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Stealthing is Outlaw in California

Nikolas is interested in the history of relations between woman-man

Governor of California

Governor of California

Governor of California

These Unpleasant Events are Very Frequent

30 years about back, all in a few months since she began to work in the sex business, Maksina Dougan became pregnant.

She was with a new client in a massage cabinet in Anchorage (Alaska). Suddenly, she understood that he secretly had taken off a condom during sexual intercourse. The shocked woman began to run to bathe. When she returned, a client had already been absent.

Dougan appealed to the nearest clinic, to pass analysis on infections that are passed by a sexual way. She silently thanked God for every negative result.

In six weeks Dougan decided to do an abortion. It cost about 300 dollars to her, and after the procedure, she could not work for a month.

What a client did was wrong. In contrast, she knew as far as, it did not have been illegally.

There "simply was no possibility to appeal to something such", - she talks.

Assemblymember in California, Cristina Garcia




Cristina Garcia is an author of a draft Bill

Garcia for years worked on the acceptance of corresponding legislation.

In 2017, and afterward, in 2018 she brought in a draft Bill, that suggested to do stealthing criminal offense, when guilty could punish up to imprisonment. Contrary, these initiatives did not support them.

An updated version that alters only in a civil code passed parliamentary procedures without denials. A victim can inform against violators by way of damages, but can not count on a criminal case.

"I consider still, that it must be in a criminal code, - said Garcia ВВС. - If was not consent, really it is not a determination of raping or sexual violence"?.

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Legislative analysts assert that stealthing is possible to consider one of the varieties of sexual crimes, even if it straight is not remembered in a criminal code. No doubt, the new law of Garcia removes any ambiguity about civil actions. According to experts, it will facilitate the protection of the rights of a victim.

"We wanted to obtain that it was not only amorally, but also illegally", - Californian Assemblymember Cristina Garcia declared, that presented the draft Bill. Researches show that stealthing is "oppressively widespread", speech goes to the analytical materials of the legal committee of the Senate of California, given during the estimation of the draft Bill.

What Researchers Showed

In particular, the research published in the National library of medicine in 2019 educed that 12%of women from 21 to 30 had reported their experience of sex when a partner took off a condom secretly.

The same year researchers from the Australian university Monastic educed that every third woman and every fifth man that has carnal knowledge with men ran into such practice.

Another research showed from 2019, that 10% of men reported almost, that took off a condom during sex without the consent of a partner.

No Doubt, Abuse

Why Does it Occur?

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. What is stealthing?
    • A form of sexual abuse or condom sabotage
    • Consent about using a condom
  2. How many women have experienced a partner interfering with their contraception in the US?
    • One in five
    • Two in five
  3. Why do people do stealthing?
    • This is because of potential pleasure
    • It is more to exert their power and dominance

Answer Key

  1. A form of sexual abuse or condom sabotage
  2. One in five
  3. It is more to exert their power and dominance

Criminal Responsibility is Rare

In the research graduating student Yale schools right, Aleksandra Brodski quoted the known blogger that on the website propagandized stealthing, advising other men, how secretly to take off a condom, not attracting attention.

Commentators wrote that duty of a woman - to spread the legs, and right for a man - to "spread a seed". Although awareness grew about stealthing, the answer of legislation had been late.

Even in countries, where stealthing is considered sexual violence, in particular in Great Britain, New Zealand and Germany attraction to criminal responsibility is rare. Partly, this is because to lead to intention becomes very difficult.

Herein there is the advantage of civil cases. To lead to guilt is easier than in criminal cases. Moreover, suffering public not prosecutors decide a lawsuit. California forbade secretly taking off a condom during sex. It is the first among other states of the US.

In the Day of Condoms

CondomsIn the Day of Condom

CondomsIn the Day of Condom

Abuse or Rape?

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