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Ten Reasons Why Your Wife is Right

Family is the most important group that we will belong to in this life. I love mine. Let's talk about family, ur.... read about it.


Husbands, Ten Reasons why She is Right!

I know what the men are thinking if they bothered to read past the title. I think the same way. My wife is NOT right all the time. I plead with you men, listen to the spirit of that statement, and do not get caught in the denotation.

[Also, this article assumes that our wives have flaws that we deal with regularly. This article also assumes that we are in healthy relationships where we get counseling if problems arise bigger than our emotional and psychological capacities to handle with our wives].

I spoke with my Bishop in an interview one time and he told me my wife is right. I tried to capture the meaning of what he said. My wife is wrong many times, but she is not wrong in her love for me and my family.

My wife has the best interests of my family in mind when she buys the groceries, washes the laundry, or has a different opinion. Why shouldn't we let our wives be right?


Reason One: She Said YES or I DO!

She left her family, gave up her identity, and took on your identity for the rest of her life!

In today's society, women do not need us men to take care of them as they did in the past.

We should be honored that one of God's precious daughters still willingly gives up her life to become your wife.

Women do not have to do that, but God-fearing women do it.

How would you feel if you were asked to give up your name and family to be with your wife?

She has given up a lot in just the act of saying I do.

All those times she played hard to get, we get paid back in that she gives it all up to be with us!


Reason Two: She Loves You

Marriage is not only about love, but that is what brings us together. Our wives love us because they stick around and put up with our arrogance when they have other options in today's society. Heck, she can go and marry another woman--women always understand each other better. Her love and loyalty to you is a testament to her love.

Reason Three: She is subject or Submissive to You!

I know you may laugh, but think about it. She is subject to your gas, your socks, your smacking lips when you eat, etc. She has to put up with all your flaws in all of their glory. Oh, she may nag about the same few persistent ones that drive her insane, but she keeps her lips tight on the others most of the time. Men, we forget that we have annoying habits that we inflict on our wives. We may focus on their faults, but we must recognize we have many of our own.

God commands us to love her as we love ourselves. If we do that, we will be more considerate when we pass gas or buy that sweet looking grill without her approval. They stay and subject themselves to our badness because they love our whole personality. We are lucky to have wives who love us in all our ugly.


Reason Four: She reminds you because she Cares!

If she reminds you to go easy on the salt, put the salt down! She is trying to save your life! She reminds you to eat the salad rather than the fries because she wants to enjoy a virile husband in the later years instead of an invalid! Listen to her. Call it a nagging if you will, but it means Nurturing, Altruistic, Goodness Given In Native Glory. Kidding aside, she wants you to help her want to stay. If she asks you to take out the trash, do it right then--not later. Be quick to do for her as you would want her to do for you. It makes her want to yield to you even more because she knows that you are willing to do the same for her.

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Reason Five: She loves God.

Your wife loves God who commands her to honor you. She will do her part. We make it easier for her to do her part if we love God and do our part.

She needs tenderness. God created most of his daughters to be tender. We must love her as we love ourselves.

We would not want to stifle ourselves or make ourselves feel unintelligent. That is the way God wants us to know that we should love them as ourselves. Women tend to be more spiritual than men.

Why else would God call mostly men to be prophets? The women already have open communication built into them its seems!

It is us men who need to see all these visions and do all these miracles in the name of God to believe! A God-loving woman blesses the lives of her family. We should listen to them.

Reason Six: She is Right--if you want to keep the Peace she is!

How would you like it if every time you made a decision someone came behind you and undermined it?

If she thinks it is best to shop on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, let it be! If she wants to pay some of the bills let her--especially if she is a stay-at-home mom! If she asks for a break, give it to her no matter how tired you may be when you get home.

I promise you, a God-loving wife will notice your efforts and will do everything in her power to do the same for you. If she is wrong, let her be right to keep the peace. A God-fearing woman will come around sooner than later. God knows she has done it for you!


Reason Seven: You love her

Why else did you chase her down and vanquish all her suitors so that she only had you to choose from?

Protect her feelings. Talk to her and give her the benefit of your heart always. Be her best friend.

Take to some of her interests. It will make you a better man, a kinder man and man of God.

You chose her above all others. Remember that. Treat her with all the tenderness and love that God would want you to treat her.

She is right because you love her and want to keep her happy. I promise, a God-loving woman will return the sentiment to you without hesitation.

Reason Eight: She has or is willing to have Your Kids


The Lord blesses men with children to carry on the family and entrusts us to care for them and protect them. If she is willing to take your genetic soup and carry it for nine months to produce offspring that looks like you, she is right.

Any woman willing to bear that much burden and pain from lying with us should be considered an angel. There is nothing in this life that we can do to compare to the wonder that we get from her in the form of a child.

Reason Nine: She cares for the Children

God-fearing women will stay at home with their children and care for them if they can. They will work with our salaries to make do so that they can provide the love that only a mother can to the children. Women have a natural love towards children, especially women of God. If she says you are playing too rough with the boy, she's right. At least don't do it in her presence. If she says the kids would do better at home than at school, consider it. She is the one who raises them.

Reason Ten: You are the one who Wins!

A God-loving woman will bend over backwards to honor you if they know they have your Godly support. She will follow you to the ends of the earth because she knows she can trust her opinion with you and her life with you. She knows that you will not criticize her or belittle her. In the end, you will be happy because she is happy. She will be happy because you seem happy. Your kids will be happy because they feel your happiness. No matter what the problem is, you will face it together in support of each other.

Remember, even if she is wrong, she is right for you and should be made to feel like even in error you love her enough to experience it for her sake. Do your own verse and worry about only it. If you do, you will want her to be right.


What are YOUR thoughts?

© 2012 Rodric Anthony Johnson


Rodric Anthony Johnson (author) from Surprise, Arizona on September 11, 2020:

Thanks for reading and commenting. It would be nice if you could share why you believe what you do. It would be even better if you would write a hub about it.

Syeda Batool from Pakistan on August 18, 2020:

Strongly agree with u

Edwinoel Tanglao from Los Angeles, California on July 17, 2012:

I agree with you when you say love your wife as you love yourself, Rodric29. Before I got married, I asked God in prayer if she was the right woman for me who would share with me this life as we build together a family. In my faith, I believed in everything that I vowed for to keep as God has gifted me a wife to share in our joy, sadness and hardships in life. I never thought life would be so complicated as pressures mounted in our married life, seeing our family grow, we have to face various trials and challenges in our life. Married life has been tougher than we both once thought. We could have broken up and folded many times, but it is in our faith and love in God in Jesus, and our willingness to carry our own crosses together, guided by God's mercy we have learned to forgive each other and surrender our pride, and this has helped much bind our relationship, and we both know and believe Christ Jesus was always at the center. As in Ephesians 5:25, Saint Paul exhorts us, "Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved his church and gave herself up to her," and for the wife, in Ephesians 5:22, "Wives, be subject to your own husbands, as to the Lord." Thank you for sharing this interesting hub, Rodric29. Blessings to you and your wife as we KJOH.

Rodric Anthony Johnson (author) from Surprise, Arizona on July 16, 2012:

Thanks for reading My2GreenBeans. I really do believe that love is the answer. We can know all day long and be right or we can love all lifelong and right wouldn't matter so much. I appreciate your comment.

My2GreenBeans from Tennessee on July 16, 2012:

Rodric, it is intuitive hubs that these that has me following you! You are 100% right. I work outside the home but out of necessity not desire. Thanks for the lovely hub!

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