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The Extinction and Revival of Love Letters: Love Notes and Romance for Human Compassion 1

Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

In the 21st century, the advent of modern communication technology gradually deteriorates the uniqueness of the human beings in the aesthetic soul and spirit of human compassion. This demeans the art and beauty of human soul as the classics of love are now extinct artifacts of the “generation x” by the product on modern inventions and technologies. For them the idea love and compassion is embedded by the crude writing, language, fad and fashion by the eclectic unusual of modern culture that could not decipher by the baby boom influences that actions far different from the matured hippies of the past.

The human compassion and romance is longer exciting as the egocentric and Freudian life which destroys this crude physiological influence that need to be rejuvenated just the classic songs of the past now revived in the heart and soul of the young. We should now find ways to teach them the good things we knew in the past as human compassion and love. It may be very different now but if we revive just life the melancholic and classic music maybe we can start to praise an enlightened love notes and romance for the younger generation to learn the classic master of love letters that we usually wrote for our love ones. I hope that we can share them the loving excitement that we experienced in the past… We let them remember that the past was full of happiness, excitement and compassion by the allegory of our own Adonis and Venus of our time.

Savior would like to share important insights on the revival of love letters for the next generation to appreciate the human compassion from this wonderful world we live in. This love notes and romance dedicates to imprint the wonderful side of writing love letter specially the teenagers and the young men and women to finally voice out the natural feelings about love. The world now is so dull, emotionless, boring, impassive and expressionless when the freedom of love has been express simply by using the technological gadget and sexual desires a the by-product of the degenerating technologies that detach the meaning of genuine love.

The love letters provide the amusing phenomenological experience that relates in the natural world.

1. The love letter expresses the inner dimension of the heart and soul who is profoundly in-love with someone as he is being attracted by the physical appearance as the first stage of attraction followed by the conformed observations of acceptable attitude on the feminine outlook.

2. The love letter shows the inside thought as an expression of compassionate interest to positively response in the inner energy of love for them to experience a unique love affair in their own world.

3. The love letter encompasses a natural experience on both partners where the imaginative expression of genuine love is displayed through written emotions.

4. The love letter presents the weird physical reactions that physiological balance is get excited on abnormal conditions such sleeplessness, numbness in appetite, irregular heartbeat and other unwarranted reactions of affection.

5. The love letter is a masterpiece on human heart and soul that uniquely displayed the genuine emotional attachments on the opposite sex. wherein we live in a perfect world.

The love letter provides us the metaphor of life where in the natural world has is role in deeply expressing oneself towards what you felt with somebody else. Let our generation reminds the young men and women to finally appreciate the love letters as a series of expressed love notes and romance for human compassion is presented in savior’s articles to hubpages…


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