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Weird and Strange Places you Have Made Love or Had Sex in!


I have written this hub because I know in my younger days I have had sex in some pretty odd places, and wondered if anyone else would like to share their experiences of strange places they opted to have intercourse, make love, exchange bodily fluids etc etc.

Looking back to my late teens and my twenties I tried some fairly outrageous locations with the chosen partners in my life at the time. I was young, life was fun, the thrill of sex in a public location was both exhilarating and exciting, plus I was learning all about the fun that could be had in life before the serious s**t came along!!!

Weird Places I have had Made Love / Had Sex.....

1) In the front seat of a Vauxhall Chevette Car.


2) In the front seat of a Mini Car!!!!! (believe me when I say this was truly NOT easy, and a bit of a squeeze to say the least!


3) On the bonnet of a BMW car I used to own, whilst it was parked in a public car park at about midnight.... good fun, and really tested out the suspension! :) :) :)

4) In a remote field whilst lying on a load of very prickly brambles (or so I discovered too late), in the dead of night.


5) On the back seat of a bus (in Orpington High Street, Kent), that was on its "stand time" on the bus stop in between journeys. This 'event' was with the bus driver himself when I was also a driver for the same bus company and having a fling with him at the time.


6) On the top deck, back seat, of a double decker coach at Thorpe Parke in Kent with my ex-fiance (the coach driver). The whole coach was rocking for that one and it was great fun!!


I am very sure there are more adventurous places than these out there, and that those of you reading this will have experienced such places yourselves. Are you brave enough to share your stories??? Let's face it, the best sex is seldom in the bedroom, but more often in the most obscure places where the danger of getting 'caught' is highest, or the atmosphere is the most unique.

I look forward to your stories...............


Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on January 15, 2014:

Lol Alan, so good that you got 'into the spirit' of things. Nothing wrong with enjoying the great outdoors :)

Alan on January 15, 2014:

This hub made me really laugh Cindy, that bus driver doing it at the bus stop and the coach rocking was wonderful I bet. I had sex a few times in the park, the best time was when we were actually married and had no intention of making love, but a very randy couple sat down just about 100 metres from where we were sunbathing. Within 5 minutes they got down to business and OMG they got stuck into each other. This got me and my wife in the same mood, so as we and this other couple were the only people in the park I said lets do the same thing, so we did and that was one of the few times we made love outside our house.

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your friend in Scotland


Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on March 22, 2012:

ROFLMAO, oh that has so got to be one of the best comments I have had on here. Still giggling now!! :)

Thanks, and I truly mean that!! ;)

kel on March 22, 2012:

my boyfriend and i were recently at the bluffs on a cliff in daylight. the fun in risking it in public is possibly getting caught, right? well we a farmer below who was screaming let me get some of that

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on February 20, 2012:

Hi Skye, that was a great comment, and I do feel bad having to deny it, but you were a little too graphic on the fine details for HP's Rules, and allowing it could have caused this entire article to be unpublished. Essentially any graphic descriptions of the intimate act itself are a no no, but if you can post a comment that only covers the 'where' as opposed to the more sexual details then I can allow it.

Thanks, and sorry again.

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on February 11, 2012:

LOL, now that is funny Jr Deacon :)

Jr Deacon on February 11, 2012:

Well apart from the local field a couple of years ago I made love to Worshipful Masters Daughter in our Masonic Lodge Temple while he was hosting the ladies night in the dinning hall below us......

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on February 02, 2012:

Good question senoir year. If this is your first time together wouldn't it be nicer to go somewhere special, as opposed to doing it at school? You might well live to regret the lack of it being anything other than an uncomfortable fumble if you try to find a hiding place to go through with this at school. My only advice is 'don't do it at school'. Make your first time together special and romantic, and save the other 'risky but fun stuff' for a later date.

Of course I could be misunderstanding you, in which case you could already be intimate together, in which case I would say try somewhere like the school gym, or if you have a stage/theatre, somewhere behind the curtains or behind the scenes.

senoir year on February 02, 2012:

okay so its my senior year in highschool wanna make prom night special with my girlfriend of 2 years.. weve both been wanting to have sex at school just not sure where we could go... ideas?

