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The Bachelorette and Bachelor Party: Tips and Ideas

Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party

“Live For Today...Plan For Tomorrow...Party Tonight..!!!”~Unknown Author

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are meant as a time to unwind and have that one last big blowout with your girls or boys before the big day. Today bachelor and bachelorette parties have morphed into something entirely different. Although it still occurs, the typical strip club experience has given way to destination parties in places like Las Vegas or the Caribbean, going out to a sporting event, a day of golf, bowling, boy's or girl's weekend at the cottage, hiking with a picnic lunch, day at the spa, a road or camping trip, gourmet dinner with a winery tour, etc.. Also, more bachelor and bachelorette parties are being combined to create one big event for an evening of fun for the bride and groom. In this article we will explore a few ideas and tips you may want to consider if you are planning a bachelor or bachelorette party.

Groom Being Led To Bachelor Party Blindfolded

Groom Being Led To Bachelor Party Blindfolded

A Few Considerations

Drinking and X-rated activities are no longer the norm at these events. Friendship, togetherness and celebration are key. If you are planning to host a Bachelor or Bachelorette party, here are some considerations you may want to keep in mind:

-It is a good idea to have your party a few weeks before the wedding. You should at all costs avoid having it too close to the wedding day. You want to look and feel your best on your big day.

-Traditionally the best man hosted the bachelor party for the groom and the maid of honour hosted the bachelorette party. Today the respective parties are organized by all of the attendants.

-Be sure that you know the bride and groom's likes and dislikes prior to confirming any party plans. Try not to upset them with undesirable plans or activities. Just because you think skydiving is an ideal adventure the bride or groom may not share your enthusiasm. Remember, this is supposed to be a fun time for the guest of honour.

-As I have mentioned many times before, individuals that are invited to any pre-wedding parties must be on the guest list for the wedding day. This goes for anyone attending the bachelor or bachelorette party as well.

-The bride and groom should NEVER pay for any part of the party! The attendants or whomever is hosting the party are responsible for the entire cost. Make sure to set a reasonable budget so that everyone paying for the party doesn't feel overwhelmed, especially with all the other costs associated with the wedding, i.e. attire, wedding gift.

-Toasts are always a wonderful idea so be sure to include a few.

A Toast At Mario Lopez's Bachelor Party at Tao

A Toast At Mario Lopez's Bachelor Party at Tao

The Bachelorette Or Hen Party

The bachelorette or "Hen" party, is a relatively recent phenomenon. In recent years, the bachelorette concept has been gaining momentum. It has become a way for the bride and all her girls to let loose and have fun. It is an occasion filled with food, drinks and possibly some dancing. After all, why should the guys be the only ones enjoying themselves? Just remember, I know I have mentioned this many times throughout my articles but decide on a budget and stick to it. Please be mindful of those who are contributing monetarily to the party. Not everyone has the same financial resources. Also, above all else, hire a limo, take a cab or assign designated drivers if alcohol is being served at your party. You don't want any of your guests driving if they have had too much to drink. If it is just the bride and bridal party, it's probably a good idea to book a couple of hotel rooms. Better safe than sorry!

Bachelorette Invitation

Bachelorette Invitation

Bachelorette Party At Chippendales In Las Vegas

Bachelorette Party At Chippendales In Las Vegas

Helpful Tips

There are so many bachelorette party ideas and here are a few for a fun day or night out with the girls:

-Okay, so we will start off with the obvious ladies. If you want to stick to the traditional bachelorette fun, hire a limo, buy some props for the bride and guests, i.e. tiaras, boas, t-shirts etc. and head out for an evening of sheer fun at a fancy male strip club. As a guest, I have had the pleasure of being "dragged" to a couple myself and they were pretty harmless and so much fun. Just be sure that the bride is okay with it first. Once again, you don't want to embarrass the lady of the hour. Oh, and be sure to throw in a few risqué gifts for the bride.

-If the bride is a wine connoisseur, take a trip to a local winery for a tour followed by a gourmet meal.

-An evening at a comedy club is sure to be a fun night out.

-How about dinner and a movie followed by a night cap?

-If the bride is into the arts a day at the museum or an art gallery followed by a visit to a tapas bar for some delicious Spanish delights and a few tinto di veranos is sure to please. Perhaps a French bistro might be preferred.

-If the guest of honour is fond of the work of people like Andrew LLoyd Weber, perhaps an evening at the theater followed by a visit to a martini and wine bar will make for a memorable evening.

-There is no better way of bonding time with the girls as a weekend spa trip or even a day at the spa. A relaxing and tranquil environment may be just the answer.

-If the bride-to-be enjoys music, there are many options. For example, an evening at a jazz club would be fabulous. If the bride loves classical music, perhaps tickets to the symphony followed by dinner and drinks at a fancy restaurant might be perfect. Going to a concert with the bride's favourite band or singer is sure to be enjoyable.

