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Strong People Hurt Too



The Strong Mourn Too

People think strong people don’t mourn. Strong people do more than others will ever know. Strong people morning in silence in their private space, where no one can see.

It’s hard for strong people to cry, show emotions or even show fear. The battle of a strong person is heavy walking around with the world on your shoulders. A strong person has to be strong for those that are around them. Because they need those that are weaker to be OK. Even if it takes away from their personal sanity. I found several different meanings of strength and there are more that stuck out than others. This is the second that sticks out just as much as the first.

Strength : the quality that allows someone to deal with problems in a determined and effective wayI pray that I'll have the strength to do what I have to do.(moral strength) and they need those that are weaker to be OK.
Even if it takes away their on personal sanity.

People have major moral strength.I used to hear a friend of mine say that you are loyal to a fault. And he was absolutely right. Sometimes being loyal is a form of strength. Because you still aren’t putting yourself first.

Loyalty and Strength

My personal opinion: Loyalty and strength to me go hand-in-hand. But there is some info that holds a strength or the ability to be loyal. I used to have a friend of mine tell me that you are loyal to a fault. And I’ve heard him say that repeatedly several times. And I never really got the meaning or even thought of the meaning. Until time went on and I start to view my life and see that I held a sense of loyalty.Too people that were not worthy of my loyalty. And having the strength to be loyal to a person that’s not worthy of your time, your kindness, your glory . Takes a lot of strength when you’re battling with a person or people that have no respect for you , others around you, or even themselves for that matter. Sometimes you have to release yourself from those people.

Unbind yourself from those that you’ve given the most support to. And don’t be loyal to a fault! A fault that will take you somewhere you don’t want to go. A fault that will cause you to lose your happiness. A fault that will cause you to lose lose your own personal self-respect, dignity, and because of the loyalty that you hold with in.

Carrying the Load

Being strong consist of caring loads. Lots of burdens that did not belong to you. Loads of bills that do not belong to you. Lots of worry, sadness, sleepless nights, a shoulder to cry on. Within caring all those loads, all the worries tears and sadness that are not of your cause. Sometimes people don’t understand that you maybe going through as well. Nor think the strong have problems. Nor have their own person load their caring, their own personal battles, their own responsibilities, their own bills. But most of the loads the strong carry are not loads they created.

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This is for the Strong

This is for the strong. You are an amazing person even when you feel no one sees it. Your strength and love has healed so many broken hearts. You may feel that you are not chosen because you’re strong. And someone may choose someone that is weaker than you. Don’t feel hurt or sad because of that. It only means that the person that choose the weaker over you cannot handle your strength. Never give up on your dreams because you’re being strong to hold someone else’s weight up. Sometimes you have to step away and place a crutch there to hold them up to force them to have their own strength. To find strength within themselves. And sometimes you have to look at your own life, your own home, your own bills, your own children, your own personal responsibilities. And put them first. A lot of people will begin to say that you’re selfish or you’re crazy. And those are the same people that you gave your all to down to the last five dollars in your wallet or purse. Those are the people that it’s time to walk away from, shake the dust from your feet.
Just because you’re strong and people see your strengths don’t allow anyone to use you, manipulate you, or become narcissistic towards you. People will see your kind heart, your loving spirit, and your goodness. And using it’s a benefit them. To my strong I ask that you love ! Love yourself first. Make sure your household is taken care of first. Make sure your children have what they need first or your child has what he or she needs first. Care for you first before you pour out your strength, your hard work, and all that you battle for to someone that is not worthy of your glory. Just because you’re strong doesn’t mean you have to be used.

Remeber you are special you are loved. And when you have to step away from those that are pulling on your strength. When they say you don’t care about them nor do you love them. Just smile and walk away! Because you know what you’ve done in your heart. To my strong sisters and brothers I love you..

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