Vbaseball on January 30, 2012:

Thank you soo much

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on January 26, 2012:

Honestly Vbaseball, I don't know what kind of rumours you are worried about, but I can't imagine what kind of break up you would have to have had for her to be so nasty as to spread rumours about you. Really don't worry about it, you will have lots of girlfriends in your life, and one day you will look back on this past relationship and this will seem so unimportant to you.

Right now, do nothing, and be the bigger person. Be pleasant, say nothing nasty about her and be nice to her when you see her.

Vbaseball on January 26, 2012:

Ok, so she broke up with me on Monday. I'm just worried that she will spread rumors. Idk what to do!?

Vbaseball on January 08, 2012:

Haha I'm sure I will ;)

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on January 06, 2012:

You are very welcome Vbaseball, I really hope you have a long, happy and healthy relationship with your girlfriend, and that your 'first' time is a wonderful experience you remember and treasure for the rest of your life :)

(After that enjoy the fun of experimenting with locations) ;)

Vbaseball on January 06, 2012:

Ok thank you for the advice from this article and the other two

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on January 06, 2012:

That is a good start then Vbaseball, so long as you love her. I still reckon you should read the other two articles though, they will ensure you have a relationship that is romantic, loving and not just based on sex. You first experience should be special, and ideally in a nice romantic setting, or at least not in a car park, the back seat of a car, a toilet cubicle etc. Later on in your relationship you can try 'different' locations, but really, if you can, make sure your first time is nice, and special, like in a proper bed.

Good Luck

Vbaseball on January 06, 2012:

Well it would actually be with my girlfriend haha

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on January 06, 2012:

Can I suggest you first find a girl you actually like, as opposed to just being determined to do it with anyone willing 'on the night'. This is one of the most significant 'firsts' of your life, and should not be some fumble at a school dance with any available female. My recommendation would be you read two of my other hubs that will help you out in a more useful way. The links are:


Vbaseball on January 06, 2012:

Hopefully you guys can help, I haven't gotten it in yet but im planning on it soon. I have a school dance coming up soon and I wanna try it there but idk where to go!?!? Any suggestion?

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on November 19, 2011:

LOL the bellards, sounds like you have been really adventurous in your lives :) Good luck to you, keep it up!!!

the bellards on November 19, 2011:

my husband and i have had sex some of everywhere i love art and we had sex in every museum/art gallery in the downtown dc area. i think that makes 8, we had sex at the bus stop out in the open around dusk..this moving truck kept turning around to watch but that didn't stop us. a 35 minute bus ride from silver spring md to wheaton md, we got bored waiting for his mother at her job at the hospital so we went next door to the bathroom and humpty humped til she got off. in the woods behind our jobs, the family bathroom at the mall, the college bathroom (we got caught so embarrassing) at the beach in ocean city, his brother in laws car, the kitchen table at his parents house the movies and the family bathroom there too

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on November 19, 2011:

Hi Simple, good luck with the next phase of your plan :)

Simple on November 19, 2011:

Now i haven't had 'it' at many different places, but here are the strangest:

- in my room when my parents were at home (in the next room). She moaned quite a bit and the bed tends to bang against the wall....

- kitchen, on dining table and chairs.

- in friends' bed during a party. Didn't get caught ;)

These are next on my list: in the sauna when parents are @ home, in a fitting room, school and a cinema :)

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on November 14, 2011:

Sounds like you had plenty of fun arobm :)

arobm on November 14, 2011:

On the 'beach' of a lake.

In a tent camping.

In her bed with the parents home.

Lots of backseats.

The attic if a church.

an empty classroom during school.

A family shower room at a local gym.

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on November 14, 2011:

Sorry Joe, I can't allow your comment as it is far too graphic for the TOS of this site. You will need to clean it up a lot before I can allow it. If you can be a bit less specific in description I may be able to show it.

