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Subject: Learning of Life And Love.

Artist, actor, poet, teacher, songwriter & actor with 4,000 poems & almost 1,000 songs written, performed recorded & published on line.

Love and life are a journey learned together with joy and true adoration.


This was my second love letter to the girl I eventually married, a school teacher and we have been together now for 42 years.

My Extra credit work

Due the second week of schooling

English Literature -8th Period

February 14th, 1978

I. Topic: Teaching

II. Subject: Learning of



III. Example:


If love was the subject

and life was the class

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and you taught the lessons

I'd try hard to pass

cause if I were your student

and you had to teach me

I'd write a report on the

best way to reach me.

I'd fill it with words that

that I've crafted to win

all of your precious heart

so our love could begin.

I'd check all my spelling

erasing my typos

and fixing bad puctuation

my writing might pose.

Minding my P's And Q's

while loving your J. and B.

which are your initials

that mean so much to me.

I 'll write you some poems

for when you feel alone

Chasing your blues away

as I make you my own.

I'll study real hard

all the things that you love

making sure that I give you

all that you're dreaming of.

and though english was never

what I most excelled in

I make great conversations

that you'll find compelling

I'm submitting this essay

as my true written start

too share all the ways

I will capture your heart.

IV.- My Report.


Teach me of love that is lasting and true

than all that I learn I will share it with you.


I'll fill in the blanks "_______"

for all the things you desire

if for each one completed

you mark my efforts higher.


Give me a test

full of multiple choice

on how to put happiness

into your voice.


Detain me for talking

and gladly I'll stay

cause conversing with you

always brightens my day.


And if I am absent

and have to stay home

refresh me on all that I

missed while alone.


And if there's a substitute

sent to replace you

I'll stay true and loyal

I'd never erase you


I'll pledge my allegiance

as long as she's there

to only you and your lessons

you teach with such care.


Cause I'll know you'll be

honest in all that I earn

And I am a student

whose eager to learn.


Cause if love is the subject

and our lives are the class

and we share it's lessons

I know I can pass.


But if you should flumk me

and leave me behind

I'll hold my head up

and try so hard to find

All the details on what is

The best way to reach you

if you were the student

and I had to teach you.


For love is a lesson

a project for two

And it'd be such a blessing

If I shared it with you.


Cause you have the looks

never pictured in books

Guys would never stop reading'

all their hearts would be bleeding

for a chance at succeeding

to just be your friend

but you also are smart

and your smile is so lovely

and a chance to win your love

seems so far above me.

but I'm sending this paper

that holds all my feelings

knowing life would be greater

if your answer's revealing

that I am the guy

that your glad that you met

and I've been selected

to be your teacher's pet

And I promise we'll share love

that we won't forget

with never a moment

that you will regret.

Till that day we decide

all that our sweet love brings

is worthy of both of us

sharing two rings

then we'll join two as one

and I'll ask you to come

cherish all our sweet dreams

as my homecoming queen

Life will be so divine

when I'm yours, you are mine

graduating to a love

that most folks seldom find

© 2022 Matthew Frederick Blowers III

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