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Stop Trying To Love The Narcissist

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What is Love?


Love is easily one of the most amazing feelings we can ever feel and receive in life. I know for myself, when I am in love with someone, I am over the top. I feel more creative. I feel more energized. I feel more...ALIVE.

Love...makes us feel alive.

I believe that is what makes being in love so intoxicating and so magically. No matter how bad a day we have had, just seeing that person can make the most hellish day feel like heaven once we are in their presence.

This is what being in love with someone should feel like.

Being in love with someone should always make us feel like we want to get better.

Being in love with someone should always make us feel happy (or at least content).

Being in love should make us feel...alive.

But sadly, being with a narcissist does the opposite.

Being in love with a narc makes us feel like we are NOT enough.

Being in love with a narc makes us feel awful.

Being in love with a narc KILLS US A LITTLE BIT INSIDE EVERY DAY.

A Narc's Love Will Kill You In So Many Ways


Loving a narc kills you in so many ways.

You die emotionally. You die psychologically. You die mentally. You die spiritually. And in some cases, you simply have your life taken. Narcs do not care if they take a life because in their mind's...you may have deserved it.

This is the sick nature of these creatures.

A recent statistics reveal that last year (2018) there were 1,809 people who were murdered due to domestic violence. Of the 1,809 victims, half of them were killed by people they were in a relationship with.

Meaning the people who took their lives were the people they KNEW. This makes it so much more heartbreaking because they were...lovers.

Read the full article here.

Now, this article reveals that both partners (male or female) could be the victims, but females made up about 75% of the people murdered.

There Has To Be A Point Where Enough Is Just Enough


Love for many means that it is supposed to last forever. But does it make any sense to live someone who treats you so badly? Does it make any sense to be with someone who hurt you on a daily basis?

Does it makes sense to be around someone who will potentially...TAKE YOUR LIFE.

Love...is a word that so many people are throwing out. And sadly for empaths, because they love so much and so hard, they are easily swayed to loving narcs who will never love them in the way that they love the narc.

Narc's Are Incapable Of Loving You


This is something you need to understand about the narc. They are incapable of loving you.

Narc's have NO EMPATHY.

It doesn't matter how much you do for them...it will never be good enough.


They may feel they are just entitled to it.

Narc's are master con artists (and there are different types of these creatures, read here to learn the different types). They know how to be what you want. They know how to put on a mask. And once you have gotten close enough, and poisoned by their toxic mentality, that is when they let down the guise.

You may not want to hear it because you are SO IN LOVE WITH THEM.

But despite what they say.

Despite what they do (any good they do).

Despite the way they make you feel.


Narcs cannot love.

So for the love of yourself...LEAVE THEM.

Love should be mutual. And if only one party is receiving it...that is not a relationship.

That is a prison.

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