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The Bracelet


He is smiling when he gave the bracelet

I still remember  his face when he gave me that bracelet.... grinning as if something was tickling him. He said "I will give you something, you said you like anything you can wear on your wrist so here it is."
and he put it on my right wrist. Deep inside I was overwhelmed... well when you did not expect anything from someone, a simple gift without special occassion can mean a lot.. It's the thought that always count...and although I sometimes doubt his affection for me, well at least at that time, I had my moment to believe he really loved me.

But then I did not show him how happy I was.....but I made him feel I truly appreciated it,,and kiddingly asked him "why? are you sick?"    Since that night I always wear the silver bracelet with care so that it won't tarnish.... When I didn't wear it, he always asked me why I was  not wearing it, so it became my obligation to have that thing on my right wrist, and I really love wearing it, coz it made me feel somehow that I am wearing his heart....


Love gone, only the bracelet remained

Time came we parted ways..... and the bracelet remained under my care..from time to time I tried to wear it at the same wrist that he put it. But I just can't see its beauty anymore.... stains started to appear, real cost started to show.....and the worst is, it never really looks good in my wrist as it used to be.. it's not the stain, it's not the price... I guess that bracelet never really fits not only my wrist but also my personality... But because it came from the person that I used to love so much and maybe still loves at present,anything negative was replaced by beauty.....

For years that bracelet remained in my dresser. Last night while fixing my old things I saw it again, and memories poured like rain...
And I found myself trying it again at the same wrist where he let me wear it....but I don't feel sad anymore.... instead it made me smile, coz it's another reminder of my crazy and yet happy love affair, and I really thank that person somehow for all the affections I've experienced....Life with him is also a learning process....


Wearing it does not mean any lingering affection



Maria Cecilia (author) from Philippines on December 17, 2010:

Jen I have stories to tell you maybe I send you message at FB if I am not busy anymore

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DjBryle from Somewhere in the LINES of your MIND, and HOPEFULLY at the RIPPLES of your HEART. =) on December 17, 2010:

This hub made me smile, we are what we are today because of what we were in the past. Another touching hub from my miss Macel. =) God bless! Thanks for sharing!

Maria Cecilia (author) from Philippines on December 09, 2010:

HI W.E thanks for the comment, still loves but in a different level... not romantic love anymore... again thanks I appreciate it..

Website Examiner on December 09, 2010:

I like the straightforward, direct, and clear tone of this hub. It is thoughtful too, and I think others could learn from you. The only thing I had a problem with was this "...maybe still love." I don't think that one "maybe" still loves a person, with such a feeling most likely the love is gone. But maybe you will disagree. Interesting statement hub, nice work! W.E.

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