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The Love Letters on Reciprocity of Human Love : Love Notes and Romance for Human Compassion 6

Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

Love is the most exciting and fascinating experiences on the existence of human compassion .It connects the spiritual wisdom of the heart and soul to find the new destiny of the perfect life of the human beings. The pure love does not provide deceive on argument about the word” I love you “. There is a sense of respect to the gender side to put alms of protection an embodiment of the promise to insure that no human promiscuity on the heart and soul.

To my love one…May I express my profound gratitude in caring my love to you. I never express feelings to you how much I love. I have done so much sacrifice just to save our love. You have shown all you support on any endeavor that I could like in my life. You are such a nice woman full of compassion I felt into my life. You are responsible, honest, understanding, and most of all loveable.

The role of reciprocity of love is far from the expectation that I would know. This is how concrete my love that even the harsh storm could not break the tie of our love. I never expected to get this kind of full love from the tender and loving care you have given to me.

Let me assure you that I will always care your love. May not even given you and flower that suppose I should always do to show my genuine love. Just as the beautiful flowers need to be cultivated for the hard work and perspiration of the proper care my result to exception in bright, sweet, tender, adorable and loving flowers.

These are some interesting love notes and romance for human compassion as SAVIOR WOULD LIKE TO REVIVE LOVE LETTERS FOR THE TEENAGERS. Let us find way to teach them in classic romance for a better generation of partners in this world for the future of our children….

1.THE COVENANT OF LOVE .The love letters provide the amusing Phenomenological experience that relates in the natural world.

1. The love letter expresses the inner dimension of the heart and soul who is profoundly in-love with someone as he is being attracted by the physical appearance as the first stage of attraction followed by the conformed observations of acceptable attitude on the feminine outlook.

2. The love letter shows the inside thought as an expression of compassionate interest to positively response in the inner energy of love for them to experience a unique love affair in their own world.

3. The love letter encompasses a natural experience on both partners where the imaginative expression of genuine love is displayed through written emotions.

4. The love letter presents the weird physical reactions that physiological balance is get excited on abnormal conditions such sleeplessness, numbness in appetite, irregular heartbeat and other unwarranted reactions of affection.

5. The love letter is a masterpiece on human heart and soul that uniquely displayed the genuine emotional attachments on the opposite sex. wherein we live in a perfect world.

2. THE INSPIRATION OF THE HEART AND SOUL This love letter inspires and describes his feelings to someone else whom he deeply felt in love. It expresses his appreciation about the beauty of whom he is affectionately attracted that he now feels a compassionate love. From the historicity of a perfect beauty of the Greek literature of Iliad transcends the appreciation on the classic feminine beauty of the past and to the painting of the intriguing smile of Madonna expresses the inner gentle love for a beautiful and lovely lady.

3. THE CHARACTER TRANSFORMATION OF SOUL .What I find interesting about the signs of love, romance, and compassion is the unusual lovable description about the word” I Love You” may produce lovely therapeutic terms as anemic, psychotic, lunatic, ecstatic, erratic, emphatic, dramatic, melancholic, enigmatic, euphoric, and poetic. These are unusual change of behavior from long experience of happiness and abrupt change of melancholic attitude and sometimes your family would not know what is happening to you…

4. THE MEETING OF SOMEONE YOU LOVE..The meeting of someone you love may have different reactions as you respond to the situations wherein you are now exposed to submit yourself into scrutiny.The feminine side is given the opportunity to get some impression to you by your personal strength to finally evaluate the way you write and talk that later on soften her heart and give her love. The best way to tell your love is your true actions and commitment in making the love works for you. It takes time to make sure that someone tell you how much she loves you when all the ingredients on emotional attachment come into play such as saying how much you love her; giving fresh flowers, and showing your commitment to love her.

5.THE FRUSTRATIONS THAT LOVELIFE BEGINS AGAIN.The love on frustration is just like the midst of the fuming ocean wherein unfilled by the downbeat biological prescription by the soul of the loveless care .The exquisite human specie may put the gender crazy from the consequences of action beyond the control of human compassion. Sometimes we wonder how frustrations of love may find the life so miserable particularly to the women you love. It is unthinkable that men do things beyond the bound of ethical norm just to please and love by someone you care.


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