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10 Signs a Guy is Already Married

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You are seeing this one particular guy for sometime now and he seems nice but there is just something about him that you cannot put your finger into. He seems to be secretive about certain parts of his life which makes you have doubts about his intention or worst, if he is still single.

Well, if you are not sure if he is still unattached, here are 10 signs that might help you to figure out if the guy you are seeing is already married.

1. You can't seem to get hold of him on weekends and holidays.

If the guy only meets up during weekdays but almost always never on a weekend chances are, he is already married. If weekends are totally hands-off to you, there is a big chance he is already hitched.

For most married men, weekends is the time reserved for family activities and chores. Though you may have a chance to snag him one free weekend, take that as an exception. Maybe his wife or family is out of town.

In the same manner, if you notice that your guy disappears during holidays and finds a host of excuses not to spend Christmas, New Years eve or Valentines day with you, chances are, he has a spouse to spend it with.

2. You can't call him at specific times.

If you notice that his phone is out of reach during certain times, it is another sign that he could be married. If it he is unavailable during work hours, it is understandable but offwork, if his mobile phone is off and more so if he does not give you his house number (if he has one of course), chances are, he is already married.

He would not want to get caught at home taking calls from you. Notice if his phone is unreachable during the times he is supposed to be home. At these times he cannot answer the phone.

If you are able to talk or call him while he is home but you start to notice that he answers in a low, hushed voice or he is is always in a bathroom to answer your calls, this guy is hiding something -- that he is already married!

3. He takes you to odd, non-public places.

A guy who is hiding something will try to avoid being seen with you in public places. Of course, he would not want the risk of bumping into someone who knows him.

If the guy you are seeing meets up or asks you to meet him in some discrete places in another side of town or meets only in a movie theater, he is up to something.

In relation to this, you only get to see him on a specific schedule. He does not like surprises unless he is the one who plans the surprise.

4. He never brings you to his place.

He could be making a lot of excuses not to bring you where he lives. You must understand that it all boils down to one thing - he is hiding something.

This however, is not foolproof since your guy could have another secret place where he could bring other women.

5. His social media is set to private.

He does not tell you much about his life and more so, his social media account like FaceBook, etc. He would not want anyone to find out he is already married. He can get around this and create a fake social account to lure you in and pretend he is still single.

He is also quite secretive about his life. Conversation just revolves around same issue -- you, his work, and nothing else. No talk about his family or anything close to home. That would require him to cover a lot of lies, so he would rather not talk about it.

If you feel that the guy you are dating is not really being honest with you and that he is living a double life, then it is time to break the relationship. There is no point, you are just saving yourself for a big heartbreak. Sooner or later, your relationship will end, since in the first place, it is not heading anywhere.

6. He drives a family car.

He drives a family car or a station wagon, not unless he's got multiple cars. A guy who drives a family car instead of a sedan should lit that red flash bulb at the back of your mind. Really, no single guy would want to be caught driving a family car.

Look at his car's windshield, more probably if he is already a family guy with children, he's got some stickers for a schools they are attending. Some schools require car stickers to be attached before they are allowed entry in the school grounds to park. If the guy has any of that, that is obvious sign he is already married. It might be possible he is already divorced but do not ignore it.

7. Patch on his ring finger.

If you notice a slightly lighter patch of skin in his ring finger, who knows your guy just took off his wedding ring to hide his marital status. It may not be an obvious sign but be observant of the little clues about the guy you are seeing that could give his status away.

While some married men will tell you straight that they are no longer single, others will try to lure you in by acting single and thus hide their wedding bands when they are out. It is hard to tell but it would help you a great deal to check out his ring finger.

8. He won't talk about commitment

If your guy is already married, he will avoid talking about any future plans and any commitment to be with you. He might always change the topic when it veers in that direction.

Most men who cheat on their marriage will never leave that relationship. Why would he want a headache and risk a broken home? He already has a family, but of course, you don't know that yet.

9. He only lets you meet a smell set of his friends.

If a guy is already married, he does not want to complicate things more than it already is. This means that he will avoid any possibility of you meeting close acquaintances, and more so any of his close family.

If he ever lets you meet his friends, it would be with his friends already aware of his philandering ways. Do not be mislead. He will choose to keep you a secret if he could. Do not even imagine of being introduced to his parents.

10. You catch him lying too often.

If you feel that a guy is not really being honest with you either because of his many excuses and lies then it is time to cut him out of your life. You deserve a man who knows your worth and who respects you. Stop wasting your time with an unavailable man.

A married man will most likely prioritize his family over you. He will never commit or even if he says he will, always take it with a grain of salt.

The best option is to end the relationship as soon as you can. There is no point in staying relationship with false promises which will sooner or later end in a heartbreak.

Always remember that if a married guy cheats with you, he will do the same to you when he finds a new prospect. Treat yourself with respect and be free to find a single man you deserve instead of pinning for a married man's divided attention.

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Shan Moore (author) from Philippines on July 22, 2012:

Hi Mellonyy. Thanks for finding this hub interesting. It helps to find out early on if the one you're dating is already married as it would save you from more headaches (or heartaches) later on.

Mellonyy on July 22, 2012:

Interesting hub! I look forward to reading your work!Voted up and shared!

MamaBambie from Dallas on July 15, 2012:

#2 second paragraph "he lis often whispers" Not sure what you meant to put here.

#4 You need to fix "ffom" to "from"

"Save yourself ffom a big heartbreak"

Very interesting. Voted up.

Shan Moore (author) from Philippines on July 15, 2012:

Hi there! Thanks!

Mary from From the land of Chocolate Chips,and all other things sweet. on July 14, 2012:

I have known so many women that date men like this,so many red flags but they still stay great hub voted up.