them. As if they are not abused by society enough. I am not but my father spoke about it and told us not to look down on them.

hafeezrm from Pakistan on November 29, 2010:

Very Informative and moving hub. Also a new type or category. Peter Dickinson has a well diversified portfolio of hubs.

This hub draws attention of the readers to the plight of this special class. In this background, role of Peter has been very human and should have brought some relief to the bleeding soul.

The world is cruel to this type. If one of them is well-to-do, one can go for gender re-assignment surgery. While it is risky, it does not solve the problem which still be lurking like leading normal life, acceptance by society or opposite gender. This may bring more disappointment than before.

Peter Dickinson (author) from South East Asia on November 27, 2010:

Thank you dawnM - I do write about a host of other things too, usually zoo related so they will not be banned, I hope. It is possible though because there are a lot of anti-zoo people and I have had my posts removed on some Facebook groups where the moderator did not agree with my point of view. Good luck to you too.

Dawn Michael from THOUSAND OAKS on November 27, 2010:

Hi Peter Dickson, I am going to read your fist hub, but I did want to comment on this one and yes I do know what transgender is and in fact some transgender people have the genes of the opposite sex that they were born with. Some scientists had equated it to a testosterone bath in the mother’s uterus when it was suppose to be an estrogen bath, so yes they are a man born as a woman or vice versa. Bottom line they are human beings and what sadness fills my heart to have to be born into the wrong body. There are many people all over the world that are living like this. I believe that I read an article that in the Middle East where they do not accept homosexuality but they do accept transsexuals and provide the operation for a sex change, I found this to be so interesting.

As far as hubpages goes with the sexual screening, I love writing for them but I have had my own share of problems. being a marriage counselor with a specialty in sexology, my topics are on sex/sexual dysfunction in marriage, I just had two articles pulled and I was put on probation for talking about how to improve sex in marriage, and I was told the it was pornographic, which boiled my mind considering that I was talking about two married people and helping to improve their sex life and to save their marriage.. I can publish hubs but they now have to be monitored, so I refuse to write anymore until the ban is lifted and will be writing over at squeedo for the mean time. Great informative hub and I hope that you continue to shed light on this subject. Best of luck

Peter Dickinson (author) from South East Asia on November 25, 2010:

Jesse - I can only imagine that this is a case of man against moral machine. Sometimes one is worse than the other and sometimes vice versa. It could be there are more than one of each. It is a puzzle.

Peter Dickinson (author) from South East Asia on November 25, 2010:

DREAM ON - Thank you. I agree. Who are we to judge others badly if they are not doing harm to others.

TravelinAsia from Thailand/Southeast Asia on November 24, 2010:

Peter, another interesting note about the way hubpages disables google ads, I published a hub titled "the myths versus the reality of sex tourism and prostitution in Thailand". I believe you read it and offered comments.

Well this hub was nominated for a hubnuggets award, and shortly after the nomination the previously disabled ads had been activated again, then shortly after the voting for the hubnuggest award, they have since been disabled?

Is this not interesting? How can this be? How hypocritical?

DREAM ON on November 24, 2010:

You have seen so many places.Your stories are always interesting.It is hard to see people struggle for the simple neccesities in life.People are sometimes born into a situation that is beyond there control.If a ladyboy is a nice person thats the way she should be judged.

Peter Dickinson (author) from South East Asia on November 24, 2010:

Thanks Jesse. Yes I have seen the ads you refer to and worse. It is all rather odd. I may be comfortable in the company of a friend who is a ladyboy but I much prefer to be with a real woman. Never been turned on by a ladyboy...quite the opposite.

TravelinAsia from Thailand/Southeast Asia on November 24, 2010:


Great hub, it is certainly dissapointing that hubpages disables ads on these kind of hubs (as you know I have written many myself). It is a little ironic, that I can see active google ads in my articles about travel in Thailand and restaurant reviews, for a company that goes by the name "Bangkok Girl Massage".

Now I checked out their website, and I found that they offer to deliver girls to your hotel room, for an apparent massage (prices range from 1500-3000THB. The price being 5-10 times more than an average massage, even in a 5 star hotel? This seems to suggest that google is running advertisements for a prostitution ring? I wonder if they know? I wonder if they care?

It is just another example of how hypocritical these kind of big businesses can be. I am not as comfortable with ladyboys as you are, but I think there is nothing wrong with your article. Thank you for the info!



Peter Dickinson (author) from South East Asia on November 24, 2010:

Thanks justom. You are so right. People are people.

justom from 41042 on November 24, 2010:

Good for you man, people are people. I remember in my late teens there was a mostly gay bar that my friend and I went to to hear local bands. I met some real nice folks there and once you set them straight (no pun intended) on who you are there were no problems. Live and let live! As for hub pages they make little sense on the way they handle things. You're supposed to be 18 to use it yet they treat us like children. The base is San Francisco, one of the craziest places I've been in the U.S., you'd think they would be more understanding. Great hub, Peace!! Tom

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