-I think nothing is quite as elegant as an afternoon high tea affair. The bride and everyone can dress up in their finery and gloves for such a charming event. Try to choose a fabulous location like a tea house or a swanky old world hotel.

-How about some salsa or ballroom dancing? If the bride has twinkling toes, dancing might be a great idea. This can be followed by a late dinner or nightcap.

-For the sportier gals perhaps a day of golf followed by food and drinks at the clubhouse might be the ticket. It doesn't have to be golf, it could be tennis, cycling, bowling, hiking, or whatever you know the bride will love.

-Depending on the time of year and the location, a wonderful day at the beach for a picnic and some sunshine might be in order.

-Once again, if everyone can afford it, taking a trip would be fabulous. Whether you plan on flying or driving it is an excellent bonding time for the bride and her girls. You might be interested in a weekend ski trip, weekend shopping trip, hiking trip, beach resort or whatever you can dream up.

-If the bride loves to cook, how about a gourmet cooking class together?

-One of my personal favourites is having an awesome evening at home with your BFFs for some serious bonding time and walks down memory lane. First of all this is easy on the budget and a lot of fun. You can have a barbecue and drinks or whatever food you want really, perhaps snacks or finger foods will do. Also, dinner can be followed by watching everyone's favourite "chick flick". Include any other activity you think everyone will enjoy.

Bachelor Party Invitation

Bachelor Party Invitation

Bachelor Party

There was a time when bachelor parties were considered evenings of ill repute with images of inebriated males smoking cigars and playing cards while waiting for the scantily clothed maiden to pop out of the cake.......well you get the picture. This was probably the most stressful evening for the bride-to-be wondering what her future husband and his lifelong buddies were up to. After all, it was meant for the groom to enjoy his last day as a single man before he committed his life to one woman.

Thankfully, in most cases, things have changed a great deal in our modern world. Most Bachelor parties have done away with the X-rated factor and have become much more toned down. Also, there are so many more options and activities to choose from when planning a bachelor party.

Just remember a couple of things before you plan your party. First and foremost decide on a budget and stick to it. Once again, please be mindful of those who are contributing monetarily to the party. They may not be in a financial position to spend a lot of money so be considerate. Also, please remember, it is prudent to assign designated drivers if alcohol is being served at your party. You don't want any of your guests driving if they have had too much to drink.

Helpful Tips

Here are a few ideas to get your party started:

-If you belong to a circle of sports fanatics, attending a sporting event such as football, hockey, baseball, boxing, mixed martial arts, soccer game, etc., is an awesome idea. This can be followed by dinner and drinks at your favourite sports bar or pub.

-If your group prefers the actual hands on aspect of sports and not watching from the sidelines perhaps organizing a golf tournament followed by dinner and drinks at the clubhouse, is more your speed. You might also consider other sporting activities such as, baseball, bowling, basketball or paintball.

-How about planning a casino night? You can book a location, rent equipment, hire a bartender and serve a buffet or sit-down meal, (check for any licenses you may need in your area). You will also need door prizes to make it interesting. Once you figure out the total cost, print out tickets and sell them to the guests. The money collected from the tickets and from casino earnings go to the groom as a gift, (once the expenses have been paid off of course).

-If everyone can afford it, taking a trip can be amazing! Whether you plan on flying or driving it is an excellent male bonding time for the groom and his buddies. You might be interested in a weekend ski trip, camping weekend, hiking trip, beach resort or whatever you think the groom would enjoy.

-How about a weekend fishing trip at a cottage? This is definitely a guy thing and guaranteed to be a lot of fun.

-An evening at a sophisticated Gentlemen's Club might be appreciated. However, contrary to popular belief, not all grooms prefer the entertainment offered by strippers. You could be creating a very awkward situation for the groom and perhaps the guests. If you end up planning an evening out at a strip club or hiring a stripper, be sure to inform the club or the entertainment company, in advance, that they are in no way to perform acts that would embarrass the groom or certain guests. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with incorporating this type of entertainment into your party, just use your discretion. Unless you know the groom incredibly well and you are absolutely sure that he would enjoy it, I would forgo the stripper and spend your money on something the groom will undoubtedly appreciate.

-A backyard barbecue followed by a game of poker might be the perfect bachelor party for the groom and his buddies. Also, it can be fairly cost effective.

Casino Bachelor Party

Casino Bachelor Party


These are but a few tips and ideas. You can let your imagination go wild! Remember, whatever your plans are for a bachelor or bachelorette party, the most important thing is to have fun. The bride and groom work hard for a year or more to prepare for their wedding day so they really deserve a great time.


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