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NLP Book - NLP Seduction Patterns

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Speed Seduction - Hypnotic Seduction

Speed Seduction - Hypnotic Seduction

History of Hypnosis and NLP

What would it be like if you could get someone to love and desire you with a subliminal hypnotic message?

Would you use this power to seduce someone for a long term relationship or would you use it for casual, short term hook-ups?

Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming and/or Hypnosis for seduction is a relatively new, somewhat controversial, but extremely effective way to seduce women.

Covert hypnosis, also known as conversational hypnosis, was pioneered by Milton Erikson as a psychological therapy tool in the mid twentieth century in the USA.

Richard Bandler and John Grinder modeled Erikson and his techniques in the 1970s and 1980s. They defined, refined, and carried his language and methods of inducing trance to the next level, making them available to anyone.

The therapeutic method they developed for rapid and seemingly effortless attitude, belief, and behavior change is called NLP or Neuro-linguistic Programming.

The combination of NLP and Hypnosis has been used with tremendous success for stop smoking hypnosis and for weight loss hypnosis.

Women Love Hypnotic Poetry

Women Love Hypnotic Poetry

Ross Jeffries and Speed Seduction Patterns

The Beginning of Hypnotic Seduction

In the 1990s Ross Jeffries extended the work of Bandler and Grinder from therapy and personal development into the specialized field of seducing women by developing Speed Seduction. His work was innovative, pioneering and extremely controversial.

The Speed Seduction Home Study Course devotes quite a bit of time to introducing and effectively using Speed Seduction Patterns. These are NLP Hypnosis language patterns or stories that are powerful tools for hypnotic seduction.

Some of the patterns he created are the Blammo Pattern, The Instantaneous Connection Pattern, The Discovery Channel Pattern, the Boyfriend Destroyer and others.

Speed Seduction has grown to include more techniques than just Hypnotic Seduction. And Ross has products like Unstoppable Confidence Course, which use nlp and hypnosis for personal change work that will enhance your success with women.

Variations on the themes developed by Ross Jeffries have led to the development of a "seduction community", with many different approaches being taught by the different seduction gurus.

Hypnotic Seduction or using NLP and Hypnosis to seduce women, is one of the techniques promoted by many members of that community and is utilized by many PUAs (Pick Up Artists).

hypnotic poetry for seduction

hypnotic poetry for seduction

Sounds Great - What's the Problem?

How to Make Hypnotic Seduction Quick and Easy

The challenges of learning how to hypnotize someone (anyone) have prevented many guys who would otherwise benefit enormously from using speed seduction and speed seduction patterns.

Typically, in order to master hypno tricks like this, it requires that you spend a fair amount of time and money getting training from one of the 'gurus'.

Then you go through a difficult period of trial and error where you develop your skills as a covert hypnotist. And you will screw up - but if you stick with it and practice daily, after a few weeks and probably a half dozen attempts you will start to get some positive results.

After all, this stuff really works, but you do have to put in a lot of effort. Most guys are always on the look-out for new inductions and patterns to try out, even after they get comfortable with the techniques.

But, you may be asking, isn't there a way to do this quickly and easily, without having to spend a lot of time and money (and avoid the embarrassment of "getting caught"?

Using Hypnotic Poetry for Seduction

The Lazy Man's Way to Seduction Success

I did the training and the practice and had a few embarrassing moments when a woman called me on the 'wierd' language I was using. And, like you, I had more than a little trouble learning, memorizing and saying the patterns. So, here is what I did:

I wrote poetry that used nlp, speed seduction, and hypnotic language patterns to use for seducing women. Patterns for women I had just met and wanted to draw closer, patterns for women that I already knew, but wanted to use erotic hypnosis to intensify the relationship. And a pattern for closing out a relationship and moving on.

Now, although quotes and poems are recommended in Ross Jeffries Speed Seduction materials, hypnotic poems written with the express purpose of seducing a woman by re-programming her unconscious mind are hard to find. Ross Jeffries erotic poems, or speed seduction poetry of any kind is virtually non-existent. And, most all NLP patterns written as hypnotic poetry are intended for use by therapists.

My book of NLP Seduction Poetry/Modern Love Poems is titled "Hypnopoetics... Modern Love Poems and Hypnotic Inductions". It has twenty dynamite NLP Seduction Patterns patterns that you will be using immediately - in combinations and sequences that eliminate any resistance you might have encountered before buying the book.

hypnotic poetry

hypnotic poetry

Hypnopoems (Hypnotic Poetry) as Speed Seduction Patterns

The Pattern is the Poem

Here are a few reasons hypnotic poetry makes the perfect supplemental tool to Speed Seduction and hypnotic seduction:

  • Have you ever had trouble memorizing or saying the Speed Seduction Patterns? Then using Hypnotic NLP Language Patterns disguised as love poetry in these Hypnopoems is perfect for you. They are fast and easy to use so you hit the ground running.
  • Have you ever felt like the seduction patterns "just weren't me" or that "I have never talked like that to her before - she will know that I am up to something"? Because you don't have to pretend that the words are yours, you won't ever have to worry about being 'busted'. And because the poems are the words of the author of the hypnotic poetry and you can disavow them if you want (bet you won't have to!)
  • Have you ever been repeatedly interrupted by a HB when you are trying to get all the way through a long pattern. People have been trained not to interrupt when you are reading poetry to them. 
Speed Seduction Patterns

