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Marriage Survivability in the First Year, a New Couple's Guide to Surviving Their First Year of Marriage

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Marriage Survivability in the First Year

A New Couple's Guide to Surviving Their First Year of Marriage

Managing one's year of marriage as a new couple can be difficult, particularly if you're really getting to know each other. In principle, it is preferable to get to know one another before marrying them, but we all know that this isn't always the case. You meet someone wonderful who captures your heart, and before you realize it, you're completely smitten with them. You've been thinking about getting married and have jumped into things too quickly. We've seen it before with couples from all around the world. Here you'll find all the information you require.

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Marriage Survivability in the First Year

Basic Fundamentals

Marriage and survival


Problems with the first marriage

Possibilities for resolving marital issues

The advantages of surviving a marriage

Basic Fundamentals

Marriage is more than just a survival strategy. It's more profound than that.

Making compromises for the one you genuinely love is what marriage is all about.

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When they become ill, you take days off work to care for them. If your lover is dissatisfied because you are always out and about and don't pay attention to them, you should devote more time to them.

Simple acts can make a great difference and make the marriage less dramatic in terms of fights.

Take the initiative to tell your partner how so much they matter to you every day, and never remove them from granite. One rarely knows when you'll run into them again, which is why it's so crucial.

One of the most vital components of marriage is communication. The relationship is doomed if you can't communicate with your other partner. Reduce the amount of time you speak and increase the amount of time you listen. Alternatively, if you are someone who speaks more than they listen, it is time to lend them your ear. Perhaps your spouse wants you to pay attention to them so you'll know how they feel about a particular circumstance.

Marriage and survival

To make it through marriage, you must first figure out what your goals are. Despite what your parents may advise, work should never be your primary concern. Your spouse should always take precedence. After all, they are the one who lives with you, cook meals for you, earns money for you both, assists with child care, and is intimate with you on occasion.


There are several things to do in a relationship, although at this point, both partners are probably working. That's why marriage is so tough since men are not accustomed to performing tasks that a woman typically performs. Most males, for example, hesitate to press their clothes or clean their bathrooms. They would never do something like that. And don't even think of putting flowers in the backyard. They aren't even interested in the flowers.

Men are taught by their dads to work hard and obtain a decent education in order to do more for their households. Those who are not the ones who can get pregnant and have a close relationship with their child. When a mother has given birth, she usually gets emotional. To believe in the truth of the situation, a guy must view their child. They have no idea what pregnant women go through and want us to do almost everything in the house.

Women are more emotional than men, and they appear to spend more time talking than performing housework. Guess who they contact if the toilet leaks or the sink breaks? In a panic, they phone their husband. The lady is capable of performing household tasks such as folding clothes, preparing a delectable supper, and getting ready for the dance their husband is bringing them to after work.

At the end of the day, both man and woman are sleeping in the same bed. The woman seems engrossed in her book, her gaze fixed on the page. Only one thing occupies a man's mind, and that is sexual connection. This is the only time he starts talking to her, even flirting with her and caressing her.

It succeeds some of the time and some of the time it doesn't. When males succeed in getting their way, they usually climb to the top and carry out their duties. Following that, their spouse simply lies down, attempting to regain her breath.

The fact is that the husband has already gone to sleep without saying anything like "I love you" or "thank you." It's as if nothing happened at all. Apparently, this is due to the fact that most males aren't emotional and do things whenever they want.

It can be difficult to divide daily activities and try to spend emotional or physical time together. This is why so many couples are headed for divorce right now. That is because they wouldn't know how to speak with their partner and be fair to them. When it comes to the other person, all it takes is collaboration, understanding, and a little compassion.

Problems with the first marriage

When it comes to marriage, there are numerous challenges. Promises, companionship, commitment, and finance are the most popular. All of these subjects have the potential to cause a crisis. The husband may spend a significant amount of money on his gambling habits, while the wife is irritated and simply wants him to quit. They require the funds to support their children.

Another case in point is a woman. She is frequently preoccupied with household tasks, causing her to get agitated, and sex is the last thing on her mind. The husband, on the other hand, places a high value on closeness and may feel as if he is drifting away from his wife without.




As you can see, it's the little things that pile up to lead a husband and wife to fight. They may be resentful of one another and unwilling to resolve their differences. Some people try, but the other person isn't always as accommodating as they would be. This is why relationships are so challenging. Here are the four challenges that come with marriage:


When you go home, the wife has such high hopes for you. She won't let you eat in your own room because she's afraid there will be crumbs on the bed if you keep the towel on the couch. This does not excite you in the least. You, on the other hand, want your wife to always have supper ready and to look her best when you arrive home. This is all that matters to you.


It's crucial to understand how your partner feels if you've been seeking intimacy for a few weeks and he's too weary to do anything with you. Rather than laying emphasis on him, give him a gentle backrub to demonstrate you care. He could be under a great deal of pressure at work. When it comes to intimacy, both men and women benefit.