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on November 13, 2011:

Wow 'He'sthatway', I hope your Wife and you still have that level of passion between you now you have reached your Golden Wedding Anniversary. Thanks for sharing your experiences here.

he'sthatway on November 13, 2011:

My golden-anniversary wife and I used to be poor students

at the university, so we joined up where we could. Ergo,

1. In an unoccupied dormitory they were rebuilding

2. The dear old then-forbidden dorm room. One time the

dorm counselor came to find out what the physical

sounds from within were: I slowly removed the heavy

bureau that was blocking the door, girlfriend hid

naked in the closet, counselor saw me all sweating and

breathing hard and smilingly came to the conclusion

that I'd been introverted-ly exercising.

3. The university football stadium at night

4. The unlocked medical-recovery room in the back of the school auditorium at night

5. The well-vegetated cemetery right next to one of the

graduate dorms. Nice and quiet, undisturbed, only

rarely a cop walking through, but too cool for

anything but manual and oral activities done in a

crouch. We assumed that any attendant spirits were


Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on August 29, 2011:

Wow Kayla, that is quite a list. Not sure I fancy the idea of doing it on a moter cycle while riding it though, sounds too dangerous to me.

Thanks for sharing :)

Kayla on August 28, 2011:

on a bed. haha. on a plane. on the roof of ur house. in a rocking chair. in a locker room at school. in an air vent thing. on a motor cycle wile driving it. under a bed. on top of a mountain. in a tree. under a tree. on the stairs. on a race track. in a grave yard. on August 17, 2011:


Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on August 08, 2011:

Who knows zeger8, there is always that possibility. I like the bunjee jump comment :D

zeger8 on August 08, 2011:

Btw i hope yall know that a lot of people here are mostly bullshitting right? lol

Anyway mine is---> while bunjee jump :D

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on July 21, 2011:

I hope so too Dave, good luck on that and have fun not getting arrested ;)

Superdave on July 20, 2011:

Yeah, I think getting arrested might put an end to my 'extravagance'. Let's hope that never happens.

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on July 19, 2011:

My God Dave, you take this to a whole new level. I am amazed you have not been arrested yet....! Thanks for sharing.

SuperDave on July 19, 2011:

Let's see if I can remember some good ones:

-Airplane restroom on the flight to Fiji- Mile High Club!!

-Crowded swimming pool at a resort in the Bahamas, middle of the day.

-In the woods at a state park (lying down and against a tree)

-Anal w/gf in her parent's bed.

-Hot tub with two other couples all going at it.

-Back seat of gf's car while her 15yo friend drove us down the freeway.

-Driving down the hwy with her sitting in my lap facing me.

-LOTS of road head.

-Sitting on a motorcycle.

-Bent over a 'gator' (4 wheeler)

-Got a BJ in my living room during a party while everyone watched.

-Macy's dressing room.

-My office after hours.

-Executive bathroom at work during work hours.

-Stairs (at work and at home)

-In a lake while prisoners were picking up trash in the park and watching us.

-Balcony of a cruise ship while at sea.

Many, many more. But this is a good start.

247busy on June 06, 2011:

LOL, it was 2 different girlfriends at two different times, not that it makes a big difference...haha

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on June 06, 2011:

LOL, sounds like you never stopped/stop.

247busy on June 06, 2011:

Ooh, and on the top bunk while on December holiday with my girlfriend & her parents while they quickly went down to the beach.

- in the dining room 10minutes before friends came to visit us (we were invited them over & went for a quickie)

247busy on June 06, 2011:

Yes indeed it would have been :-)

And, I forgot

- in a tent while "camping" with her brother, sister & their friends in my girlfriends parents' yard - They were in the tent next to ours...

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on June 06, 2011:

LOL, very hectic times, and I loved the fact you stated that in the car you 'were alone'. That sure would have been a hard place to do it and not be noticed if you weren't!!

247busy on June 06, 2011:

- Got freaky with my girlfriend in her dads' house on the carpet while her sister was (hopefully) sleeping on the bed in the same room & her dad & stepmom down the hall....

