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6 Signs Of A Cheating Partner That You Must Notice.

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6 signs of a cheating partner that you must know

A man or a woman will cheat on his spouse in some ways or the other. But again, how do you know or tell about the tale tale signs of a cheat?

  • They are always suspicious.
  • They are cautious about their phones.
  • Body language tells it all.
  • They make up lies.
  • Pretend to be very loving.
  • Social media zombie.

1) They are always suspicious

Even before you ask them what they are up to, A suspicious partner will literally inform you that they are cheating on you right under their noses. The way they look at you when you enquire about what they do, what they were up to or where they have been, they will not give you a straight answer. Instead, some will give you answers that don't even add up to what you inquire about. For example, if you asked your partner, ”where have you been the whole day?” And their answer is ” I was just around or why do you want to know? Or, are you spying on me? Or, Why do you ask?” That is being suspicious. They will dodge the conversation not to signal you the truth.

2) They are cautious about their phones

The phone is meant for communications. Have you noticed how your partner answers their phone calls? If he or she used to answer the phone calls next to you but then suddenly changes how it is answered, be keen to see the signs. If in case he or she answers the phone outside the house when it rings or locks themselves in a room to call, then you better watch out for these actions. Another sign is that their phones suddenly go on silent and flight mode when you are with them.

Others will even place their phones facing downwards whenever they are charging or when they are not using the phones. Covering the phone using a pillow or the throw pillows away from you. Check on how they react whenever you pass by when they are holding their phones. Tilting it away from you whenever you go around them is also another sign that they are cheating on you.

3) Body language tells it all.

The body communicates a lot about the human mind and emotions. Be keen on how your partner behaves around you when they are holding their phones. When he or she receives a message and their facial expressions change with smiles and brightened faces, this can communicate to you. I am not saying that every received message smiled at means that they are cheating on you. It has to be a specific one. Reading the text while moving or swinging their legs sideways as they smile can also indicate that someone is in communication with your partner.

4) They make up lies.

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A Cheating partner will tell you lots of lies so that they can meet with their significant other party.Telling a lie about where they had been or where they are going to can also be a red indication that they are hiding something from you. We all need to be transparent with our partners. Lies about staying late at work or in town after meeting friends should not be a reason for pretence. If they call to inform you about it, then it is well and good. If not a single explanation comes from them added with a switched off phone, watch out for these.


5) Pretend to be very loving

After cheating on you, they will tend to pretend to be very loving and caring. This comes with the inner guilt that is felt after doing wrong to you. Others will not come back home at night or during the weekend.On coming back, they tend to buy you gifts and goodies to make up for their mistakes.They will be so romantic around you not because that is their nature but, because they feel that they have wronged you in some ways and that they need to apologise.

6) Social media zombie

A Cheating partner will automatically become a social media zombie especially when they fall in love with another person apart from you. Going to their Facebook, Instagram or even Twitter accounts publicly announcing that they are currently in love.Their statuses will be full of romantic and lovely quotes or photos.Others even tend to post romantic songs expressing their love to the other person indirectly and not you.They can even go to an extent of blocking you from viewing their status on social media leaving the other partner to view.

Be careful in your relationship.On the other hand, don't be nagging doubters and go on accusing your partner before you have any evidence that they are cheating on you.

Have you ever noticed any sign of a cheating spouse? If yes what are they?

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Farah N Huq from Dhaka, Bangladesh on April 10, 2021:

Interesting read and true in so many cases.

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