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The Biggest Mistake Men Are Still Making In 2021

Akash Panda is a blogger, entrepreneur, and writer. He is also a professional content writer who writes content for social media sites.


What if there was one error that, if corrected, could radically transform your life? Millions of men, on the other hand, make the same error again and over again without ever recognizing it. “First state to yourself what you would be, and then do what you have to do,” according to a famous quote. Every day, millions of young men receive knowledge from blog articles from a big brother, a father, or an uncle, but how many of these men put what they've learned into practice? All of you viewing right now have access to more wisdom than any previous generation, and who knows how my life would have turned out if I had these articles to read when I was younger. But the more I think about it, the more certain I am that my life would have been far better.

Every circumstance we come across in life, especially when it comes to females, is a blank canvas that we are here to shape into something. Every time we come into contact with another person, or when a female gives us that look and we opt to do nothing. We've done nothing but waste yet another opportunity. Without even realizing it, we've created a new canvas that's entirely blank. We can study everything there is to know about females, but what good will it do us if we never put what we've learned into practice?

They say that knowledge is power, but knowledge is only powerful if we have the guts to put it to use. If someone had taught me that females respond tremendously well to confident guys and not so well to unconfident men, but even after knowing this, I never actually put what I had learned into practice. Then all I'd be doing is destroying yet another canvas.

All of the world's incredibly talented guys did not achieve their status only via the acquisition of information. They became that way by first studying and then implementing what they had learned. They got to where they are by continuously taking the blank slabs of marble that life has thrown at them and shaping them into something amazing. So many guys believe that all they have to do to become handsome is learn about it and it would magically happen for them, but as most of you reading already know, this isn't the case. Now, they say that practice makes perfect, but how many guys truly put what they've learned into practice? I'll admit, from personal experience, it feels so much better to just learn about alpha males and how they act, or what girls find most attractive, and when you get out there in the real world and put what you've learned into practice, you'll feel a lot less comfortable than you do just learning about it. However, you must go out into the world and put what you've learned into practice.

Our modern society is certainly more difficult than ever before, but it isn't a physical battle in the sense that it isn't a struggle over whether or not you can stand on your feet for eight hours at work. Our world has become, more than ever before, a mental conflict or battle taking place within our minds. Ancient Stoics regarded themselves as mental fighters, and they thought that the goal of learning was to put what they had learned into practice. Every everyday struggle we encounter, whether it's getting females to notice us or, more significantly, getting to know ourselves, is a mental war.

Many of the most skilled persons in their fields did not get to where they are because of a lucky break or a random connection. They got to where they are now by learning, practicing, learning, practicing, practicing, and then practicing some more. Everything you want to achieve and everything you want to do with females is nothing more than a mental game. It's all about thought over matter in this struggle. The physical world we perceive with our eyes is made up of photons of light that are translated into real-time pictures by our brain. Everything that we perceive to be happening in the outside world is happening inside our heads.

Approximately 80% of the answer to being more beautiful and improving yourself and your life, which is the heart of what all of these films are about, is not studying what is taught in the lectures; rather, the actual learning portion is just 20% of the solution. When it comes to all of the things you learn in these lessons, the thing that will give you 80% of the outcomes is putting that information into practice in the real world. Not long ago, I spent months reading articles on how to trade the stock market every day, and although this material was certainly beneficial, the thing that I received the greatest value from was putting what I had learned into practice. Simply obtaining knowledge about something does not mean that we will be good at it. There are undoubtedly subjects in which I consider myself an expert since I know so much about these topics, but if I never apply what I've learned, then there was no sense in my studying it in the first place.

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Ask any expert surfer, and he'll tell you that the best teachers aren't the guys you meet on the beach. The most effective teachers are the massive waves that slam against you when you try to learn to surf. Going out there and putting what you've learned into practice is a whole different experience than simply studying about it. Something you guys need to realize about ladies is that they will always be seeking a man with a strong intellect. When a female says she wants a strong man, she doesn't necessarily mean a person with a lot of muscle, because we all know that a lot of people with big muscles have a weak intellect. When women say they want a strong man, what they're saying is that they want a man with a strong intellect. Men who have a strong intellect or who exercise every day developing their mind by taking the marble blocks that life tosses at them and shaping them into something are becoming increasingly rare in today's world.

Every event we come across in life, no matter how big or little, is like wood to a carpenter or a blank canvas for us to utilize to improve our minds. Unfortunately, most of the guys out there will keep these canvases blank in the year 2021, and then wonder why girls still don't find him beautiful and why, after learning everything there is to know about girls, the outcomes with girls never seem to change. Men's biggest blunder in 2021 will be doing nothing with the metaphorical marble blocks that life has thrown at them. Every day that passes is another chance for us to put what we've learned into practice.

A man who spends all day studying about something but never puts what he has learned into practice will always be considerably worse off than a man who spends no time learning but spends even a little amount of time failing and learning from experience in the real world. Even if I strive to provide you with basic pieces of information that can alter your life, the best teacher is and always will be the real world or real-world experience. “Knowledge is useless until it is put into practice,” according to a popular quote. The biggest error men will make in 2021 is being too frightened to put what they've learned into practice.

Now that summer is almost here, you realize that the best time to go out and meet some females and put what you've learned into practice is right now. You need to realize that life is a mental battleground. Mind over matter refers to the capacity to remain confident in uncertain situations and the ability to not be bothered by what others think of you. Every anxiety we have every time we want or know we should do something but don't, these are all moments when we have lost a mental fight. Even in physical confrontations, it is not always the strongest man who wins, nor is it always the one who is knocked down and gets back up. In many battles, the winner is the person who just feels he will win or who has already won the mental struggle within himself before the fight ever started.

One of the greatest pieces of advice I've ever received is a quote that you've probably heard a million times: While it's a simple saying, it's very accurate and relates to pretty much whatever we're attempting to do in our life. If I approach a gathering of people and think that they don't like me before I approach them, I will almost certainly act in a way that makes them dislike me. If I immediately assume that a girl thinks I'm unattractive, I'll make myself feel uneasy and unconfident, and then be startled when my worst fears come true. All of life, especially when it comes to the anxieties we face as men, especially when it comes to females, is a mental battle, and to win this battle, we must go out into the real world and practice what we've learned every single day because practice makes perfect, and practice makes us good at something. The only thing that will truly make us confident in putting what we've learned into practice, and not sculpting the metaphorical marble blocks that life tosses at us every day is the worst error that men will make in 2021.

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dashingscorpio from Chicago on September 15, 2021:

Frustration always comes before success.

Confidence comes from experiencing success over and over again.

If you want to learn how to swim eventually you have to get in the water!

"The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it." - W.M. Lewis

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