- Next to a river in a public park at night

- on top of a balcony of a house that was still being built at sunset & candlelight

- in the front seat of my moms car with my girlfriend whilst still driving (we were alone in the car)

- in daytime in a field close to the airport "watching" aeroplanes land & take off...

- in our caravan while parked just outside my parents' bedroom

- in the shower at a friends house

- on the couch in my girlfriends moms lounge, with the curtains open

- on the staircase in my girlfriends moms house

- in my girlfriends' moms bedroom on the carpet

....Damn, hectic times

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on April 17, 2011:

Brilliant 'little one' :)

little one on April 16, 2011:

In the Macys and JC Penny fitting room haha

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on February 28, 2011:

My goodness Angelica, did you get in trouble with them for this??

Angelica on February 28, 2011:

I guess i would have to say the bathroom at the park ! I got caught by the police cause they heard screaming and thought i was being raped ! Haha (: They came right as i was giving him something ! Good shit !

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on February 01, 2011:

Hi m.m.m. very risky indeed, but at least you did get away with it :)

m.m.m. on February 01, 2011:

at schooooool!! In a room where anyone could have just walked in!! While our schools cricket players played just outside (o'.'o) was very risky, didn't get caught luckily.. That would have been trouble*

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on January 23, 2011:

Lulu, thanks for sharing, that is totally impressive. :)

lulu on January 23, 2011:

on top of a mountain, the wind blowing!

In a forest

My boyfriend's parents house, kitchen, living room

under a tree on new years eve,beside the footpath

several lane ways walking home from a night out,amazing!

Against a wire fence in the rain holding on the wire fence-ouch

My mom's bed

infront of a fire place

Kitchen counter

on top of washing machine

a shared bathroom, in the bathtub,bending over it

In a shower

hotel balcony, people under the balcony wondering where the moan is coming from

Hallway in an apartment


under a bridge

Lovebug on December 31, 2010:

Nice one people very nice hey do u no what sounds good a milk shak. Fries and a drink

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on December 14, 2010:

Good Lord, I have had 24 years of having sex and it sounds like I have some catching up to do LOL. Good luck to you, clearly you have far more energy than I have ;)

mscontrary on December 14, 2010:

I've had 25 years, of having sex, to accomplish these things! LOL! ;-)

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on December 13, 2010:

How on earth do you find the time mscontrary? LOL. Thanks for sharing ;)

mscontrary on December 13, 2010:

Oh yeah, a couple of pools and hot tubs too...

mscontrary on December 13, 2010:

Gas station bathroom

Baseball dugout

On top of a picnic table at a park

On the hood of a car

The backseat of a car

The front seat of a car

The back of an old school bus, parked in his grandparents backyard

Aginst the outside wall of a cabin used for storage at a very public park

My bestfriend's bed

In a tent w/ my in-laws only about 20 ft. away

In a deer stand

On a 3 wheeler

The bed

The shower

The floor

The couch

Inside the skating rink

Once someone played w/ my p***y until I came, as we oredered & paid for food through the drive through at Taco Bell (the girl at the window looked shocked, then blushed & smiled - lol)

KFC bathroom

House party in the same room w/ several other people having sex too.

His bestfriend's bedroom w/ his bestfrined & his girlfriend having sex on the other side of the room.

I've given road head a few times

I gave head in the dressing room at Party City, trying on Halloween costumes.

In his Dad's garage, which is set up like a bar.

My fiance' is not nearly as adventurous as I am and therefore, my New Year's resolution is to have as many sexual encounters w/ my him, in as many places as possible, starting w/ his mom & step-dad's house on New Years, to get the year started off right - lol!

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on November 21, 2010:

LOL big-time, the mind boggles ;-)

Anath on November 21, 2010:

and that was just the start of the night darling ;-)

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on November 21, 2010:

LOL, thanks for that Anath, you are certainly braver than I am for sure :)

Anath on November 21, 2010:

One of my latest one was at a boat party, on the deck with friends (and other unknown people) passing by and having a sneaky look, it was such a turn on...

