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Symbiotic Relationship in Humans

Maryam is student of Masters in Zoology .Also taking interest in Humans relationship.

Study to find which type of people we are living.

Symbiotic relationship is a scientific term, which means relationship or interaction between two organisms in which one get benefit and other may get benefit or harm.

Symbiotic relationship is also present in humans .People live in a society to survive .Every person of a society depends upon to other to get financial, physical and emotional support.

When they live together they get benefit from each other but sometime one person get benefit and cause harm to the other person. The person, who was the reason of other harm, thinks that the other person is innocent, he knows nothing.

But in actual he knows everything but he sacrifice himself to save his relationship. He gets loss financially and also get hurts emotionally.

Symbiotic Relationship May Be;


In this relation one organism is dependent to the other and can’t live without other organism.

I think this relationship is very rare in humans .We think and express that we can’t live without our loved ones, we will die .But in actual I think this is just a statement. After breakup or after death of that person, we live.

Life goes on …that person live in our memory .Sometime Emotional attachments hurts us.


In this relation two species are engaged in partnership by choice but these can also survive individually.

I think this relation is common in humans. In this relationship two person engage with each other because of any reason, may be financially (business relations), physically or emotionally (marriage relation, friendships, etc).

Here we take the example of Husband –Wife relationship. In this relation both partners are engaged with each other through commitment .They both support each other and live happily.

But in case if they separate from each other because of any family or financial issue, they both survive and move on. After sometime they find another partner and live happily.

Most of them are just in physical relationship .There is no understanding or love between them.

I think in this relationship respect of both partners should be first priority. Mostly couples love each other but they can’t respect their partner, and that’s the main issue of their quarrels .They doesn’t understand their partner problems and at the end they fed up from each other and then separation occur.

Types of Symbiotic Relationship;


In this interaction both partners get benefit.

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I think this relationship is the best .It should be common in human’s .In this way both person live happy and this relation leads to healthy society and strong relationships between people. Society grows when we follow principle of to give and take.

For example; relationship of parents and children.

Another example of this relationship is relation of husband and wife (husband support his wife financially and protect her and in response wife look after his family and remain loyal to him.)


In this relation one organism depends upon other for food, shelter and locomotion while other get no benefit or harm.


In humans we take example of friendship in which sometime a friend depends upon other friend because of any academic, financial issues and get support from other.

This relation is not as such bad, because it don’t cause any harm to other.

Sometime you give other people hope by your words .You built morals of hopeless people. You spread positivity by your actions. Then your words transform someone else life.


In this relationship on organism get benefit at expense of other and cause harm to other but it does not cause direct death like predation because for parasite it is necessary to keep its host alive.

Now a day’s parasitic relationship is common in humans .Some people live as they are your friends but in actual they are parasites in your life that feed on your emotions.

Some parasite like people only harm you financially (like in business) and this harm can be recovered.

But those people that hurt you emotionally cause pain deep inside. This is lethal relationship. When they lose your trust, you even can’t trust on sincere people.


Now a day it’s common in boyfriend, girlfriend relationship .Boys firstly bound in relationship with girls and shows that they are sincere but in actual it’s just time pass.

I don’t know but why they can’t find other hobbies to pass their time. Is this only way to pass time?

But girls are all fool they strongly attach with them and even cheat their parents for such fake relationships that’s end on Break up.

Many girls commit suicide because of such endo parasites that hurts their emotions (O stupid girls! You are Your Own Hero).

While on other side some friends, family members and business partners are like ecto parasites. These harm you physically, financially and harm your reputation.

These parasites can’t see others happiness. These parasites hurts you with their words, break your heart. They lose your hope and feel happiness.


So it is concluded that, in this world there are every type of people .Some of them live as they are your close friends or family members but actual they are parasites that feed on your emotions and at the end cause severe harm.

While there are also other type of relation in which when you gave benefit to them in response they also give you happiness. Actually a relationship goes on with the principle of TO GIVE AND TAKE.

It’s concluded that in our life we meet all type of people .Some are good and some may be bad for us. But at the end only those people will live in your life that are Loyal and Sincere to you.


I think while choosing friends or business partner, we should be more careful.

When you see any negativity to your related people firstly you should give advice to them .If they can’t change so get rid of them.

We should try to find Positive people in our Life. In this way we live Healthy and Happy life.

We should also spread positive vibes in society.

Trust your Parents and Siblings.

Girls should be more careful about their life. So, can’t trust unknowns. Your Hero is your Father and Brother only…They can only protect you.

So everybody should try to live away from Negative, Toxic people.

Stay Safe ……Stay Healthy……..

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