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The Brass Ring

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My fingertips tingle in anticipation of contact with you

The little envelope at the bottom of my screen makes me catch my breath

We see each other in passing, unable to openly show what we both know

The smiles as we pass, the joking banter…the air charged with electricity

The atmosphere heavy with unspoken words and unexplored pleasure

Creative excuses to cross paths. Desire so strong we feel like we’re wearing banners

I ask for a tour and you oblige. I try to show interest in the information you share

But all I can think of is how badly I want you to touch me

I want to throw caution to the wind and savor the sweetness

I feast my eyes on you. That Elvis grin. Your stature.

Your body exudes masculinity

All I can think is that you have a body that needs to be climbed

The time has come and I won’t be denied

My first taste of heaven. Sheer bliss in the proof that you feel as I do

Kindred souls that were meant to connect

We lock the door and circle around each other

Sparks flying before our lips even touch

Your mouth finds mine and our softness quickly turns to passion

My skin blazes from your touch and I can’t get enough

It’s like coming home to a magical place I’ve never known

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You lift and carry me, making me feel like a butterfly

Delicate and stretching my wings for the first time

This was meant to be.

The rest of the world disappears and I revel in the joy of exploring you

My bottom lip quivers with lust

You are the first and last to make my lip tremble

I graze my hand over your desire,

Feeling joyous and powerful that I am the cause

You touch me with a sweetness I've never known

Seeing myself reflected in your eyes makes me feel invincible

My heart feels safe in your hands and I give it freely

knowing the only way to grab the brass ring is with complete abandon

So I take the leap of faith, stepping over the edge

unafraid of the fall

I want to feel the things I have missed

I let myself soar...leaping for that brass ring. Jumping with reckless abandon

I put my heart in your hands, knowing you'll protect and cherish it

I trust you to keep it safe...because this is gonna be a wild ride


© 2011 L-Crist


Bella Nina from USA on December 05, 2011:

Feels like you jumped inside of my head and wrote my story. I can't believe how similar our experiences are. Beautiful and interesting. I loved it!!

L-Crist (author) from Arizona on November 24, 2011:

Thank you! :)

sam-eg from Happy Land on November 24, 2011:

awesome, beautiful, amazing, wonderful, it is just great

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