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Ten Types of Villagers You Are Likely to Come a Cross

Nyamweya is a columnist with a Kenyan print media.He is also a freelance writer with various online and offline media platforms

A typical village

A typical village

Once in a while, urbanites get to interact with villagers either when they flee abject poverty from the village to the city or when they go back to the village over some occasions or issues. Most of these villagers comprise of funny characters; some of whom can make you wish to return to the city as fast as possible. On the other hand, there also others who will make you want to extent your leave for another two weeks. Here are ten characters you will always find at the village.

The jealous type

These types of villagers are always jealous of your achievements. They criticize each and every of your developments and would always be hard saying that he is an illuminati member when you start building your five bedroom maisonete. They will also say how you have dried government coffers when they see you with a brado or Mercedes Benz, irrespective of whether you worked hard to achieve this success. Outwardly, they will tell how they are proud of your achievements but inwardly they will be burning with jealous.

The Welcomers

These ones are always there whenever new visitors arrive at the village. Popularly known as the welcomers, they are always first to arrive at a visitors place whenever they are at the village. They will then engage the visitors before they incessantly ask for 100 bob to solve their need. These are people who will pretend to ask why you have lost for so long or how well is your family back in the city with the intention of getting that 50 bob for supper.

The Diehard/Permanent Village Members

These ones have been at the village ever since they “completed school” at class 8. Despite them having 8 brats by now, the furthest they have ever gone is their main town center which is a few kilometers from their home. Due to their limited education, these ones have never had a connection to go to any urban center to seek for any job opportunity and thus they are relegated to the menial jobs at the village.

Husband Snatchers

Whether it is your ex-or girls who are desperate to get a husband living and working in the city, these ones will always come to “greet” the visitor from the city. However, they will ensure that their behavior, communication and even dressing is suggestive and indicative of a “wife material” who is capable to be taken to the city as a wife material.

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The Inquisitive Type

It is in our human nature to be curious. However, a faction of these villagers takes this to the extreme and fails to remember that truly, curiosity killed the cat. They tend to ask questions endlessly about life back in the city, on whether there are farms, if people leave within the city center and how comes there are phones that look like books. Some of these questions will bore you to death.

The Professional Liars

Nairobi is not the only city swelled with professional liars, alias conmen or the wakanyaris. It is not the surprise of a century to you find a fellow from the village, claiming how farming has made them wealthy at home, when in fact, they are tired of being labeled as villagers and wish to be hooked for a job at the city.

The Seclusive Ducks

These ones never wanta show off and as such, they don’t care who has come back from town or what he or she has come up with. Whoever son or daughter has come back from the city is not part of their business. They simply go on with their lives as if nothing has happened. Most of these are shy individuals with repressed characters and will keep their disappointments solely to themselves rather than bothering anybody.

The Political Analysts

There are village folks who are always interested to know the political happenings back in the city. They will always wish to ask you which way for Ruto now that the Jubilee fraternity is almost logging him out and his team. All the time they are with you, their concentration will be analyzing the political happenings around the country.

The Job Seekers

These dudes will always be coming to seek for a job from you by force. If it is a boda-boda guy, he will be at your doorstep at the wee hours of the morning, asking you to take you at your destination without even knowing whether you were planning to go out or not. Others will ask you if they can mend your fences or slash your compound for “a small fee” and their convincing power will make you end up giving them the job even if you didn’t want to.

Story tellers

Another group of villagers which I find interesting is the story tellers. These ones are talkative and are eager to narrate stories of their tribe, including ancient customs and legends. Sometimes, it is hard to differ between truthful and bogus stories from this type of village folks.

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