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The 3 Types of Love: Mind, Heart, Soul.

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Love comes in different shapes and forms and there are all kinds of love. In this hub though, I am sharing an epiphany of mine, going through my life experiences, I have come to the conclusion that no matter what type of love you share, there are 3 great loves which shape you and help you grow, and they are the Love of Mind, Love of Heart and Love of Soul.


Love of Mind.

You love the way they think, they act, they walk, talk and behave themselves. It is their mannerism that attract you in the first place, and second, you want to become them and outgrow them. This is someone that excites you mentally, someone that pushes you to think out of the box. Someone that holds an exciting conversation, but more than that, you want to learn how they think, because you value them as a smart person. You want to ‘buy’ from them everything you can, their expression, their twisted thoughts, their trickeries and conversation tactics. You aim to learn their manners, how they maintain themselves, and make their behaviors yours.

However, there is that much you can learn from someone and make it part of yourself. In time, this connection will grow weaker, as you will have absorbed from them, what you wanted in the first place, so this person does not spark any particular interest in you anymore. You know their tactics, you have outgrown their manipulation game. The interest will fade, the respect may or may not remain, but in the end, each will go their own way. This is most of the times the case with Karmics relationship.


Love of Heart.

When you love someone with your heart, you love the person they are, their character and behavior, their gentle ways and grace. Usually, their personality attracts you, but you will have to find a middle ground when it comes to making the relationship work, because you don’t think the same way and you don’t perceive many of the social norms the same way. If there is a problem, you two would come up with a zillion solutions, but all of them would be diametrically opposed, so you will have to settle in the middle, that golden middle. The love you have for this one will make you want to stay, it will make you want to settle, because you take into consideration the fact that there is never easy to find a good person, with a good heart, who cares for you, who is genuine to you, so you think you can handle the fights on which road to take, as long as you know the one sitting beside you has a golden heart that you can trust.

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The thing is, for most of us, that is the one we decide to share a life with, the trick is that deep down you think you can dominate them and it will go your way, so all will be good. For some others, a small percentage of us, we will grow bored of this relationship, we will want more and more each day. We will grow tired of being the one that leads the way, we will grow tired of fighting over stupid things or major things, at the point when we will think of the other person as less smart or weaker than us. The ‘good’ person thing, will not hold anymore, because we want the excitement, we want it all. That’s the breaking point and when it ends, if it ends, the love will fade, the gentle caring will remain, but we will go in our separate ways.

This is the case will Soulmate relationships.


Love of Soul.

You know those days when you have to get out of the house early in the morning, have a busy day at work, run some errands, meet tone of people, and just when you think you can go home, someone calls and you have to meet them too. You are longing for home, and once you are home, you just lay down, your whole body, mind and heart relaxes, you are finally at peace, finally resting, finally home. That’s what a soul love feels like. You feel like coming home.

This is the unconditional love. You just fall, you know too well you will fall in love with them, and you can’t help yourself. This is the one that excites you mentally, and whose heart is the only one you want to listen to the heartbeats of. You love their mind, you love their heart, you love all of them. This is the one you respect, you adore, you obsess over, you care a whole lot, the one you just can’t let go, and if you do, it feels like part of your soul is gone with them. Over time you find yourself thinking, this person is just like me. This is the person you forgive, the one you go back to time and time again. It does not matter what happens, in time you understand, whatever happens, whatever story unfolds, you keep loving them, and adoring them. You just know, they are yours and you are theirs, no matter which path you choose in life.

This is the case with TwinFlame relationships. It is not set in stone that you will have this person forever in your arms if it happens you find them, but it is a hell of a ride, the one we live forever and the one, that we look for all our lives, lifetime after lifetime.


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