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on November 21, 2010:

At least this all with the 'same guy' and not just random anon, thanks for sharing :)

Anon on November 21, 2010:

* 2 different playgrounds.

* many fields.

* in a 2 man tent- camping.

* in the woods.

* bed, floor, wall, spinny chair, beanbag, etc.

* shower

* foreplay in a taxi..

* kitchen, dining room, living room, bathroom.

* foreplay in cinema..

* by a lake

* by a river

^ this is all with the same guy.

and I'm not even 18 yet.

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on November 20, 2010:

LOL Just turned 21, sounds as if you don't much to do anything else, but you are most certainly having fun :)

Just turned 21 on November 19, 2010:

On the beach in hawaii(just bring a blanket to avoid sand in places), back of mom's mini van countless times in many public places, in all my cars and boyfriend's cars, in a boat in the garage of someone's party with people bringing us water (that was the most public and odd for people to be walking in when i think back on it... wasn't 'thinking' much at the time hehe), in a park in the bushes and in the open on a little foot bridge, friend's closet, hot tubs, middle of my mom's backyard at night, aunts bathroom, behind the bank, hood of police car, in a brand new truck at a car dealership at night, in the woods, in friends' bathrooms, friend's bed, friend's mom's guest bed, on small office building roof, in a sauna at a spa, behind random buildings and parking lots (my bf and I have a game where if we get drunk and need to walk home from the bar, we try to find 5 places to do it on the way home, or try to get 100 points, based on how risky it was... like the cop car was 100 points by itself, whereas the stairwell was only 10! try it, so much fun!)

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on November 08, 2010:

:) Nice One

Googoo on November 08, 2010:

in the 'its a small world' ride in disneyland, california!

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on October 31, 2010:

All I can say is 'WOW' Hoppy! Thanks for sharing.

hoppy61 on October 30, 2010:

How about at the beach, in the surf with a beach full of people around. Tip, hang on to the girls bikini bottom so as not to loose it in the surf.

Freezer of a comercial bakery.

Roof of a hotel.

In a comercial kitchen with girfriends mother while girlfriend watched from window in door.

on couch in living room while watching tv with girlfriends mother and brother in the room.(not the same girlfriend as above)

Preformed oral sex on a girl I worked with. I was on the floor, behind a sales counter ,while she talked with a customer.

Boss's desk with boss's daughter.

On a surf board in the ocean.

Back of a limo on the way to the prom .

At a rock concert with people watching (us)

In a duck blind on a nature trail in a county park.

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on September 30, 2010:

Thanks Frankluvinda808, some interesting ideas there, but not sure I fancy the one on the "Pirates of the Caribbean" somehow LOL

Frankluvinda808 on September 29, 2010:

ive got a great list of ideas for adventurous people

on top of a grand piano

in an ambulance

in a hospital bed

green on a golf course

on the pirates of the Caribbean (if you can do it and get to the climax on one of the drops, it's amazing)

in a library between the stacks

back of a motorcycle

in a doctors office (on one of those beds in the rooms)

and if your not religious, and very very brazen, in a church; either in one of the pews, or in a confessional


Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on August 08, 2010:

Hi Renka, thanks for sharing, but is there anywhere left you haven't tried??? :)

Renak on August 06, 2010:

Let's see:

Atlantic Ocean ( packed beach )

Work ( in the office game room )

In car ( driving, parked, back seat, front seat on hood)

Parents House ( people home, friends in same room )

Public Park

Friends Bed

Front steps of a library

back yards/front yards

front porch/back porch

parking garage ( got caught )

public restrooms

in the snow and in rain


hot tub


I'm about tapped out lol need new adventures!

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on July 08, 2010:

LOL, that is quite an impressive list little baby, you must definitely by either a nympho or simply a very sexual person who believes in the adrenalin rish of living dangerously LOL

Thanks for sharing :)

littlebaby1221 on July 07, 2010:

Wow some people have quite a list.. mine is pretty long too, just some of the places:

-Empty train station with passenger trains passing in the snow

-Did it in 2 different cars

-Gave head while my man was driving.. once he almost crashed no joke! how funny!!

