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Sometimes the Smallest Voice Is Seldom Heard

Kenneth Avery is a Southern humorist with well over a thousand fans. The charm and wit in his writing span a nearly a decade.

The orchestra conductor must be dedicated to every inch of music.

The orchestra conductor must be dedicated to every inch of music.

There Was Once This Ocarina

who had fought night and day to just be accepted. No matter what he did or said, he was always rejected. He was rejected so much that he thought of changing his last name to 'rejection.' This is a big comical, but altogether true. And so sad that I should just put this hub into my trash basket and drink a lot of coffee.
That is "my" way of coping with obviously-feeling sympathy toward a smaller force.

Never a good place to be. Being an underdog for most of one's life is so rough that I dare the "Adjective Guru's" out there, to agree with my thinking. Being on the outside is colder than the wind in Juneau. And being the "underdog" in any of life's various situations is deathly-silent. You can cry as loud as possible and the most you might hear is the far-away chirping of a lonely wren.

We human beings who live on the outside of an orchestra do not know the complex inner-workings that make the orchestra run like the wind. Every piece has a job. Every job is destined to take the touch of the master orchestra leader who takes the piece of music or instrument and throughout hours of hours of work, the piece that did not fit that well, does and without one glitch.

We Have The Boston Symphony, The New York Symphony

and a truckload of other prestigious orchestra names and towns that are as prestigious as the members of the orchestra. As you might have gathered, everyone from the orchestra conductor to the smallest instrument is full of pride. The type of pride that makes the lowly harp sound more equal and angelic just because it fits and the instruments around it knows that it fits.

Who is the best orchestra leader of all-time? No use wasting time. The mega-talented Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990). Not only did his talents read and re-read the music on his stand, but even as his orchestra was playing it, he was redesigning the music in his mind. He was that great. Now with that final stroke of truth about orchesra's and instruments, I now go to the belly of his piece.

Huge orchestras are so beautiful.

Huge orchestras are so beautiful.

This Segment Unveils Who is The Best and More-Loved

of all the orchestra instruments. How this is explained might surprise you. It did me. Seems that thee was a man who was on vacation and decided to take a walk along the seaside to relax, and saw in the distance a large amount of starfish that had been washed-up from the sea's waves and were just struggling to get back into the water.

The man, being a lover of all types of life, took up one starfish at the time and would throw it into the water thus saving the starfish some time. The man kept at this task for hours. Little did the man know that a grandfather and his grandson, age 8, were watching him perform his unusual act of mercy.

Finally the two of them, with no patience, walked up the the man tossing starfish and the grandfather just had to ask, "With as many starfish there is here on the bank, it would appear that the one in your hand will matter."

The man tossing the starfish replied, "to this starfish in my hand it matters a whole lot." My point? The grandfather and grandson were captivated by the amount of starfish on the beach and didn't think that one-by-one they were being rescued by this great-natured man.

As This Pertains to The Orchestra

I will reveal what I have found to be a fact in 2021. In years earlier, the orchestra members and conductor would meet on an appointed time, practice, and do it all over the next day. This kept on day after day. Sheet music after sheet music was played until the orchestra members were sick.

Then the conductor knew that the orchestra was ready to perform.
As for the instruments, you have the bigger, louder instruments, the kettle drums, tuba's, trombones, and other instruments that make-up the orchestra. And before they can really play as well as the conductor has taught them, they have to practice until their hands fall off.

Then one day, the conductor was rehearsing his orchestra and he would nod to each section as to what he wanted to hear. He would smile giving approval of how great the instruments sounded.

All except the smallest, least-important instrument of all the instruments in the orchestra, the Ocarina. Yes, the ocarina. Some came in the color black or gray, it really didn't matter. All the ocarina and its owner knew was the orchestra conductor called upon it to follow him and his orchestra throughout the land.

Except on this particular occasion. Although the Ocarina's owner was sitting whee he was told to sit, but the conductor acted upset. He called for the rest of the instruments to stop and put down their instruments while he took care of a problem.
The conductor walked back to where the ocarina and owner were and sternly told the ocarina owner in no uncertain terms, if I had no use for your ocarina, I wouldn't have told you to sign-on with me. And you sit here making some garbled noise and I do not like it. Your sound was made just for you. No one else. Try to remember that.

This can be applied to life. We are not all the same. Some are called for loud singing and some are not. Then you have the meek-spirited people who do not even make a noise while they are in your store or sidewalk. But they too, have an important place in The Master's Great Plan of Life.

I agree.

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Each member of any orchestra must be a devoted member.

Each member of any orchestra must be a devoted member.

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