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The Curse of "Friendzone" and How to Get Out of It


The friend zone.

The friendzone is a very clear concept, nowadays, thanks to movies and social media. If you are a shy person, or a "nice guy" or you want the other person like you desperately and willing to do anything in order to do so and wonder why others don't see as boyfriend/girlfriend material, well I have a news for you, you are the resident of a mythical place called the friendzone.

If you fall in above described situation more than once, you could be a permanent resident or perhaps royalty of the friendzone. Once you are in it, its very tough if not impossible to get out.

There is no need to worry though, here are few tips to leave this cursed land, slowly but surely.


How to Know You are in Friendzone

  • First of all you have to find out, are you in a friendzone? Here's how.
  • Your are treated as a bestie,
  • Your "friend" discusses other girls/guys with you and ask your opinion.
  • They want someone just like you (but not you).
  • They need you after every breakup or emotional trauma.
  • You are always there for him/her.
  • You will help them with every task and chore.
  • You agree to everything they say, even though you don't.
  • Every time you drop a hint about going out, they just laugh and ignore.
  • You are afraid to lose him/her if you are more direct.

The Way Out

  • Once you have realized that you have inhabited the friendzone, an exit can be planned.
  • The longer you have stayed as friends more work it will take you to get out.
  • Even if the worst case scenario of losing friend occur, don't worry and count it as a lesson learned.
  • Know your worth, you matter in every type of relationship. If you stop being selfless and show some self importance, people will respond and give you importance.
  • Plan a few gaps in meetings. Just make an excuse and stop regular meetings. Let them miss your company.
  • Show interest in someone more handsome/beautiful/popular than your friend, to root some insecurities in them.
  • If they try to discuss their interest in other girls/guys, change the topic or signal your disgust.
  • Stop agreeing to everything and provide your honest input.
  • Change your looks, hairstyle or attire. Not dramatically but just enough to be noticeable.
  • Occasionally turn down doing a favor or performing of a chore, as having something else to do.