-In the kitchen with mother upstairs watching TV (when i was younger :p)

-On the sofa in my mum's place with her sleeping upstairs - there is no ceiling

- On a public beach with people walkin past and some stopping to look LOL

-gave head in a packed cinema

-done it in a packed cinema (two separate occasions)

-while on holiday in the caribbean

-while on holiday in America (I used to live in Spain)

-In a 5* hotel's private cinema and in the public pool room (no one was there thank god) on top of the pool table

-sea on a public beach - beware! only do it if you are a confident swimmer and the currents arent too strong.. its and easy but cool way to drown


-football changing rooms


-on the stairs - hurts a lot if ur on the bottom

Wow what a list - embarassing but fun! everone shouldn't be afraid to be dangerous! its great just dont get caught! And although I have a long list, Ive only ever had 2 partners, so you dont have to be a slut to have fun! what can I say... Im a Nympho! LOL

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on December 05, 2009:

Hi vijayasing, golly, that's quite a list, I especially loved the one "Footpath... i don't like walking, so they gotta have a use" LOL

vijayasing on December 04, 2009:

Against a wall (standard)

On holiday in Mauritius... a lot of times there... v v good holiday

Against the fridge

On a balcony with a large, unaware crowd

Banister of a large flight of stairs

My bed

several friends beds

Boat (Broke onto a random persons huge catamaran and did on the back on the floor.... then came back twice again later that eve)

Car... every seat done

Field.. Doggy style midday, in a flattish area, with several people walking along the paths about 10/15m away... yes we were in plain view... what you going to do?

Footpath... i don't like walking, so they gotta have a use

Full Moon... quite a romantic thing

Gym... everyone needs a varied workout

Kitchen... not just mine against the fridge, but I am building a 'done

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on July 26, 2009:

LOL Horny Boy, great selection and some fab ideas for those looking for inspiration too :)

Horny Boy on July 20, 2009:

Done several random places, have a list of 196 places to do currently... 22 of them done:

Against a wall (standard)

On holiday in Mauritius... a lot of times there... v v good holiday

Against the fridge

On a balcony with a large, unaware crowd

Banister of a large flight of stairs

My bed

several friends beds

Boat (Broke onto a random persons huge catamaran and did on the back on the floor.... then came back twice again later that eve)

Car... every seat done

Field.. Doggy style midday, in a flattish area, with several people walking along the paths about 10/15m away... yes we were in plain view... what you going to do?

Footpath... i don't like walking, so they gotta have a use

Full Moon... quite a romantic thing

Gym... everyone needs a varied workout

Kitchen... not just mine against the fridge, but I am building a 'done' kitchen portfolio larger than most House and home shops

Next to people... without them knowing, and also with them watching the entire time

Party... several

Shower.. love it! always try and have sex there, love the water coming down.. plus washes everything away after:)


Stairs... (uncomfortable... well for her anyway)

Swimming pool.. creates odd swirls in the water that annoy rhythm...still fun

Public toilets... great story, whilst in mauritius, had sex in toilets at a bar.. large queue outside the room... had to leave her bent over the toilet 'throwing up' whilst i got a glass of water and pretended to be looking after her... worked like a charm:D'

Trampoline... we got air!

Happy Shagging


Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on July 19, 2009:

LOL, thanks for sharing Suiiki, and good luck with both your marriage and future sexual locations ;) ;) ;)

Suiiki from City of the Newly Wed and Nearly Dead on July 17, 2009:

Well, I did lose my virginity at my in-laws' house.

Other than that, in the laundry room of this house (We rent the basement suite and share the laundry room with the girl renting upstairs) Luckily the outside door locks and can't be unlocked from the outside, it would have been awkward if the upstairs tennant had walked in on us having lesbian sex on the laundry table LOL

Oh yes, and once when I was visiting Amy at work.