Couple Love Boy And Girl  Newlyweds

Couple Love Boy And Girl Newlyweds


It is critical to maintain contact with your other half. If you and your partner have a strong bond, there really is no space for divorce or separation.

Many spouses who are bonded have a greater understanding of one another. In a relationship, compassion and love go hand in hand. They are sad if their companion is sad. Depending on how long a couple has been together, it could take a few years or as little as a few months for them to feel completely bonded.


Unfortunately, one of the leading causes of divorce is financial difficulties. The relationship will grow stressful if the two of you have problems managing money and expenses tend to pile up. It is strained as a result of the stress that has developed as a result of financial difficulties.

Possibilities for resolving marital issues

Married life has numerous advantages, and if you stick together to solve problems as they emerge, your marriage shall strengthen. Keep in mind that you'll both want to work on your marriage issues.

It will only be a one-way street if one person is willing to go to counsel or talk to you about marital troubles. This indicates that the marriage will be unable to flourish.

It's critical to explain why you want certain patterns in your relationship to alter to your partner. Inform her or him you're serious and that if things don't improve, you may have to file for divorce.

When your spouse realizes you're discussing business, they'll want to adjust some of their routines. Of course, don't be surprised if they discuss some of your activities when the two of you sit down. When it comes to marriage, it's also fine for them to tackle your undesirable habits.


It's very easy to find solutions in a relationships, but committing to them is really not easy. This is something the two of you should tackle, and if one of you is having difficulty keeping to your goals, communication is essential.

The other person may wake up to reality and tell you that no matter how hard they try, they are unable to change. Some people have reached a point in their lives where they are adamant about not changing.

Their intense desire to change must be fueled by something. The majority of the time, this desire stems from a desire to maintain you and improve their family's situation.

You should be aware that not every concept you comes up with for prospective marital solutions will succeed. For instance, if you decide to keep separate bank accounts due to your wife's spending habits, she may persuade you to lend her money. This causes friction in the marriage since you can see her tendencies resurface, which results to an argument.

Perhaps it isn't the spouse this time. Your husband regularly visits bawdy strip joints while you stay home. His justification is because you've never been intimate with him.

Tell him it's not okay, and if he does it again, you must quit for few more days. Focus on the closeness in your relationship once you've returned. Is it because you're too weary to have a sexual relationship with him? Prior to going to bed, concentrate on his requirements. Don't make it a chore by making it fun. We're guessing you both liked one another when you initially started dating.

Having him back towards this moment will make him appreciate you and make him want to spend more time at home. If he doesn't, it's probably about time to get over it and, because this was not his justification to go out in the first place.

The advantages of surviving a marriage

Couples profit greatly from surviving marriage. Developing as a person, becoming more affectionate, being able to share their difficulties with a partner, and even becoming financially comfortable with both of you working are just a few of them.

Marriage vows imply that you will be together for the rest of your life and that you will always be there for your spouse. You could become a mentally healthy person as a result of this, and you will also be able to help others.

Children will benefit significantly from your marriage, since we all know what happens to children when their parents divorce. Don't make the mistake of allowing them to go through this. Going out of your way to make things work is the finest thing you can do for yourself in the long run. Please don't give up!

Here are some advantages of surviving a marriage:


Being content in life

You will be a happy person in life if you are with somebody you actually love. After all, they're there to share your laughter, cheer you up, and comfort you when you're sad. You may feel anxious if you have to go to the hospital frequently for cancer treatment, but if your other half is there to comfort you, you would have a much better day. This is only one instance of what we're discussing. You won't be alone in certain situations if you have a partner.

Unfortunately, some bereaved or recently divorced persons become resentful and indifferent of others.

Keeping your children safe

You are safeguarding your children by sticking in your marriage. Most girls who don't even have fathers, for example, are more prone to become pregnant at a young age or have a rebellious attitude that may lead to drug or alcohol abuse. A father's role is to provide love, guidance, and protection to his daughter from anything that could damage her.

Additionally, some children will experience depression as a result of their parents' divorce. Our children are priceless, so you'll want to make sure they're safe. Seeing a children grow with despair in their hearts has the potential to break a parent's heart. Much of the time, we would go to any length to ensure that our children are happy. If the adolescents have been seeing their parent together for a long period, there is a higher likelihood of this happening. It could be a perplexing and depressing year for them. It doesn't last a year, yet it can leave a youngster scarred for life.

Obtain financial stability

A household is usually supported by two persons. This is made even more difficult if you have children. Due to debts, the cost of raising a child, and unexpected hospital appointments, a single mother earning one job may not be able make it through. She may even be evicted from her house as a result of her financial difficulties. With two individuals working, though, you will be economically secure. The both of them will be OK as long as the other individual and you both manage money effectively and pay your payments on time.

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