Speed Seduction Patterns

  • Have you ever gotten thrown off track because you can't keep the conversation going in the right direction? With these poems, they have to listen to the whole pattern with all the imbedded commands and suggestions.
  • Have you ever wasted time and money trying to get someone to feel for you the way you have always wanted? This poetry is efficient - you can start using patterns based on Speed Seduction as soon as you download the book - you don't have to practice for weeks, just get someone on the phone and start reading.
  • Have you ever wanted to eliminate the work of memorizing patterns? It is almost expected that you will read a poem to someone from a book, word for word. Although you can and should memorize several of the most effective poems to have ready at any time, you don't have to do that right away.
  • Have you ever gotten a number from a woman and didn't know what to say when you call her? When you get hypnotic poetry to read to her you will always have something to say that will impress her and move her in the right direction. And it gives you get a jump start on the seduction with no worries you are not doing it right.
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Speed Seduction

Speed Seduction

Speed Seduction Patterns - Without Getting Caught

By now you can see how effective Hypnotic Seduction and Speed Seduction can be in getting more of what you want...

And by now you know that there is a way for you to do it effortlessly and with no danger of getting caught...

Maybe you should visit and experience how to hypnotize women by simply reading them some hypnotic poetry.

Hypnotic Seduction Poems in Paperback

Recent Testimonial

"I have been reading these with great results. I found your website while looking for something related to Ross Jeffries. 

I really like the 'Seducer's Guide' because of the way you catagorize everything in the diagrams. It's a great comparison to Ross Jeffries patterns in which I'm studying so hard and diligently.

The poems are an easy way to overcome having to memorize the patterns (for now), and this has accelerated things for me. I love reading the poems !!!!   

Phil, I'm so glad I bought this from you. I love how you totally modeled this after SS. This is perfect thanks again !!!!  (From Tony B.)

Seduce Your Lady With Hypno Poems for eReaders


NLP Practitioner on April 28, 2012:

What a shame you can't actually be the person she falls in love with. Try to find out what it is that's lacking and sort it out. Is it real if she is manipulated into it?! I am not against NLP I actually use it in my work. However the difference between this is purely ethics. Using it to enhance people and make them self aware is a good thing. Manipulating someone in a covert manner for your own personal agenda is wrong.

on November 18, 2010:

Interesting Stuff

pb3131 (author) from Amherst, MA on July 12, 2010:

Dating Advice Book -

Yea I know. I have a sore shoulder for patting myself on the back for thinking of this.

Thank you so much for the endorsement.

The poems are quick, easy, and devastating. We must only use this power for good.

If people are skeptical, I can understand that. I was too.

I’m just asking them to set aside their skepticism for a few minutes and to try out some erotic hypnosis using these hypnotic poems.

And get ready to see some improvements in your sex life.

Dating Advice Book on July 11, 2010:

Hi PB,

THANKS, this is awesome! Packaging it in poetry is a brilliant idea, I never thought of that.

I visited your website and listened to the free sample poems - dudes, you should check this out and just memorize these poems!


merrychristmasforty on April 01, 2010:

hey it seems like you care and that is always a good place to start thanks for listening to my problem

Hypnotize Yourself on October 04, 2009:

You really stand out as different from the other guys (in a good way) if you can deliver these poems. Ahhh remember Bishop?

pb3131 (author) from Amherst, MA on July 28, 2009:

This is Phil. I never claimed to be a Guru or even a very advanced student of Ross Jeffries material. I just put together some poems that were useful to me and that a lot of other guys have found to be useful to them. And the feedback from women has been equally encouraging.

So, it doesn't surprise me that guys with advanced mad skills with speed seduction and nlp patterns find these a little crude. Be assured, however, that these hypnotic seduction poems work. Spend a few minutes reading user reviews at and before you decide they are not "nonsense".

Sam on July 28, 2009:

Very interesting article & video Phil. My compliments.


BFG on July 27, 2009:

Try the october man sequence if you are serious with having flings with super models provided that you can meet one in the first place but baby, poems from this idiot is quite the nonsense. Women knows that they are on your seduction routine when you do so but its that how you do it to remove inhibitions is what great about it. If you can't remember a pattern which means that you don't understand the structure of the pattern such as fractionations Etc. that if you do you can make highly effective patterns in the moment itself. That by the way, is way better than poems since, once you can do that then, you have internalized your patterns that even your business negotiations will have these elements in it. Hard practice is also not the most needed part of it since, if you have the right mindset which is one that you need anyway since you can't seduce men using these for example is that, if you do so then, you can do these patterns so well that you just laugh at this asshole.

yESyESyES on July 13, 2009:

"And by now" = Buy Now . Save your money and EARN love then you won't have to fear the day when your partner realizes your true nature.

Persona I think you are a retard. You can't "Earn" love. If you think SS is something you have to learn you are very wrong. EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH THAT CAN COMMUNICAT USES A FORM OF SS. what I mean is, when we talk we do the something as patterns; Most people just don’t know that they use their own form of covert hypnosis. If you ever study hypnosis and NLP you would know this. BUT I'm sure you haven’t so you are left with an ill informed opinion.

anonymous on July 12, 2009:

"And by now" = Buy Now . Save your money and EARN love then you won't have to fear the day when your partner realizes your true nature.

SImbat on May 15, 2009:

Let us not forget that starting from 1999 Ross improved his SS to the point where he created de SS 3.0, which is great to use by getting the girl to invest in the process,using fractination and it seems to be a more "natural" method to pick up.

But even if guys are still usig the early model of the SS they would not have to worry of getting caught, because 1) this never happens (girls eat the patterns like butter) and 2) Ross created a pattern in case she says that you are trying to manipulate her.

Tony on May 12, 2009:

Pure Genius

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