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The Kiss That Never Happened


This film is endearing to everyone that has seen it and that includes me. However, there is something that caught my attention over thirty years ago and I have asked the question ever since to whomever would listen and received little feedback.

This question concerns the kiss, or kisses that never really happened. I have written to Hollywood experts and never received responses. Maybe by putting it out there on Hubs for the world to see, I can finally put this question to rest.

The first kiss took place on-board ship while the couple was halfway up the stairs leading to the upper deck. You could only see their legs. You knew they were kissing by the way Deborah's left leg raised up off the floor. That portrays a very sensual moment for me and I thought it did well for the first supposed kissing scene.


The second time was on the outer deck in the evening with the stars overhead and romance in the air. They danced and stared into each other's eyes and their lips consistently moved toward each other with each moment becoming more tender than the one before.

But, just as they started to kiss, Cary's lips dove into the softness of her neck.


Then, there is this one where he is oh, so close to kissing her. There lips are no more than an inch apart and they stay fixed in this position for several seconds and she puts her finger in front of his lips. Now, I am thinking that she is just old fashioned and the film is leading us on and the further we get into this romance the more gratifying their kisses will become.

Was I ever wrong? The plot thickens as the film moves into its final stages and there has yet to be an actual kiss on screen. Now, do not be confused with the Hollywood censors that put certain criteria out there for actors and directors to live by. There was plenty of onscreen kissing in this era of films. I have the videos to prove it. Yes, there lips are locked together at every camera angle and as sure as I am writing this Hub, those lips in all those many films did in fact touch and for extended periods of time.


Finally, comes the piece de resistance. He approaches the crippled Kerr on the couch in the film ending scene. They look at each other. Their lips come within millimeters of each other and they hold that pose for what seems an eternity and suddenly, her head darts to the left and into his ear followed by a far away look that initially means she finally got her man. But, what it probably means is that this film is finally over and I do not have to pretend any longer.

I am here to tell you people that there was something going on behind the scenes in that movie. What kind of romantic film never produces a kiss? And, this is one of the all-time greats according to film aficionados. I beg you to find a photo of these two with their lips together anywhere on the Internet during this filming.

One of them had bad breath, or they were feuding , or they flat did not like each other. It has been so obvious to me that I have waged a campaign for many years to find the truth. Just watch the film again and again and you will soon be like me, wondering how this fiasco got by everyone. It is so obvious and so ludicrous as I watch. The final scene is almost laughable.

Funny thing, I love this film! I just can not make this question I have go away.


WILLIAM EVANS (author) from GARLAND, TEXAS on April 23, 2013:

Yes, I knew that about Clark. However, I have only heard the opposite about Cary and remain confused with this non-kissing romantic film.

Karen Robiscoe from California on April 23, 2013:

very interesting! I love the modern day version: Sleepless in Seattle, and now I am going to make sure Meg and Tom kiss!

Tangent: I read a biography of GWTW once, and apparently Clark Gable had horrid breath--reprehensible hygiene & full dentures even as a young star--so yuck. No wonder Scarlett went back to Tara...;)

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