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7 Shocking Texting Signs That Shows He Is not Interested in You


Usually when you are texting with a guy, it is easier to know if he is interested in you or not. He is asking you questions, he is responding quickly and even wants to see you soon. Other times, things may not be clear whether he is into you or he is just making fun to be with you.

Here are the signs showing that he is not interested in you.

  • His texts are lazy and boring.
  • He does not answer any question or he doesn't ask for any in return.
  • He takes hours to respond or doesn't respond at all.
  • He never texts you first.
  • He has no urgency in seeing you in person.
  • He sends you sexual texts or asks you to send him nudes before you meet him in person.
  • The phone text.

1) His texts are lazy and boring

His texts and responses are very short and you can tell that he isn't putting any effort in reading the messages that he sends to you. For example, rather than responding to the question that you have asked, he simplyresponds with a "k" or thumbs up. In other words he is not even interested in having a good conversation with you. You will feel that he is answering under obligation and not communication.

2) He does not answer any question or he doesn't ask for any in return.

We always ask questions to better know another person. In a texting conversation you might ask him what his hobbies are or his favourite food is. If he likes you, he will give you the responses to his answers and even explain to you why and then he will also respond by asking you the same questions that you asked him. For example, if a I ask a man what his favourite hobby is, he may tell me he is not sure or not interested at all. This will definitely show you that he is not interested in you.

3) He takes hours to respond or doesn't respond at all.

All of us are busy at times.We have work, school and anything can keep us busy. It's ok to take some time not to respond but, if he constantly takes hours and hours to respond and sometimes not at all, then that's a problem.

He Seems To be So Much Relaxed About You.

4) He never texts you first

Man is socialised to persue a woman first.He should ask for your number, asking you out, pursuing and coating you.Texting you is his pursuing you process. That makes sense right? If you are always texting him first, starting conversation, you might not be giving him an opportunity to text you first. Step back and get him text first to get the indicator of him pursuing you.

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5) He has no urgency in seeing you in person

A man who is romantically interested in you is going to try to move from texting you to wanting to meet you in person and spending time with you. Even though other men may be shy and find it difficult to see you in person, the man should have time and text you. A man who is interested in you will make any excuse to see you in person.

6) He sends you sexual texts or asks you to send him nudes before you meet him in person.

Let's say you meet a person online or through social media or when you were going out. The goal of a relationship minded person will be to take you on a proper date and to court you in a proper way. Now, if you are communicating and he begins to talk about sexual things, or enquires about sending him provocative photos, he is testing to see what type of a woman you are.

The wrong thing to do is to continue engaging in that conversation especially if you want a relationship. Let him know that the conversation is inappropriate and that you are not for a hook up. Just set immediate boundary and tell him you will only have a meaningful conversation with them if you agree to them. A man intending to have a relationship with you will apologise and have a meaningful conversation with you. If he suddenly disappears or ghosts you, then you will know what his intention was.

7) The phone text.

check your phone texts on the phone. The question is, are texting eachother equally? Do they appear to be even or not? If there is a huge imbalance between the two texts then you can conclude that he is not interested in you. You are the one putting a huge interest here. Take note on the number of texts that you have both completed. Count the number of text messages that you have written throughout the month or days and compare to the number of texts that he has written. As long as they have the same number of text lines, it means you are putting the same number of text investment. If let's say you have 150 lines and he has 50 lines,then there's a problem.

If you are the one always sending him a good morning messages,starting and restarting a conversation, then probably this relationship is not headed towards the right direction.

If you recognise the above signs, it means that the man isn't interested in a serious relationship. Don't dismiss the signs. Take your time.move on to a man who is more interested in you like you are to him.

Have you ever felt like a man was not interested in you and saw any of the above signs ? What sign did you see and what did you do about it?

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on March 07, 2021:

Times have really changed since I was dating. It was the dark ages with no Internet, no cell phones, etc. Ha! Your tips are undoubtedly good for the current times.

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