We haven't been married long and we're young yet, so there will probably be weirder places to come (No pun intended!)

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on April 27, 2009:

LOL Iconoclast, let us know if and when you achieve these goals :)

Iconoclast from Chicago, IL on April 26, 2009:

No, at the reception, Misty. Jewels, being able to drive to the spot doesn't count; that would make Denver, Colorado valid.

Jewels from Australia on April 26, 2009:

Iconoclast, Mt Pilates is a mile in the sky, go to Switzerland. Plane toilets, hmmmm.

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on April 26, 2009:

LOL, just so long as it isn't in the Church at the time Iconoclast!!

Iconoclast from Chicago, IL on April 25, 2009:

Nah, it ain't braggin' if it's true- still need to find a pilot to help the wife and I join Mile High Club, and thinking about a Chicago cemetery..... but I think I may have forgotten quite a few myself. Maybe I should try to do it at someone else's wedding?

R. Blue from Right here on April 25, 2009:

Ahh...he was just braggin.....I'm older and more experienced...and If I wasn't so old I'd probably be able to remember lots of places. I remember how...just not where.

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on April 25, 2009:

I reckon lust does, but not sure if love is the same in terms of "inhibitions" :)

Jewels from Australia on April 25, 2009:

The Buddhist Shrine in Korea! I suppose love transcends all inhibitions. LOL

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on April 25, 2009:

I too need to play major catch up to Oconoclast I reckon :)

Jewels from Australia on April 25, 2009:

I think I need to play Catch-up to come close to competing with Oconoclast. He could help out Mr Know It All.

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on April 25, 2009:

OMG Oconoclast, I reckon you win, hands down, or should I say "Pants Down" !!!

Iconoclast from Chicago, IL on April 25, 2009:

In a secluded corner of the International Terminal at JFK

Against the window, 4th floor, Embassy Suites, JFK

On the old city wall, Nuremburg, Germany, little park near the Green Goose and red light district

Many women's parent's homes; sometimes parents were home, sometimes not

One time best friend's bed- since it was with his wife, we aren't exactly best friends now

Bank of the Donau (Danube River for those who don't know) in the afternoon near Regensburg, Germany

In the Airport Club, Neu-Obertaubling (? I think) Germany

Barstool in DeKalb, Illinois- yes the bar was open and crowded

Parents' gazebo- hey, I built it

Backyard, in the rain

Girlfriend's best friend's balcony and pantry

Barracks room with room mate present

Soon to do it with my wife while a friend takes photos

Ex-inlaws' bed

Bank of the Chattahoochie River at a GI party with a bunch of grunts and MP's offering advice

Buddhist Shrine in Korea

In a minivan outside a club in Lombard, Illinois- got caught by the police

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on April 13, 2009:

LOL Her Guy, now that is an image that is forever burned into my imagination :)

her guy on April 13, 2009:

It sure is but I could just see it play out: Me with my chin dripping, her breathing hard saying to the cop. "He is not going anywhere for at least 30 more seconds!" and before I could say anything - my mouth full of kiity!

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on April 12, 2009:

LOL, but you have to admit, it is exciting isn't it 'Her Guy??? (chuckle)

her guy on April 12, 2009:

Hi Misty, I did the field thing. I had a picnic lunch on a table in the park, YUMMY! I had a box lunch in the trunk of a car, big trunk small lady. There was the very foolish time that she rode me in a dark movie theater and it was a wonder I didn't get caught or arrested. The things the human mind is capable of amazes me!

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on March 29, 2009:

LOL, thanks for your input Pest, glad the sharks didn't get you :)

Pest from A couch, Ionia, MI on March 29, 2009:

Mediterranean with a couple of British chicks I met a Yates Root Cellar in Lloret De Mar Spain... Not very strange, but when you consider my shark phobia, this was a strange place for me.

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on March 29, 2009:

Hi Sixty, I guess Jelly fish don't usually frequent classrooms, but wasn't it B.T. this happened to rather than 'Pest'???

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