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The 9 Types of Female Lead in a Mills & Boon Novel

Yes, Mills & Boon, if you didn't already know, follow a formula. Though the same could be said just about any female character in Hollywood movies too.

Here are the typical types of females you'll find as the lead character in any Mills and Boon paperback:

Type 1- Cinderella: Orphaned, parents divorced, mind of her own. Life a little miserable. Wicked aunt.

Type 2- Wealthy Spoilt Playgirl: selfish, headstrong and heading for a fall.

Type 3- Independent Minded Free Spirit: Positive, outgoing, sparkling personality, humor. Independence clashes with strong willed paternal hero.

Type 4- Successful Model/Artist/Actress: Attractive, independent, used to being admired. But hero doesn’t fall for her straight away.

type 5- The Almost Equally Successful Business Woman: Slightly anti-men because of career struggle. Hero is more successful. Very attractive.

Type 6- The Waif: Not Cinderella. There’s not even an aunt.

Type 7- Heroine Who Has Lost The Love Of Her Life: Was married or engaged. No one compares. But then the hero comes along.

Type 8- Disillusioned Heroine: traumatic experience left her scarred. She is suspicious of all men. Hero has difficult job.

Type 9- Scatterbrain. Needs to be constantly rescued, reversed into hero's car.

What recent (or favorite) movies have you seen that has had female leads that fall within one of these types?

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